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I like how Pacific Rim has given us the perfect way to describe all the different kinds of soulmates. It may refer to your best friend or the love of your life or your writing partner or maybe even your fandom buddy–someone who just gets you and knows how you think and fits perfectly into the space beside you: You’re drift compatible.

No More Friendzone- Nash Grier

Here you go, it’s kind of shit but oh well..

Nash Grier-

           “Why does she have to be so perfect?” I said to Cameron as I watched Y/N sit on the counter in our kitchen, laughing as her best friend stood between her legs, they both held shots in their hands and curled their arms around each other’s, knocking the alcohol back down their throats. “Even when she’s getting drunk, she’s perfect.”

           “You are so whipped,” Cameron said next to me.

           “I am not,” I defended. “Nash Grier doesn’t get whipped, I just find her perfect.”

           Cameron smirked, “Just talk to her, she is your best friend.”

           “Exactly,” I said. “She’s my best friend who just broke up with her boyfriend.”

           “Man quit kidding yourself,” Johnson said. “You and Y/N have something there, and you act on it every time you’re around each other, why not now?”

           “I don’t want to force her into anything,” I said.

           “Just go talk to her, you dipshit,” Gilinsky said and I sighed before knocking back the shit in my cup and made my way over to Y/N, smirking when a smile appeared on her lips.

           “Well, if it isn’t Hamilton Grier, thank you for gracing us with your presence,” She said sarcastically and grinned when her best friend laughed while handing her a cup.

           “Don’t call me that,” I told her with a smirk and stepped closer to them.

           “Hamilton Grier,” Y/N’s grin turned into a smirk, her eyes lighting up in a way that made my heart swell in my chest and my stomach churn.

           “Watch it,” I smirked back at her, noticing how her friend slowly moved away from us, allowing me to step between her legs, my hands touching her thighs.

           “Hamilton,” Y/N said slowly and wrapped her hands around in my Ramones shirt, “Nash,” She pulled me close and I swear my heart stopped. “Grier,” Y/N whispered over the loud commotion in mine and Cam’s apartment. I watched as Y/N’s lips neared my own, I’ve wanted to kiss her since I met her a couple years ago, right before she started dating this dipshit and pushed me into the friendzone.

           I stared into her pretty eyes and they softened, her smirk slowly slipped from her face and she looked down at my lips. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth and bite into it, her mouth dropped slightly and her tongue slipped out and ran over her bottom lip.

“Nash?” She asked. “Can you kiss me?”

I just need to say that the last conversation between Cameron and Kirsten was everything to me. 

It was such a mature, honest, open conversation where Cameron said “this is how I feel. If you feel the same, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too, but I need you to know where I stand.” 

And Kirsten responded with a just as great moment where she says she honestly don’t know how she feels because she doesn’t know what she feels because she’s only been able to feel for a few weeks and she’s really just doing the best she can. 

To which Cameron gives the best response he could have: that’s ok. And I’m ok with that. For now. Meaning that he’s not going to wait around forever, pining after her. He’s not going to try and force a decision, he totally understand how much she has going on. 

This is the type of conversations that real relationships are built on: trust, honesty and communication. It’s all out in the open and they both know where they stand with the other and for now, that’s enough for both of them. This is the type of conversation that the bedrock of their relationship is built on and come hell or high water (or both), this conversation means they’ll be able to trust the other explicitly.

Right now, they are the other’s most important person and they legitimately just want what’s best for the other and that’s really only achievable if they’re honest with each other, which is what this conversation gave us: honesty. There wasn’t any blame, or expectation that either of them hoped for at the start of the conversation except to clear up any possible awkwardness and to make sure they were on the same page. 

This conversation is why camsten is such a great otp

Sam Wilkinson- Just Friends

Request: Heeeeey , made one imagine when Y/N is a close best friend of Cameron (so close like a sister), but Sam does not understand this and end up arguing with the Cam in front of Y/N ? Please please , I love yours imagines 💓

Note: I haven’t wrote in awhile, and this is a little sucky. But I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the request. 


