cameron whitney

female celebrities' Lilith signs
  • aries: katy perry, scarlett johansson, ellen degeneres
  • taurus: lana del rey, marina diamandis, shakira
  • gemini: lady gaga, megan fox, frida kahlo
  • cancer: gwen stefani, nicole scherzinger, naomi campbell
  • leo: rihanna, adele, marilyn monroe
  • virgo: emma stone, zooey daschanel, sasha grey
  • libra: taylor swift, whitney houston, cameron diaz
  • scorpio: beyoncé, winona ryder, emma watson
  • sagittarius: britney spears, audrey hepburn, jennifer lawrence
  • capricorn: nicki minaj, tyra banks, grace kelly
  • aquarius: mila kunis, amy winehouse, björk
  • pisces: ariana grande, angelina jolie, halle berry
Opposites attract/badass couples:
  • •Libra/Aries: Bonnie & Clyde
  • •Scorpio/Taurus: Korie Robertson & Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
  • •Sagittarius/Gemini: Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe
  • •Capricorn/Cancer: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards
  • •Aquarius/Leo: Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston
  • •Pisces/Virgo: Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz

Here are a few scale pics of some of the individual items for your viewing pleasure.  This was by far the most difficult piece I’ve worked on…….curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, DAMN CURVES AND SYMMETRY!!!!!!!!!!  I had to do a good handful of these multiple times just because something wasn’t quite symmetrical or there was a slight dip or bump in a curve.  BUT, in the end, I think it came out great and I learned a whole lot as well due to how challenging and different it was.

*a fun tidbit: out of all the items I’ve done, on average, a single item will have about 30-40 individually cut pieces, but the Moon Power Tiare had 125+ individually drawn and cut pieces………….it was a nightmare.