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Shameless Preferences 4- Dating Lip would Include

Dating lip would include:

  • smoking with him
  • Helping him take care of Liam
  • Great sex
  • Drinking together
  • Wearing his shirts and underwear to bed
  • Wearing his hoodies when he’s not around
  • Him reassuring you that you aren’t just a hook up
  • Cuddles
  • Him saying “I love you first”
  • Small stupid fights
  • You reminding him that he’s worth so much more than the south side
  • Talking about your future, because he wants you forever
  • Being a huge Shipper of Gallavich
  • Kev and V being like your parents (Kev being over protective and V being amazing and caring)
  • Lip being over protective of you, especially over your dad
  • Fiona loving you
  • Getting high and watching American dad
  • Working the ice cream truck with Lip in the summers and working for kev in the alibi room
  • Lip and you babysitting when Mickey and Ian need some alone time
  • Copying Svets accent
  • Living at the Gallagher house 99.9% of the time
  • Punching Monica in the face (More than once)
  • Being there for him in anyway you can when he needs you emotionally
  • Sleepless nights talking about anything and everything with him(High or not high, depending)
  • Him accepting and loving all your problems and you doing the same 
  • Helping around the Gallagher house 

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Shameless Preference 9- Married Life(Gallavich)

Mickey and Ian being married would include:

  • Yev calling Ian dad as well
  • Mickey finding a beautiful house outside of town
  • Mickey going legit, working at an auto shop
  • Mickey being the keeper of Ians meds
  • Still having the amazing sex that started this all
  • Svet carrying one of their kids
  • “When I close my eyes all I can see is babies with his beautiful eyes and amazing smile and I love it. I want it all with Ian, he’s my end game”
  • Having many Milkovich-gallagher pool parties at their home
  • “Fuck you Gallagher” “Actually its Gallagher Milkovich”
  • Mickey giving in when Ian says they should get a dog
  • Yev and svet living with them
  • Terry dying, they throw an all weekend party
  • “When we met I was so fucking scared of my feelings, and I thought that if I let you kiss me that it would make it real, but it didn’t. All this makes it real and youll never understand how much i fucking love it”
  • “Your husband sounds like a tool sometimes” “He is but i love him”
  • Lip still never understanding how it all came to this
  • Fiona being a bitch about it sometimes
  • Carl being at their house most of the time
  • The wedding bringing lip and mandy back together, who happen to come over and make out a little too much for Mickeys liking
  • Tony coming back to town and staying with the boys, he mets Lana, they fall for one another 
  • “I didn’t buy this house with a huge ass bath tub for me to use it alone. get your ass up Gallagher”
  • Them having fights about stupid things but they never go to bed alone. Neither of them can sleep without the other, it makes them sad and they just stay up all night thinking about the other.
  • There families being so mixed together that they are just one huge dysfunctional family with so much love for each other.

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Shameless Preferences 5- Ian and Mickey dating would include

Gallavich dating would include:

  • “Fuck you Gallagher”
  • Mickey caring and loving for Ian but not being able to say how he feels 
  • Helping Ian through the bipolar 
  • Fiona still not being sure about it all
  • “Mickey fucking Milkovich?”
  • Lip being surprised when he sees how well Mickey treats the carrot boy
  • “Fire crotch”
  • Ian taking care of Yev
  • Ian showing Mickey that showing love doesn’t make you week
  • Mickey waking up to nightmares about Ian leaving 
  • Mandy being your biggest supporter 
  • Carl asking how the sex works 
  • Mickey being bottom
  • Sex, like all the time. they have so much passion and lust for each other 
  • Stev not likeing Ian, and Ian not liking her 
  • Mickey making sure Ian has taken his meds 
  • Although Mickey wont ever say this out loud one of his favourite things is holding Ian in his arms, Mickey feels as if he is protecting the taller boy from the world and thats all he wants to do
  • Them getting high and talking about the future, which Mickey turns to Ian and says “Well of course your in mine, I dont want it with anyone else”
  • Mickey saying “I love you” for the first time
  • Mickey trying to kiss Ian and Ian says “ Try and kiss me and Ill rip your tongue out” which earns Ian a “Oh fuck you gallagher”
  • Mickey being amazing with Liam “Uncle Icky” 
  • Ian  thinking Mickey looks so handsome in his sleep
  • Having a few “Fag moments” Here and there
  • “Ian what you and I have makes me free”

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You Guys!!!

