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You hear singers and guitarists with your ears but you hear bass lines with your heart so don’t go telling me bassists aren’t important

So this happened last night, compared to a year ago on a stage with 5,000 seats to a 20,000 seated arena. I’m so fucking proud of my muffin


As of March 22, 2016|| (*) are smuts









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I’m hoping I don’t grow anymore because I’m currently 5"2 and I wanna stay short because being short means you can ask that cute guy from the store to get that cereal box down from the shelf and when he doesn’t, climb onto the shelf and tip it over so you can sue him for not helping you.

me during that time of the month

When your fav is finally in your country but you can’t see them


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Day 24 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄

I thought it would be unfair to pick just one person for the last One Shot of 24 Days of One Shots. So, I decided that you can choose who you’re boyfriend is going to be. I hope you all enjoy it and have a merry christmas! x

#46 Christmas Party

It’s the annual christmas party again were the boys of One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas and YouTubers like Joe Sugg, Casper Lee, Zoe Sugg und others like Ariana Grande, the girls of Little Mix and so on are invited to. This year you are joining you’re boyfriend to the party. It’s the first time that you go such an event with him. Usually you go on smaller, more private dates and not on big parties with other celebs around and of course with a lot of photographers.

When you get to the building, you already see cameras flashing and the paparazzi yelling. Your boyfriend kisses your cheek and takes you hand before he gets out of the car, followed by you. He holds your hand tightly and leads you to the red carper, to take few pictures. You smile into the cameras and try to keep your eyes open, even though the flashes are pretty bright. “You’re doing great.” He whispers into your head and kisses you’re temple which is the perfect picture opportunity.

When it’s all over, he leads you into the building and to the big ball room. Everything is nicely decorated in white, silver and copper. Christmas songs are playing as your boyfriend leads you to your table in the front. All the other guest starts to come in and take place on their seats. Everyone has girlfriend of boyfriend with them and are having a blast. The night continues with delicious food and good music and fun on the dance floor.

When you’re feet start to hurt, you take your boyfriend’s hand and lead him away from the other. “Where are we going?” He asks and follows you quickly, putting his arm around your waist.

“Away.” You giggle and lead out of the room and to the elevators.

“(Y/N) we don’t have a room.” He says as you get into the elevator.

“We won’t need a room.” You roll your eyes at him and press the button to the uppest floor.

“What do you mean?” He wants to know, kissing your neck and wraps his other arm around you.

“Babe, not now.” You wiggle around in his arms when he starts to suck on your neck. The doors open and you step out of the elevator. You take your shoes off, take his hand and start to run.

“Where are we going?” He asks running after you.

“You’ll see.” You laugh and turn to the left and then left again an then right until you reach a little sitting area with an amazing view over the town. “Look.” You say to him, looking out of the window. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Not as beautiful as you are.” He chuckles, wrapping his arms around you from behind and kissing your head.

“I love you.” You whisper.

“I love you more.” He kisses your shoulder before spinning you around. He rests his forehead on yours and a smirks builds up. “More than anything, princess.” He mumble before kissing you, making tonight perfect.

Three Empty Words || Michael Clifford Imagine

Everything used to be perfect. When I looked at him, I saw hope, I saw love, I saw life. That was 3 years ago.

“Michael? Michael?!” I called out to him.


“Are you almost ready? Arzaylea keeps calling and texting.”

I finally heard him start jogging down the stairs, “Sorry, I was on the phone with Luke. He was spazzing out.”

“About what?”

“It’s fucking Luke, everything has to be perfect,” he said with a small laugh.

“It’s just a birthday party. Besides, it will be perfect because it’s Luke. But we have to go.” I turned around to walk out the front door when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a head on my shoulder. 

“You look beautiful, Babe. I will never stop telling you that.”

I turned my head to look him in his beautiful eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” With that we headed to the car and drove off.

*3 Months Later*

Tonight, Michael and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I can’t believe that for 365 days I’ve been able to call this angel mine. He’s everything I’ve ever needed and wanted. I was lost without him and I didn’t even know. 

We finally got back to the house and while I got water, Michael went upstairs to get dressed for bed.

“I love him so much and this is so right,” I thought to myself as I finished my water and started up the stairs. I walk into our bedroom and see Michael standing at his dresser, still dressed and taking off his watch. I walk up behind him and put my arms around his torso and I heard him giggle a little bit. 

“Do you love me?” I ask him while my head was resting on his back.

“Of course I do,” he said while grabbing on to my hands.

