cameron coulter


Columbine + Cold Case Rampage // parallels 

  1. Eric Harris being represented by Cameron Coulter according to his narcissitic personnality and as the leader of the couple.
  2. Dylan Klebold being represented by Neil Hanlon as the more quiet one and a kind of Cameron follower.
  3. The sketches and the nihilistic phrases in the diary.
  4. Robyn Anderson who was accused of complicity for buying the weapons for Eric & Dylan is represented by Tina, who pushed the boys to the rampage.
  5. The same quiet and pointless walk after the massacre like they were walking in the cafetaria just before they killed themselves.
  6. At the end, Cameron and Neil also killed themselves turning their weapons against them, as Eric and Dylan did. 
  7. This episode includes also the presence of bullyers. 
  8. One of the bullyer can be a free representation of Brooks Brown.