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Cameron Dallas AU: your relationship with him.

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Cameron Dallas X Reader 

Not Ready Yet

(Kind Of Smut)

Desc: Reader has been dating Cameron a couple months, but hasn’t had her first time yet, and feels like she is restraining Cam by keeping him at bay.

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“Quick, babe!” Cameron hollered, opening the front door as you sprinted across the front yard in your high heels.

It was a freezing cold night, and you’d just emerged from an amazing dinner with your wonderful boyfriend, but god, did you regret the heels.

You swan dived through the door and into your heated home, Cameron catching you in his arms as he kicked the door shut, picking you up as if you weighed nothing and taking you up the stairs to your room. You wrapped your legs around his waist, his strong hands holding you firm, his fingers running across the goosebumps on your legs whilst you shivered into his neck.

“Stay the night,” you said, more a command than a question.

“I was planning on it,” he chuckled deeply and set you down on your sheets, the cold wrapping around you where his arms had been.

“You look like fire in that dress,” he smiled, his tongue flicking across his lips, “ but you feel like an ice cube, you should probably change.”

You wore a white strapless dress, and a tight one too. It hugged your hips snugly and revealed most all of your toned legs. You sighed and threw your silver heels across the room, your hands reaching for your dress when you remembered.

“Cam,” you mumbled.

“Right, right,” he said, snapping from his daze and turning to the wall while you changed.

You’d been seeing Cameron for a few months now, and he was your everything, he knew that, but he also knew how you felt about your virginity. He was extremely mature and kind about the matter, but you were aware that he was ready, he had been for a while, and now it was just a waiting game on you. And it pained you, knowing you felt like you were binding him to chains, it hurt to think that that you were creating some sort of barrier in the relationship because of what you wanted.

“Everything okay?” came Cameron’s voice.

“Oh, yeah,” you coughed, throwing off your dress and sliding on a white tank top and a pair of flannel patterned long pj pants.

Cameron stayed looking to the wall, and you slinked over to him, wrapping your arms around him from behind, and bouncing on your tiptoes to nip his bronze neck.

“Mmm,” he sighed, his eyes fluttering closed, his chest falling slowly.

You giggled and brought yourself back down, Cam, turning to face you, his eyes boring deep into yours before he brought his plump lips to your forehead. 

“I don’t mind if you don’t change,” you teased, eyeing him over like a piece of candy.

He was wearing the tux. The tux. The black one that he paired with the black bow tie. My god, he looked drop dead gorgeous wearing that bow tie.

Cameron smirked and unclasped his bow tie so it hung loose around his neck. You brought your petite hands up to pull it off for him, while he moved his hands to unbutton his shirt.

Oh, sure, you’d seen him shirtless before, but it had the same effect on you every time. Your chest raised heavily as you gnawed your bottom lip, gulping down the lump in your throat and turning away. Cam registered, the corners of his mouth twitching up as you turned.

You hopped into bed, pulling the gray quilt up around your body as Cameron slid under the sheets beside you. You curled up on your side, Cameron sliding his arms around you and cuddling into you in typical big spoon fashion. His fingers tucked back your lose strands of hair as he hummed faintly into your skin.

“Thank you for tonight, baby,” you said softly.

“Of course, babe,” he replied, his breath tickling the back of your neck.

And then his lips replaced his breath, as he planted them softly against the edge of your jaw, gently sucking on you until he’d left his mark. You made a small noise of consent, rolling over to face him and bringing your lips to his. The faint noise around you vanished, the lights fading as your mouths collided. Just you, him, and one passionate kiss. And once you had the taste of his lips, there was no letting go. Your hands trailed through his brown locks, a rumble coming deep from his throat in pleasure, his hands sliding up your shirt before you knew what was happening, but you didn’t stop them, and you didn’t want to either. Your mind tingled with electricity, new to the sensations of his large hands on your stomach, and the knot in your stomach that demanded more. Cameron rolled over you, lips detaching from yours and instead finding your smooth stomach, his hands tossing your shirt across the room as he tasted every inch of your skin he could find. You let out a noise you’d never made before and arched back into the pillows, instantly feeling your cheeks flush pink, but Cameron only grinned into your skin, pushing you for more until you produced the same noise for him. Every new feeling was like fire and gold, and you didn’t want it to stop, but you couldn’t fight back that voice calling from the back of your mind, so you frantically tried to push it back. And then his mouth had gone past your bellybutton and to the edge of the silky fabric restraining you. His fingers hooked into them, nails sliding across your skin, about to ease down your bottoms when he stopped. You could see very distinctly in his eyes that it took all he had to stop, because he knew what was coming next. Cameron dragged his large brown orbs up to yours, his voice soft.

“You don’t want this,” he murmured faintly.

‘You do,’ you told yourself, ‘Just tell him you do.’

But you didn’t, and he knew it.

Because the fact of the matter was that there would be a time where you would be ready, but it wasn’t now.

“I’m so sorry Cameron,” you whimpered, bringing your palms up to your eyes and sliding your knees up to your chest.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” he sighed heavily.

Through your misty vision you locked eyes with him. “I know you’re ready baby, I know, and I hate doing this to you and holding you down like this. I want to be ready right now so that I don’t have this feeling of guilt hanging over me every time I look at you. You deserve it all and I don’t want to do this to you, Cam.”

Cameron’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes sad as he brought you into his embrace. 

“No, (Y/N), don’t you even dare be sorry. I know what you’re feeling and as much as every fiber of my being might tell me to be selfish with you, I know that I can’t be. You are my one and only, and when you’re ready, I’ll be right here,” he said, his voice full of concern. 

“You’re not upset with me?” you spoke into his chest.

“No, of course not. Don’t get me wrong, its hard to control myself,” he mumbled, “but only because you’re so incredibly beautiful.”

You laughed sadly into his warm rippled chest, and he pulled you back, wiping away your brimming tears with his thumb.

“Mm,” he grinned, his face lighting up, “You know, I really love you so so much,” he stated, his hands on either side of your face.

“I love you more,” you smiled, sleepiness pulling you down quickly.

You closed your eyes and sunk into Cameron’s arms, barely catching his words before you were gone.

“I love you most.”


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