“I just wanted you so bad, I needed to intervene.”

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Thunderstorm- Cameron Dallas Smut:

Y/N’s POV:
I lied in bed curled under the blanket, shivering from the thunder booming outside. I knew I was safe because Cam was downstairs but I still couldn’t help but shiver every time the thunder rattled our windows.
“Babe are you okay?” Cameron asked me sitting on the bed caressing my shoulder gently
“Yeah, I’m okay.” I lie and curl deeper into the blankets.
I watched as Cameron’s hazel eyes shined in the dim light in our room as he looked at me
I felt my breath hitch as he looked in my eyes and slid his hand under the blanket lifting his t-shirt I wore finding the waistband of my panties with his cool fingers.
“Cam, what are you…” I let a deep breath out as his cool fingers touched my warm clit
“The thunder and lightning are really sexy, so I thought why not make use.” Cameron says and rubs smoother circles creating the wet feeling I desperately crave
I watch as he crawls on top of me never leaving his activities.
“Cam.” I moan arching my back causing his fingers to press deep
I watch his skilled hands take off his bottoms never leaving my now throbbing sensitive clit
“Shh baby girl, I’m gonna help you ride this storm out.” He breaths in my ear and runs his tip on my slit getting it slick
Boom goes a clap of thunder as he thrusts into my vulnerable body
“Cameron.” I whisper in his ear as he rolls his hips so expertly it hurts.
Boom goes another clap of thunder as he hit my spot
“Shh let the thunder talk.” He says as his cool breath fans my face and his lips ghost down to my jaw
I let my body arch and grind as Cameron keeps up with the thunder
“I’m gonna wait for the biggest clap before I let you come Princess.” He whispers and looks into my eyes
Booooooommmm goes the loudest clap I ever beared witness to as my moans bounce off our walls and I float down as the rumbling sound disapates into the distant sky
“Never be scared again.” Cameron whispers flipping us and pulling to his toned chest as the rain continues to hit the windows

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Request and this isn’t only for teen wolf:

1. “You want to do it in the back of your car?”

2. “If you walk out now, we’re over.”
3. “Just kiss me already.”

4. “Please, don’t leave.”

5. “God damn it! Because I love you!”

6. “If you love me let me go.”

7. “Can you just let me in?”

8. “You lied to me, and I can never forgive you for it.”

9. “Why don’t you make me shut up?”

10. “I’m pregnant.”

11. “S/he’s gone, I’m so sorry.”

12. “S/he didn’t make it.”

13. “You seriously ate it all?!”

14. “I hate you!”

15. “No, never in a million years.”

16. “Babe, I need you.”

17. “Is s/he drunk?”

18. “Go suck a dick!”

19. “You’re my mate… my soul mate.”

20. “If s/he dies, I’ll never be able to live with myself.”

21. “Don’t ever come near me again!”

22. “I’m only human!”

23. “No! Don’t listen to her!”

24. “Fuck you!” “Babe, that’s how we got into this situation.”

25. “Be quiet, my parents will hear you!”

26. “You wanna bet?”

27. “Why are you naked in my sister’s bed?”

28. “I would slap you but I don’t want to make your face any better.”

29. “Oh. My. God.”

30. “Where is she?” 

Hayes Grier Smut (Part 2, Requested)

Mrswilkinson007:Do part 2 please                                                  5sos5thmember:yeh You should definitely do a part 2                        Buttermehayes:I need a part 2 to that Hayes sex tape                  Bvbarmy772:Part 2 of the Hayes smut plssssss               Shawnsfuturewife133: part 2 please Are you doing a part 2

Anonymous:Si second part to Hayes                                          Anonymous:Part 2?                                                                   Anonymous:part 2                                                                               Anonymous: Please do a part 2                                                        Anonymous:(Lowly chants) Part 2 part 2 (gets louder) part 2 part 2 (Very Loud) PART 2 PART 2

Because of so many request i have done the part 2. 

Your P.O.V. 

 The last few days had been different for me. I had spent most of my time worrying if Nash or his parents or someone finding his camera. What happened was much worse though. The video it self was about 15 minutes long. And instead of having him take to memory out of it and put it somewhere save he left it in their. Then it went all down hill from their.                            "Hey Hayes can I borrow your camera mines dead and I don’t have my charger.“                                                                                                        "Yea whatever,” Hayes told Nash so we could continue making out on the couch.