They referenced SO many past Gallavich moments!!! 1) They went to the bleachers. Which is where they reunited in S3. 2) Mickey said “there’s not much to do in there except work out”. Which is what he said to Ian in S2 at the baseball field. 3) they had another van kiss. 4) Mickey saying “miss me?”. Like Holy Fucking Shit!! I’m dead!! Buried and never coming up again.

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Shameless Preferences 6- How the relationship is

Lip- At the beginning it wasn’t easy, You had a horrible past with your ex who had been abusive and anything but loyal. You had known lips past and as you had been best friends for a while before hand you saw how he treated girls. When you told him your fear about being hurt by him his words were “Listen y/n, It took me so long to realize that i was fucking those girls to get over you, thinking I never had a chance. But now we are here, we are finally fucking us and Im never gonna fuck that up” He then pulled you into a kiss, but it wasn’t like the others, it was full of love and passion. From then on the relationship was amazing, he treated you so good and you made him incredibly happy. Of course you two got into fights, every couple did but they never lasted long and it ended with great sex, so you never complained about it.

Ian- You and Ian started dating about a month after you met in EMT training, at first he never told you about his bipolar. He didn’t want you to think less of him or leave him for it. Until one day, it had been almost two weeks since Ian had refilled his pill bottle, he had started acting funny, happier, more energetic than usual. Fiona had come to the that you two shared looking for Ian as the doctor had called her, you were at work and had no idea what was going on. You had spent days looking for you when Fiona had called you, saying he needed you. You found out all his bipolar and since then you two have been each others rocks. You were happy and Inlove and thats all that mattered to you.

Carl- For the most part your relationship was good, it was clear that you loved him and he loved you. When things were good between you he treated you like a princess and you treated him like a king. But when it wasn’t good it was horrible. Fights, crying, screaming, horrible things said to one another. It wasn’t always healthy, and you both knew that, but you both had too much love for one another to end it, because once again when it was good it was amazing and you two couldn’t throw that away.

Mickey- Things with your favourite Milkovich boy weren’t easy, but that doesn’t change how you feel for him. As you’ve seen how Terry treats Mickey and from all the stories your best friend Mandy had told you all the Milkovich siblings were taught that showing love and kindness makes you weak. Mickey did actions everyday that made you believe he loved you, and he did but he was too scared to form the words. Mickey protected you from everything, he loved you like no one else could. Thats not what anyone would expect from the south side trash that was Mickey Milovich but on the inside he was just broken, and you were willing to do anything to fix him.

Naaaaw !! Loving the start of S5 xD Ian & Mickey are so cute !!! #Gallavich

Shameless Preferences 3-The song that describes your relationship

Lip- Crazy for you-hedley.
You and lip had been dating over a year and one thing you two had both learned, was that neither of you were easy to deal with, both of you started stupid fights with one another, you had horrible anxiety and lip sometimes drank too much and both of you had messy and stressful families which made things hard on your relationship. Whenever you and lip would make up he would say “You’re a lot of crazy, but I’m so crazy for you” Just like the song and it brought happiness to you.

Ian-Issues-Julia Michaels
You and Ian both struggled heavily with mental illnesses, him having Bipolar and you having extreme depressive disorder followed by an anxiety disorder. With all of that you both got over all the obstacles together. “cause I’ve got issues but you’ve got them too. So give them all to me and ill give mine to you cause we’ve got the kinda love it takes to solve them” These lyrics fit you perfectly because you and him were in this together, all of it.

Carl-Gateway Drug-Bebe Rexha
Kissin’ leads to’
Touchin’ leads to
Lovin’ leads to
Fuckin’ leads to
Someone always seems to get hurt”

That was the best way to explain your relationship with he handsome Gallagher boy. You’d kiss, touch, fall back in love , do a little more than just touch and then it was good for the next few weeks until a fight happened again, where one of you would say something to hurt the other, than it repeats. Your relationship definitely wasnt the healthiest but you both love each other and even during fights Carl stayed loyal and if you needed him no matter how pissed he was he was there for you the second you told him you needed him.