“Then show me. Show me how much you love me.” He turned around and looked me in my eyes. He swiftly picked me up and ever so gently laid me down on our bed. He laid on top of me while he searched my eyes for any uncertainty.

“Are you sure?” I just leaned up and kissed him. 

“I love you, Y/N.”

That night, we fell in love all over again. I completely gave myself to him. By dawn, we knew all of each other’s secrets and fears. We finally became one person. 

He would tell me everyday and night that he loved me. Especially in such intimate moments like these.

“Y/N? Y/N? Hey! Where’d you go?” I was snatched from my thoughts when I heard the sound of Arzaylea’s voice.

“What?” I asked confused.

“I asked how you and Michael were doing since you just passed 2 years.”

“Oh um, yeah we’re good,” I answered kind of uncertain and in a more quiet voice as I turned my head to look at Michael talking to Luke and others. 

“It took you a long time to answer and you were kind of just starring into space. Are you sure you guys are good?” she pushed.

“Mmmhm,” I nodded as I got up and went outside. I walked over to the barrier on the balcony and leaned against it. As I looked at the city scape and all the lights, I couldn’t help but cry. Looking at the beautiful lights made me remember how Michael used to make me feel.

‘It might be easier to stay
But it’ll never be the same, no oh no
And if something doesn’t change
Then we’ll keep on sinking further’

“Hey, you wanna head out?” I heard Michael ask from behind me. I quickly dry my eyes and turn around and nod. Before I could step past him, he stood in front of me and told me that he loved me.

“Day 873,” I thought to myself as Michael and I sat quietly eating dinner.

“That was great, thank you,” he said with barely any emotion while getting up from the table

“You’re welcome.”

“Um, I’m gonna go over to Calum and Ashton’s to work on some new music. Don’t wait up.”

“Oh okay, I just thought that we could watch a movie or something.”

“Uh, yeah. We can do that tomorrow,” he said grabbing his keys.

“Yeah that’s fine. I love-” SLAM! “you.” I let out a sigh and finished my dinner alone. 

‘We’re still talking everyday
I’m running out of things to say to ya’

*Day 1076*

Today was the first day in almost a week that Michael and I have had sex. And while it was great, that’s all it was, sex. I didn’t feel love or even pleasure for that matter. At least not from him. The only reason it was great was because I pictured it was someone else. Mind you, I have never cheated on Michael, but I’m not so sure about him. I know he was doing the same thing because he didn’t look me in my eyes once. He was so distant and I didn’t know why. Truth is, I didn’t even care enough to ask. We never fight anymore, because we just don’t care.

‘We don’t know who’s wrong or right
We don’t even care enough to fight’

*Day 1095: Present Day*

We just sit on opposites sides of the couch. Trying to get a reading on each other. I’ve honestly dreaded this day, but I’ve also been waiting for it for a while. In my head, I was reminiscing on our relationship, trying to find where it went wrong. We haven’t said anything since we’ve been sitting here. Out of nowhere, he decides to break the silence.

“I feel the same way.”

“I know.”

“What do you mean you know? How do you even know what I’m talking about?”

“I know you, Michael. We used to be the same person.”

“So this is just how it ends?”

“I’ve gone over so many possible things we can try or do to rekindle what we once had, but I just can’t. You can’t possibly tell me that you’re happy.”

“I’m not, but I love you and I thought that was enough,” he said with a tear running down his face.

“Do you know what ‘I love you’ is without meaning behind it?”

“What?” he asked.

“It’s just a routine that we’ve become so accustomed to. I-it’s a pattern. It’s-it’s…”

“It’s three empty words.” When he said that, I shed multiple tears.

“Yeah. It’s three empty words.” He pulled me into a hug and lightly stroked my hair. I kissed him on the cheek while quiet tears left our eyes. I started to get off the couch when he pulled on my arms and kissed me one last time.

I tried my best to feel something and I know he did too, but there was nothing there. I knew then that it was officially time for me to leave. I get up and head towards the door and just as i start to open it, I let out a small chuckle. I turned back to Michael.

“Hey,” he looked up at me when he heard my voice.

“Happy 3 year anniversary.” He just smiled small and that was the last thing I saw before I exited the home I knew so well.

I get in my car and plug my phone into the aux chord.

‘We going through the motions
Cause we can’t fix what’s broken, no
And I know it’s gonna hurt
But darling I’ll go first
I won’t keep on saying those three empty words
We don’t have to keeping on saying those three empty words
No I can’t keep on saying those three empty words’

I could no longer hold it together.

The last three years, 1 ½ of which were perfect, just gone. The fact that we were willing to let it all go so easily meant that our “I love you’s” were just three empty words.