“Hey, Y/N! What are you doing today?” Your best friend, Cameron Dallas, had just called your cell phone.

“Um, probably not much,” you admitted, “I will be around the house.”

“Awesome, I was hoping you didn’t have plans. I’ll come pick you up around four, and we can hang out.” It seemed like it had been forever since Cameron and I had a chance to hang out. Therefore, I defiantly did not want to turn him down.

“Sounds great! See you then.” You smiled, even though Cameron couldn’t see you, before ending the call.  

You felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around your waist. “Good morning, babe!”

You giggled as you realized that it was a little after twelve in the afternoon. “Good morning, Sammy.” You turned around to face Sam, as you looked into his eyes you could not help but smile. You placed a sweet kiss upon his soft lips.

“Let’s get ready, and we can go out. I’ve been so busy here lately, I would love to spend the day with you,” Sam suggested.

“Awe babe, I would love to. But Cam just called a few minutes ago, and he wanted to hang out this afternoon.” You immediately noticed the annoyance that was displayed on Sam’s face. His body language said everything. He backed away from you, and even rolled his eyes. For some odd reason, Sam hated the idea of me and Cameron. However, you had been best friends with Cam long before Sam came along.


“Yeah, is that not okay?”

“I just thought you might want to spend time with your boyfriend.” Sam was beginning to act slightly childish.

“Please don’t be mad. I thought you were going to hang out with some of the guys tonight. What’s the big deal?”

“I cancelled because I wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend, but obviously you don’t feel the same way,” Sam said.

You couldn’t help but to roll your eyes. “Really, Sam? You know it’s nothing like that. But I’m not in the mood to argue with you. If you have a problem with it, you will just have to get over it.” You didn’t understand why he was so aggravated. The way that you saw it, you hanging with Cam was the same as Sam hanging out with any of his friend. But no matter how hard you tried to explain that to Sam, he would not have it. “I’m going upstairs to take a shower.”


Cameron arrived at your apartment a few minutes prior to four. Therefore, you were still getting ready.

“Your boyfriend is here to pick you up,” Sam said in sarcastic tone.

“Just shut up, and please tell him that I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”  

As you finished the final touches to your hair, you were finally ready to go. You slipped on your favorite pair of shoes, and creeped quietly down the stairs. However, not for any reason in particular, that was until you heard some fussing.

“Dude, I don’t appreciate you spending so much time around Y/N. For God’s sake she’s my girlfriend.”

I was about to rip Sam’s head off, but then I heard Cameron spit something back.

“What are you freaking out about? Y/N and I are just friends we’ve been friends since we were like seven. Long before you came into the picture.”

“I don’t care if you are ‘just friends’, it’s weird, and I don’t like it. So I am asking you nicely to back off.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Watch it! Don’t think I won’t knock the shit out of you,” Sam threatened. As soon you processed the threat, you intervened.

“Don’t you trust me,” you asked. “Sam, I don’t appreciate you threatening my friend. Especially Cam, who is no threat to you whatsoever.”

“Y/N! You heard that,” Sam asked.

“Obviously,” you said. Sam turned to face you, he wasn’t anticipating on you hearing his conversation with Cam. “Cameron, I am so sorry! I need to have a word with Sam. We will just be a moment.” You grabbed Sam by the collar of his shirt, and pulled him to the kitchen.

“What the heck? You must be out of your mind! I know that you’ve never liked the idea of Cameron and I being friends, but it’s time that you grow up.” You kept your voice calm yet stern. You didn’t want to make a big scene, but Sam was acting ridiculous.

“Look Y/N, I’m sorry! I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s cool that your best friends with a guy that’s not your boyfriend, you know?”

You had to be careful with what you said next. You knew that if the tables were turned; and it was Sam that had a best friend who happened to be a female, you probably wouldn’t be very fond of the friendship. You wrapped your arms around Sam’s torso, and pulled his body closer to your own. “Baby, you honestly don’t have anything to worry about. But I understand, and I want to respect your feelings about this. You mean a lot to me, so I don’t want this to become I problem. I will be home by 8, not a minute later. I promise.”

