So, my best friend and I saw this drawing the other day and wondered what the conversation that followed might have been like. We decided it would go something like this:

Erik: Hey! What are you doing here?! This is my big cape-swishing scene! Go get your own rooftop!

Javert: Me?! What are YOU doing here?! I’m in the middle of my biggest musical number in the entire film! Besides, I was here first!

Erik: Were not! My movie came out first!

Javert: Yeah, but my story takes place earlier than yours, AND it’s been around longer.

Erik: You don’t even GET a rooftop scene in most versions. That was just a thing for the film! I’m ALWAYS on the rooftop—go read Leroux!

Javert: *shrugs* Sorry, mate, but I existed before you did, so I get dibs.

Erik: Great! Not only do I have to watch Christine and the vicomte have a make-out session—now I have to share my rooftop with some nutjob policeman!

Javert: Well, at least you don’t DIE in the musical! I can’t catch a break!

Erik: Yeah, but I spend YEARS taking care of this girl, and then she just runs off with some other guy like I don’t even exist. *sigh*

Javert: Well, I spend practically my ENTIRE CAREER tracking down a guy who stole a loaf of bread—and then when I finally have the chance to catch him, I don’t even turn him in! What a waste! *sigh* I have no life.

Erik: Yeah, me either…


Erik: So…you wanna go get a cup of coffee?

Javert: Eh…I’ve got a few minutes before the next scene…. Why not?

Erik: But just to be clear, you’re not gonna arrest me after this, right?

Javert: Nah. I got a bread thief to catch. Besides, I don’t wanna overthink this. I have enough moral crises going on as it is.

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TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 2000, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats closes after nearly 18 years and 7,485 performances. The final performance, held at 6 PM, was for an invitation-only audience. It will keep its position as the longest-running show in Broadway history for just six years, before being overtaken by another Lloyd Webber show, The Phantom of the Opera.

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