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I'm kind of confused about Mac, in terms of his karmic status. He's the 'Hero' of Fallout 3 in your grand little universe... But is he doing what he does for the right reasons? Is he doing good because it's the right thing to do, or because he doesn't see and easier way to be possible? (Such as killing anyone who pisses him off outright - or for the fun of it) I only hope some of James' lessons got through to him... Also has he ever manipulated the power wattage on James' razor? :3

Cam: “Mac looked up to James a lot, I think he genuinely wants to help others who can’t help themselves. But he knows he can only live in his dad’s shadow and feels constantly guilty for it. Therefore he puts up a front to guard his rather fragile insecurities.”
Me: “I felt like cameronaugust should reply to this one since Mac is his character and all. (And I still don’t really feel like drawing him tbh)”