Sam smiled, “Thank you!” He left a sweet kiss on your right cheek. “I’m sorry that I freaked out on Cameron.”

“It’s okay, but I think you’re telling the wrong person ‘sorry’. You need to tell Cam that you are sorry, not me.”

Reasons why I love Cameron Monaghan on SM
  1. Shamelessly drags his fans, “You’re free to unfollow then" 
  2. That time he followed a fan and she DM’d him saying that she was really happy and thank you and he replied sorry, it was by mistake and then unfollowed her 
  3. "What are you on about?" 
  4. Deletes half his tweets 
  5. Gets very emotional and then deletes those tweets too 
  6. Is a hotline bling stan (I actually don’t love him for this one lol) 
  7. Thinks he is actually Jerome and that actor Cameron Monaghan is just his alias 
  8. Super shady bitch ("5x12 is the best episode by far” on April Fools) 
  9. Posts a bunch of thotty circus freak pics then goes ghost 
  10. Obviously thinks he was super fly when he was younger bc he posts a bunch of throwbacks
Jerome fucking Valeska

You better be back do you hear me… they fucking better bring him back. I don’t give a rat ass if the writers don’t want to make him the actual Joker, Cameron’s performance was the best….

and also if they killed Jerome just to make the actual Joker inspired in his actions to become the Joker, hell no… the Joker doesn’t copy anybody, he doesn’t need to… so if they do that I’m going to get angry.

Back to the point I really love Cameron’s performance, I would have really love if he was the Joker but well they just fucking killed him, I’m still hoping he faked his death some how. 

My Saviour


Seeing her like this kills me; she’s sitting here next to me, her beautiful hair cascading down her neck, forming as waves and ending in curls. Her eyelashes fluttering as she’s dreaming her dreamless sleep, looking so vulnerable. I hated seeing that douche touch her. It took all the control I had not to call the cops. “Please don’t,” she whispered to me just as I threatened to, “I can’t deal with it. J-just promise me you’ll wait until I get p-proof.” She gripped onto me just then, and it was all I could do to say, “Okay, I promise.” Her tear-filled eyes looked at me in relief. That was a good hour ago, and now I drove around mindlessly waiting for her to wake up.

He doesn’t deserve to get away with this, I thought. He deserves everything that comes for him. Everything. I don’t even know this girl; I was just looking for my best friend Cameron to go home when I stumbled into the hallway to see this bastard touching her, and her whimpering no. He held her in a tight grip, kissing on her neck as I watched one hand slip underneath her dress, and the other groping her breasts. She tried pushing him away, but he was too strong. She was no match; so I stepped in. All I can honestly remember is picking him off her, throwing him against the wall while holding him there with one hand, and the other punching him until there was a bloody mess.

The girl started to scream, but no one could really hear her. There were so many voices downstairs, the music turned all the way up. You could feel the bass rattle your bones. That was when she begged me to stop hitting him, to not call the cops. Next thing I know, she’s passed out on the floor. An hour later, here we are, in my car. I don’t want to wake her up for fear of her not remembering or remembering and confuse me for the bad one. 

“Mmm,” she mumbled. She sat up, looking alarmed. “Where am I? Who are you? What happened?” Shaking, she tried to unbuckled her seatbelt. I just sat there, contemplated my next sentence and said, “I’m Nash, Nash Grier. You’re in my car. I was waiting for you to wake up. You’re safe, I promise. I’m not the bad one, remember? Just relax, but first, tell me what your name is, and tell me if you want a ride home or for me to call a cab.”

Authors Note:
So I’m starting a new fanfiction. I figured this idea was more realistic and I can do more with it. Like & Repost if you guys want more. Also, inbox me names and possible personalities for the girl. Let me know if you guys want an interactive family like brothers, sisters, parents for her or if her want her to be kind of alone. Love you all <3

Oh, he was just the best young man that came in! He gave a performance that was very much himself but also had echoes of all the other great people who have played that familiar persona and character—although I’m not saying he is that character! He just hit the mark and gave us chills in the audition. He did something that was both familiar and strange.