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Final chapter! Decided my sketch for the day would be one of the newest members to the group, Cameron Cole. I both love and hate her. I have a feeling she may warm up to Mare later, but maybe not. I know where she’s coming from, but at the same time, viewing the story solely from Mare’s point of view and her journey, I kinda want to smack her. Still, she’s got a boss power, and she’s gonna be a power house if she survives the next book. Excited to get started! Sad for those not making it to the next book! 😢

I think I remember something about her having cool braids, so I tried! So tedious and time consuming. Also, couldn’t remember if her eye color was specified in the books.

king’s cage countdown: day 7 • someone i’m looking forward to seeing more of in king’s cage

“I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’m about to be marched to a battle I don’t want to fight, again. And I’ll be damned if I die with an empty stomach.”

Red Queen characters as dogs

MARE: the dog of the block. the one no one wants to mess with. has no owner.  might have a bit of a anger problem. gets into fights with every dog. owns the biggest trash can of the city like a boss.

CAL: the dog who only wants to be pet but when you actually do pet him he /licks/ the hell of you and ends up throwing you to the ground with he’s paws cause he’s so excited and only wants to be loved. finishes he’s food in 2.7 secs.

MAVEN: thinks he’s a cat so spends all the time licking himself and sleeping. trying to improve his purrs. loves when his owner makes him wear dog clothes (specially tuxedos). gets involved cause of /drama/. has no friends cause he keeps stealing their food for fun.

KILORN: the kind of dog who looks at everyone like he’s judging them but if you throw a stick would chase after it like his life depended on it. the one who spends the whole freaking night owling at the moon like an idiot. likes to chase his own tail.

FARLEY: rage chiuaua. too little to bottle all the rage inside her. bites. and bites hard. is /small/ so owns the best places to guard her when it rains

SHADE: the dog that steals the neighbours chickens and that knows where to find the best places to pee. 

CAMERON: owns a collar for /style/. too proud to sneak to the trash cans. may bite if you get too close.

EVANGELINE: the most fabulous white poddle around the block. don’t let her pink toenails fool you. 

PTOLEMUS: loves to leave presents in every garden. flirts with every other dog.

LUCAS: dead in a ditch.


RQ characters get coffee

Kilorn- latte not to drink, but to Instagram the foam art and the net he made from stir straws

Mare- Thinks coffee is too bitter, proceeds to dump half the sugar packets in her coffee.

Cal- Extra whip mocha frappuccino with chocolate sprinkles

Maven- Black coffee as black as his soul. Kings take their coffee strong and dark. Jealously glances at Cal’s drink periodically.

Cameron- A sandwich. Coffee is for disgusting hipster silvers.

Some Kings Cage Analysis

I can’t put this under a cut because mobile but
!!!!!!!!SPOILERS FOR KINGS CAGE!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I know we’re all hurt and shocked by Cal’s choice at the end of King’s Cage but I think it was a good move on Victoria’s part. As much as I love and adore Marecal, Cal’s entire arc in KC was pretty Mare-centric. All his scenes were mainly focused on him saving Mare or being with Mare. Him taking the crown reminds the reader that he exists beyond Mare. He has other dreams and desires. Other motives besides the girl he loves.

Truthfully I can’t blame Cal for taking the crown. It says it right there in the book, Cal has been raised for the crown since birth. He couldn’t possibly just throw away everything he is and the person he has been made to be in 6(?) months. It was also clearly shown throughout the novel that he still cares about the silvers, he grew up with them. He feels connected to them in one way or another regardless of his alliances. He really only stayed with the guard because of Mare. Had it not been for her he probably would have left.

To the reader, Cal’s choice seems like a very cruel thing to do. This is because we have only read the scene from Mare’s perspective and she is hurting badly in the epilogue which puts a very different lens on the scene than if it had been shown from Cal’s POV. This skews the readers perception of the choice and makes it very one-sided which is exactly what Victoria wanted to happen. We all felt Mare’s pain when Cal made that choice which creates sympathy for Mare and apathy for Cal which will carry on into RQ4 until things resolve themselves.

In the end I’m glad this was how it happened because it opens up so many possibilities for plot advancement. It’s not just Maven vs. The Rift anymore, it’s Maven vs. Cal (and of course, the Scarlet Guard). At some point in RQ4, Maven and Cal are gonna have to face off and that’s gonna be very interesting for both of their characters. We know from KC that Cal still loves Maven, he longs for the little brother he once knew which I think will make him very hesitant to actually try and kill him or bring him down. It’s gonna cloud his judgement which could end up being his downfall.

Maven will also be very interesting to watch during this showdown in RQ4. We saw in KC that he has conflicting emotions about his family, that he knows he loved them but he no longer can. Elara’s manipulation is going to continue to factor heavily into Maven’s motivations (interesting how she’s still pulling the strings so long after her death).

Not to mention this new marriage arrangement will give us even more insight into Evangeline. She’s such an interesting character and we know she can be deadly but this is a scenario she can’t very well fight her way out of. I’m curious to see what she does to try and get back to Elane and her family. I think there’s a distinct possibility of her and Mare working together to try and take the crown from Cal. Neither of them want it.

All in all, while it hurt us dearly, I’m glad that Cal took the crown and did what he did. This is gonna make for one hell of a story in RQ4. I’m excited.