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Ian goes out with a guy and finds out he’s a trans man. Ian is quite ignorant about it so he’s taken to a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth where he meets a lot of new people that school him about how fluid sexuality can be.

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“A doctor at Arkham once described for me The Joker’s state of mind: imagine trying to solve the world’s most difficult math equation while you’re surrounded by six televisions that sit five inches from your face–all tuned to different stations, all rapidly switching channels, all with the volume at full blast. That’s what it’s like to be The Joker.”   -  Batman: Cacophony

Full HD Shameless Season 7 Episode 2-Swipe, F**k, Leave

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List :

Shameless Episode 1 : Hiraeth
Shameless Episode 2 : Swipe, F**k, Leave
Shameless Episode 3 : Home Sweet Homeless Shelter
Shameless Episode 4 : I Am A Storm
Shameless Episode 5 : Own Your Sh*t
Shameless Episode 6 : The Defenestration of Frank
Shameless Episode 7 : You’ll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life
Shameless Episode 8 : You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?
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