Fleeting II - Cameron Sandercock Photography

This image, in conjunction with the original fleeting found above ( 3rd image ), is an expression of realities. In the created world that we live in, our imaginations have the ability to roam free and imagine without boundary. The fact that we cannot observe these imagined scenarios with our eyes, usually denotes a conclusion that they are not of the same reality as the world we live in. A contradiction to this train of thought is what I hope to present in this image, where our imaginations are just as real as our everyday, it is just shared differently, whether it be through a surreal photograph, a poem in a note book or a story whispered sleepily to your partner before bed. In Fleeting I & II, I hope to convey what these running girls are doing in the observed and imagined realities as they seek adventure in both.


Iceland by Cameron Sandercock
Via Flickr:
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