cameron thrash

Camp Is Out - Camp Draws to a Close

Chapter 1

 When David announced Parents Day, Max could only scoff at the idea. His parents were living their shitty lives, faces stuck in their shitty computers, not giving a shit if he existed or not. They were workaholics to the extreme.

 His parents were both lawyers who spent more time dealing with clients, filing documents or organizing office space to even have time to care for him. For as long as he could remember, he had to take care of himself. That included cooking, cleaning, overall hygiene; hell even studying he would do in his off time and he sure had a lot of that. The most his parents had ever done was register him for schooling… that and give him Mr. Honeynuts on his 7th birthday. At the time he had complained he was too old for the teddy bear, but it later became his only sense of comfort and security. As for school, he was lucky the bus stop was just down the street from his place because for a preschooler to be out walking alone was dangerous, not that he would know anything about that being a kid and all. It’s not like he’d been nearly kidnapped a time or two and it’s not like his parents would care either, except maybe to avoid a lawsuit or some shit.

“Well you losers enjoy your family bonding because there’s no way my folks are coming. Guess I get to kick back and relax. Maybe I’ll just order a pizza…” Max withdrew David’s phone from his hoodie, a gadget he’d secured from his counselor on multiple occasions. The idiot never even noticed most of the time, being too caught up in trying to teach all the campers to appreciate nature and whatever the fuck else crossed the dipshits head.    

 He could see the beginnings of recognition cross David’s thoughts before he was interjected by the founder of the camp, Cameron Campbell making an untimely appearance, like always.

 Max could care less as he tried picking up a signal to browse the web. When Cameron started wildly thrashing David around, he looked up with interest, and smirked behind the screen to hide his amusement. That enjoyment was short lived as the bus carrying the parents pulled up. His expression drooped into a deep frown as the riders exited the vehicle and were escorted inside the mess hall. He lagged behind a bit, watching the children find their respective families. Taking a seat at the table, he observed from the side lines, finding things about each campers parent to pick apart for his own personal satisfaction.

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