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Playing With Fire - Part 2


a/n: support for this fanfiction/imagine series has been out of this world. all parts so far can be found in above link love you all! happy reading x 

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley

Summary: Shortly after moving in with Cameron, Y/N and the boys have a pretty eventful night at the studio. 

Word Count: 2,400+

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hellopierre A light composition

A7SII/Nikon2470 | ISO 200 | F22 | 30"
@cameronmonaghan @thenoahsilver @meganfayy

Friends of mine were over last night, so naturally I told them to sit their butts down and to NOT MOVE while I captured this 30 second long exposure. It took a couple tries but I think we nailed it.