Shawn Mendes Imagine “Mercy”

You stand in front of his door,nervously waiting for Shawn to open it. 
Earlier that day he texted you, asking you to come by for “that talk” because a couple of weeks ago the two of you shared a kiss.

The door opens and there he is, looking like a freaking god!
Shawn leans in for a hug and quietly says “Good to see you.” 
As he steps away he holds the door open for you to walk in. 

You two sit down on his sofa and just stare at each other. 
“Can you finally say something? Please?” you ask desperately. The vibe you were getting from him was weird. You couldn’t define it. Was he sad? Was he angry?

“I just..I can’t deal with this.” Shawn didn’t even look at you. 
“Deal with what?” You acted a little clueless, you wanted to hear him say what the issue was. 

“You kissed me, Y/N.” He suddenly turned his face and looked directly into your eyes but it was still hard to read him. 
“You kissed me and totally left me in the dark after that.”
“But Shawn,” You wanted to explain but his usual calm ways were gone. Shawn was pissed. Dear lord!

“No.This is your time to listen. Listen to what you’ve done to me.” Even though he was mad he took your hand and placed his fingers between yours. 

“You went from being my best friend to someone I fell for and now you’re someone I don’t even talk to anymore? Do you know how that feels, Y/N?”

“It wasn’t easy for me, Shawn.” You softly touched his cheek, trying to calm him down but he grabbed your hand.

“It wasn’t easy for you? You made me feel as if I was drowning. Drowning in all these emotions, drowning in all the love I had to give.. give to you.” he didn’t even seem mad anymore, it was more sadness than anything else. 

“Please, Y/N. I’m not asking for a lot. Just be honest with me. If that’s all it was to you, a kiss, that’s fine but have a little mercy on my heart and at least let me know. I fell for you. I fell hard.” He looked at you with unintentional puppy eyes.
You were fed up. He kept on ranting, but you had to get something off of your chest as well.  

“Shawn, that’s enough now. Please let me explain!” You exhaled heavily.
“I didn’t text back because I was afraid.”

Shawn rolled his eyes. “Afraid of what?” his tone changed, he had it with you. 
“Afraid you didn’t like me like that. I love you Shawn. It’s been like that since day one.” It was relieving to finally say it out loud. You’ve kept it in for so long, it was driving you crazy.

He was shocked, his eyes widened as he understood the words that came out of your mouth.
“I didn’t drive to your apartment all these nights just to see you for nothing.” Shawn giggled a little, trying to stay casual.
All the tension was gone, it was like old times when the two of you were sitting in your room all quiet because Shawn snug in and your parents were sleeping. 

“Just say you love me too.” You laughed, slightly punching his arm. 

Shawn looked at your lips as you were still smiling. He grabbed your face and placed his lips on yours. 
“I love you too, Y/N.” he whispered against your lips.
“I always will.”

Reality Check - Jack Gilinsky Imagine series

So here is Part 3 for this imagine series. 

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Jack’s P.O.V

“So Jack, I’m sorry if I’m fucking overreacting over this stupid little dinner, but I just needed to release all the pain and torment that I kept within me from all these years.”

I kept repeating her very last words before I had left her. Y/N had confessed her love for me, and what did I do? I left her alone to drown in her misery and heartache. Don’t get me wrong; I love Y/N with every bit of my heart, but just not in that way, or at least I think not. She was a type of person that you wont have difficulty in loving as soon as your eyes lock in contact; she stood out from the crowd, as if she was the only blooming rose in a field of daisies. She was intelligent, genuine, distinguished, and virtuous. All of her qualities just shone incredibly bright, allowing me to believe that she was just too good for me; it’s the truth. 

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