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Glasser a name coined by Cameron Mesirow, a name she first heard in a dream of hers. Her ethereal voice layered upon eclectic forms of precussion, tropic pop and abstract forms of electronic music: makes the cut for me. She’s been compared to the likes of Zola Jesus, Fever Ray,Bat For Lashes and Bjork.
Glasser belongs to the Mystic-Pop scene as I would call it. Aligned with artists such as Fever Ray and Zola Jesus. Yet she still manages to retain that authenticity about her. Her clever use of percussion and abstract sounds fusing them with dreamy/hazy shimmers really accentuates her wide vocal range. Her sound is unique, aesthetic and original.
The one thing that really stood out in Glasser’s music is her voice. it’s almost like a crystal ball filled with different spheres of sound. each sphere illuminates the mere complexity of her vocal range. Her voice can sound angelic simultaneously evolving into what sounds like an ocean of delicate lullabies.
Cameron Mesirow (Glasser) is a clear depiction of the indulgence of creativity. And thats what makes her music so special. Her debut album Ring is a must have and is constantly on repeat on my medieval ipod.
For those individuals who appreciate creativity and a unique sound, Glasser is the epitome of all things creative.

Top Female Vocalists #13

Cameron Mesirow (Glasser)

You’ve got the right style to attract me lady. I’m a sucker for a girl with strong pipes and some good tribally electronic beats. But… let’s face it. You haven’t been round very long and your basically on here solely for your performance on Apply. You know, that part where you go WOOP. WOOP. WOOP. WOOP. yeah i really really like that. but there are two versions of that song and one of them I don’t think you do very good on at all. So I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here in hopes that you’ll continue doing what I love in the future :]. Here’s where you got me (the good version);


Glasser, aka Cameron Mesirow, has just shared a visual for the Interiors cut "Shape,“ and what a visual it is.


Tuab Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow - Auerglass (2009)


Cameron Mesirow, a.k.a. Glasser, reminded us all how much we missed her when she returned with “Shape”, and now she’s released a video for a new track called “Design”. Electronic notes swirl bewilderingly, but her voice, dripping with humanity, is a beautiful reference point. True Panther will release her Interiors LP on October 8th.


Glasser - Shape