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California Rain - Cameron

I stumbled out of bed slowly, stretching. I heard a tapping sound at my window. As I looked out I saw a light layer of fog and a gentle rain falling on the pavement in front of my house. I smiled to myself and opened my window. The soft-smelling breeze of damp air felt good on my face and I took a deep breath.

‘I don’t have to work today’ I thought, so I got dressed up a little, did my makeup and grabbed my umbrella. I decided to walk to a small book store close to my neighborhood to find something to read. I opened my clear umbrella and headed down the street.

As I was looking through the books in the quaint little shop I found what I was looking for. It was an classic romantic novel, and the story took place in the 1600’s. I purchased the book and walked next door to a coffee shop. I ordered a drink, sat down and began to read. I was soon immersed in the story but I looked up to see a brown eyed, tan-ish looking boy sitting a table away, sipping from a black mug. He was gazing at me with a far away look in his eyes. I smiled and he sat up straight, embarrassed that he was caught. He then stood up and walked up to my table.

“Anyone sitting here?” He asked politely

I shook my head and he sat down. He pointed at my book.

“I love that book, I read it in high school” he said smiling

“Me too, I have read it three times”

We talked about books and school and other things.

“I’m Cameron by the way”

I smiled

“I’m Y/N”

“I heard they were gonna make a movie out if this book, maybe we could go see it” he said

His eyes were bright and clear, I almost couldn’t find any words.

“Y-yeah that would be fun, we can criticize it together”

He laughed “I can’t wait”

He looked at his watch and stood up

“Well I have to get going, it was nice talking to you beautiful, see you around”

I smiled and waved goodbye. I looked down at the table wanting to pinch myself to make sure that actually happened. I saw a napkin with writing and a phone number on it.

'I wanna take you out, if you’re interested call me :)’

I’m interested all right.


Sorry it’s trash, I haven’t written anything in a while, whoops, forgive me 😭


Its raining in North Carolina and you are alone so you run across the street to your friend Nash’s house and you decide to go up to his room, he is standing there in a towel, and its hanging low on his hips. He tilts his head back unknowingly showing off his chiseled jaw line. You stand there frozen, unsure of what to do until he chuckles under his breath and tells you he was about to take a shower. Join me. The words take a minute to sink in. He approaches you and peels of your soaked hoodie. You look at your worn converse and smile slightly. You follow him into the large bathroom and slowly take your wet clothes off slightly embarrassed because he has never seen you naked. You cover yourself but he pulls your hands away gently. Beautiful. The white bath towel falls to the floor and you both step into the shower. He turns the double shower heads on and cool water pours out. The water heats up quickly and he reaches for the body wash. He slowly lathers the wash on your shoulders and works his way down your back, massaging as he goes. When he finishes you do the same to him. He towers over you and leans his forehead on the top of you head and places his hand on your cheek. He Kisses you all over your face and neck and finally your lips. Soft, Warm, Sweet, Are a few words to describe the feeling. You both step out of the shower and take turns drying each other off with the soft white towel on the floor. You put on his oversized shirt and boxers and lay in his bed. He slips on shots and joins you. You snuggle for the rest of the afternoon.