SG-1′s Best Hair: A Photo Essay

Jack - Season 3 hair

Sam - early season 4 hair

Daniel - Children of Gods hair (he’s sad and confused because his hair peaked right at the start)

Teal’c - The Ark of Truth hair

Jonas - Fallen/Homecoming hair

Vala - the pigtails hair (good for liberating treasure)

Cameron - this scene hair (honourable mention to Continuum hair)

Stargate SG-1 Overall Thoughts

I can’t believe I’m finished. I’m in denial. There’s still 10 more seasons, right? RIGHT?!

  • “Now we must wait for the giant aliens“ is one of my favourite quotes ever
  • I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Daniel. First, I preferred movie!Daniel to Michael Shanks, and then when I warmed up to Shanks!Daniel his ‘Danielness’ was toned down, and then he cut his hair, and then he left for a season, and then he came back, and then he got new glasses. But, now that I’ve taken a step back and have the entire 10 seasons to look at, I really like his character. If they kept him giddy and optimistic and wide-eyed for the entire show it just wouldn’t work. He grew. He died a few times. It worked. He’s great!

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  • Sam is possibly the best character in any sci-fi show and I’m honoured to have gotten to know her and I love her so much

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  • I went from disliking Cam Mitchel to absolutely loving him and I’m honestly so surprised at myself 

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  • I’m sad Jack wasn’t around for the last two seasons. No one can beat his sassiness. It’s so funny, a year ago if you showed me a picture of Richard Dean Anderson I’d say “that’s MacGyver” and then have mullet PTSD but now he’s Jack O’Neill to me.  
  • Fun fact: my husband’s mom gave him a MacGyver haircut in the late 80s because she loved RDA so much and I’ve never let him forget that.

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  • Teal’c so lovable and soft and I love him. I think one of my favourite episodes is The Changeling (which I just found out was written by Christopher Judge as well). I wish we got more Teal’c focused episodes like that. 

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  • I went into season 9 & 10 with low expectations. S9 was a bit shakey in places, but they really found their footing with season 10. Their new team dynamic meshed well and it had some fantastic standalone episodes
  • Overall though nothing beats the original SG1 team. Those 4 will forever have a special place in my heart 

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  • Some favourite episodes: Hathor (JUST KIDDING), The Other Guys, 1969, Moebius, The Road Not Taken, A Matter of Time, Space Race, 200, Wormhole X-Treme, The Changeling, Window of Opportunity, Bounty, The Fifth Race, Bad Guys, The Pegasus Project, Redemption, Off the Grid, There But for the Grace of God (there are so many more great ones –especially from the earlier seasons and I just forgot about them–but I didn’t want to turn this post into “do you like the colours of the sky”)
  • My husband also added: he hated Cameron Mitchel the first few episodes as well, but then he really grew on him. “I like him, but Cameron Mitchell ain’t no Jack O’Neill!”
  • I loved it, and I will definitely be rewatching SG1 over and over and over again, what a fantastic show!

My initial thoughts as I watched the show over the past year: 

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“Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today — but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.” — Isaac Asimov