cameron lyn

This “Afterbuzz TV” is gold!


  1. Adam has his phone out so it’ll probably be time to check Snapchat again after this.
  2. The Summer Special is an apology from @vh1 for the length of the S2-S3 hiatus and definitely does not necessarily mean that there won’t be a S4!
  3. Every one ships Zude.
  4. James gave Cameron crap for his homophobic/biphobic comments and Cameron had already seen the light since making those comments!
  5. Val coming back as a blonde to play Laura? Yasss!
  6. Adam and Jodi are the dirty boy and girl I thought they’d be, and I’m going to need bantery bonding scenes with Z/G and Lionel in S4, and, again, for Jude, Zero, and Lionel to all call each other “Judie,” “Giddy,” and “Mom” respectively when ever they wanted to annoy the shit out of that person, as well, because they know how much they each individually hate said respective nick names.
  7. I would not know how to feel if Brent played German.
  8. Of course Mac is the bed-breaker! Have you seen those Dersha scenes?! And that’s just acting!
  9. Set It Off puns and Kimberly Elise will always go hand-in-hand.
  10. If any one would have guessed it, I would have thought that it’d be Kat, but, personally, I think that Terrence shot Jelena, not Kyle, because … why?, and, just because Rob looked genuinely shocked at the viewing party, that doesn’t mean they can’t go back and shoot his side of the scene later for the special, and he was so pissed at her and sitting at Pete’s desk just prior to the shooting. Either that, or it’s Ahsha, and that’s why the Dersha wedding might not go through with her getting arrested and all.

Hit The Floor! Season Four!