cameron x nikki

theproturkey  asked:

Fav movies?

Bruh okay.
David: Probably Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey because he looks like the type to love movies with animals and loves a happy ending
Gwen: Something cheesy like The Breakfast Club or 13 Going on 30
Cameron Campbell: Any type of war movies or cowboy westerns
Max: action movies all the way but secretly watches movies like Inside Out or The Brave Little Toaster
Nikki: Adventure movies! Movies like The Jungle Book and Peter Pan make her happy.
Neil: Not many movies but he does watch shows and videos that have little to no hard hitting scientific evidence so he can laugh at it.

Space Kid: sci-fi movies like ET.
Erid: probably watches disney movies.

Dolph: Any friendly dog movies like All Dogs go to Heaven and probably Shiloh

Nurf: Tries to find movies where the family is happy and an actual family.

Nerris: Any movie that deals with magic such as Harry Potter and The Good witch

Harrison: most likely watches Christian movies bc of his parents but sneaks off to watch How To tapes.

Preston: Musical movies like Hairspray. Mama Mia, musical disney movies

Muack: muack muack