 Nash P.O.V

 It’s kinda gross seeing my brother and his girlfriend making out. But hey you get used to it after a couple of months. And they’ve been dating for 2 years. I find the camera and hook it up to my laptop.

 Hayes P.O.V. 

 "Why don’t we go somewhere more private baby girl?“ Y/N just nods her head and starts kissing my neck. I pick her up and walk into my room after passing Nash’s room. "Please be quiet!” Nash shouted after us as I closed the door to my bedroom with smirk was playing on my lips. I threw off my shirt and it landed somewhere in the room. "Get in the bed and strip” i ordered. I grab a condom and start grinding down on my baby girl. My erection digging into her wet panties and my hungry lips kissing hers. I take her black lace panties in my for fingers and snap it against her waist. “Who were those panties for?” I questioned, my lips moving to her neck and finally y/n’s lovely perky breast where she lives for me to suck and nibble on one nipple, massaging the other which drove her mad. "You sir” she answered. “Me? Did you wear them hoping I would see them underneath your tiny shorts. Hmmmm” I say while sucking in her other breast. “Oh Sir that feels so good.” I move my head down in front of her dripping pussy. “Such a naughty girl. Maybe I should punish you for teasing me earlier. Grinding this sweet pussy and ass against me. While Nash was in the room.” I start to eat her out. She was so close to her high. I can– “HAYES AND Y/N GET DRESSED AND COME IN HERE" 

 Nash’s P.O.V.

 I was about to start filming when a video came up on the screen. And my being the noisy person I am I push play. Then I see Hayes in a shirt and some shorts. "Smile for the camera,” Y/N says to Hayes. Who I’m amusing is behind behind the camera. “So my Kitten wants to play?”Hayes says to her. He hissed as something happens that I can’t see. “Now, I think maybe I should be holding that camera,” he spoke assertively, not even extending his hand as he waited for her to hand it to him. “Yes, Sir,” she cooed, strutting over to him and placing the devise in front of him. He let his gaze go on her body I assume, biting his lip, before focusing the camera on y/n. “Baby,” he spoke to her. “Mhmm?” Y/N hummed. “Strip for me.“ Hayes told her and after that I cut it off and yell their names to come here. 

 Hayes P.O.V.

 "We’re kinda busy right now Nash!!” I say as I go back to eating her out like its my last meal. “Oh Hayes I’m so close.” She says to me which makes me stop. “Sir I meant sir. Please I need you so bad. I need your huge cock in me. Please!!!” She says while fingering herself. I smack her hand away. “Oh none of that. I’ll fuck you when I want to and right now I don’t know if I should.” Y/N gets up and lays on her stomach with her ass wiggling in the air. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I start pounding in her. I flip is over so she’s riding me in reverse. “Fuck I’m so close” we say at the same time. “HAYES GRIER AND Y/N GET IN HERE NOW.” Nash yells again. “IN A SEC.” Y/N goes faster and harder. I smack her ass which makes her cum. Then she gets up take the condom off and sucks on my tip which makes me cum. We put our clothes back one and walks into Nash’s room. 

 Your P.O.V. 

 We were walking into Nash’s room when I stop dead in my tracks cause of what I see. “Why did you stop baby girl?” I don’t respond but walks into his room. Fuck! He found the video. “Would you like to explain what this is?” Nash asks us. “It’s a video of us having sex.” Hayes says nonchalantly. “And why did you film you having sex. Hayes do you not relies someone could’ve stole your camera. Or mom could’ve seen it or even Sky. Or a Fan. You have got to be more careful.your only what 15 and you’ve done this. You need to be more careful of what you do. Ok?”                                                                          "Yea okay.“ We get up to walk away. I take one more glance and the screen when I relies that it isn’t at the beginning. "Wait did you watch the video?!” I say while laughing. His face turns bright red. And I assume it’s a yes. I start laughing even harder while walking back to Hayes’s room.                                 “Well now that’s over how about a round 2?”

Part 1

The girl who will marry this boy is gonna be so damn lucky. 😢