Mickey-All I ever need-Austin Mahone
You had been best friends with Mick since the age of 5 and started dating at the age of 16. Mickey was your everything and truthfully he was all you really needed. He’s protected you from your dad, stood up for you against bullies, made you feel safe and wanted. Mickey had a soft spot for you, you were the only one who saw is soft side. Since you two started dating 3 years ago you had been slowly undoing all the damage his dad had done with him and showing him that loving doesn’t make you weak. He believed you but no one saw that loving side with you often, when most were around you two acted like best friends even though everyone knew you were dating. No one not even Mickey could understand how much that Milkovich meant to you.

I Fucking Need You. -----Setting S.4 ep.12 Ian falls into a depressive episode and mickey has to convince him hes worth it

Mickey happens to wake up first on Saturday so he decides to go start coffee knowingly that his boyfriend will be up soon. its eleven AM and Ian still isn’t up so Mickey gets a little curious, he walks into his little room at the end of the hall, he walks over to the curtains and shoots them open. “morning sleepy face its eleven man” Ian pulls the blanket over his head rolling to the opposite side of Mickey “leave me alone” Ian mumbles quietly so that Mickey barely hears him “what was that mumbles? hmm?” Mickey says to Ian as he continues to stay mute. “Alright well i’m going to get something to eat you coming?” Ian stays under the blankets quite as a mouse “i’m paying” Mickey try’s one more time “fine sleep all day see if i care” Mickey spits out as he leaves. 


“Aye it’s five PM i your not still sleeping get up!” Mickey shouts as he walks into the door way “do you want me to call the club or something at least tell them your not coming?” Ian him off sternly“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” Ian yells as he rolls over again with the blanket barely under his head, Mandy and Svetlana walk over to the door after hearing the yell. “whats wrong with him?” Mandy asks looking at mickey with concern in her eyes “the fuck if i know” mickey shouts as he walks into the kitchen trying to mask the obvious scared and worried sound that came with the words.


 Mickey sprinted to the Gallagher house his legs hurt, his head was spinning and his hands were numb but that didn’t matter because Ian needed help. he banged on the door hoping that at least one of Ian’s siblings would be there,inside of the house Debbie and Carl did rock paper scissors at who’d get the door. Carl got up and answered the door looking the raven haired boy up and down, “Aye your brother here” “thought he was with you” Carl talked with no tone. “nah idiot the-the other one Lip” “college” Carl said again this time with a hint of worry “f-f-fuck” mickey muttered out putting his hands over his face to avoid tears “Why is something wrong?” Carl asked this time obvious worry in his words. Mickey shook his head and walked into the house “get your coats now” “what about Liam?” a very annoyed Debbie asked “bring him with just cm’on”. When they got into the Milkovich house, he nodded at the siblings to come into the doorway Ian was still rolled over facing the window with the blanket on his head. “Ian” “Ian” “you wanna get up go on a walk?” Debbie tried one more time a very faint “leave me alone” came from Ian barely loud enough for the three to hear. “you know what this is?” “yeah… we know what this is” Debbie said sternly but with no real bite to it.


After the kids had greeted Fiona at home they brought her over to the Milkovich house almost immediately to check on there younger brother, when the four of them got there the two youngest banged on the door tell a agitated but worried mickey “where is he?’ Fiona asked with worry and strain in her voice Mickey nodded and walked towards the room at the end of the hall, Fiona clime’d onto the bed to talk to Ian. “You wanna go on a run? i can go get my shoes fro the house” “you wanna go out on a walk at least” Fiona tried one more time “alright,alright” she pulled the blanket onto his shoulders and walked out of the room shutting the door “so???” mickey asked worriedly “uhh depression i think” “depressed hes depressed so how can you not be in this shit hole” “its not like that he may have to be hospitalized” “what like a fucking physward no fucking way no fuckin way! hes stayin here” “its mood swings after mood swings he could get suicida l” “So we hide the knifes tell he perks up” “Mickey its almost impossible” “DON’T FUCKIN TELL ME WHATS IMPOSSIBLE” “hes staying here were taking care of him you, me, us, hes fucking family!” by now Fiona’s started to walk away and Mickey needed a beer “let me take care of him i can take care of him” Fiona grabbed the kids and walked out of the house back down to theirs, leaving mickey alone to cope with himself. 

i know this isn’t exactly how it went but i did that on purpose i’ll do part 2 later :)))