cameron lundry

Unpacking Like Badasses || Seth & Cameron

Clattered was the only word that could describe Cameron’s living situation at the time being. She had a plan set in her mind on how she wanted it to look, the only problem now was physically getting it to look like it. The house was just a street down from the beach, and wasn’t very big either. It was one story with a tiny attic, a small backyard, and a patio out front. The couple before her left their patio swing and wooden table out front, a small welcoming gift for Cameron. Simple white paint was peeling from the house, desperately crying out for a new paint job that Cameron knew she’d have to do later in the summer. It had a kitchen, sizeable living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The larger of the bedrooms was Cameron’s of course. That room was probably the only room completely unpacked.

Cameron threw her long blonde hair into a messy bun as she started on another box in the living room. She slowly pulled out small paintings her mother did and pictures of her friends and family. Her eyes scanned the room, wondering how to approach this dilemma. At times like this, Cameron wish her mother had come to Malibu with her. It would’ve made living easier, especially decorating. Cameron’s mom was the typical mother, always doing crafts of some sort and being the perfect house wife she is. Cameron found herself smiling ever so slightly, a rare thing she did when thinking about family.