Surprising him at the EMA's

A/N I wrote this after the EMA’s but I think you guys can still imagine this perfectly:)

“And the winner for the best male artist is… SHAWN MENDES!”

The crowd went wild. I went wild. Everybody in the backstage area went wild.
Even Shawn couldn’t hide his smile when he walked up the stage to take the price.

My eyes got all glossy just by seeing him and his smile which I haven’t seen for so long since he was on tour and always busy. His black flannel and his black trousers looking unbelievably sexy the way they fit every muscle of his body.

I was really nervous since I had planned on surprising him after we barely had any contact the last few weeks and I could tell that he missed me too. There was this sparkle in his eyes but the one he had when he was with me didn’t shine in them, seeming almost unhappy.

“Thank you guys so much, thank you to my family and my management, and to everybody who always supported me. And let’s not forget my wonderful girlfriend (Y/N) who sadly isn’t able to be here tonight. But anyways, love you guys and thank you!”, he said one last time before walking away smiling.

My plan was to hide and when everybody congratulated him to come out and surprise him.
“Go, go he’s coming”, Andrew said while shoving me behind a corner.

I waited impatiently before I heard footsteps and then loud voices mixed with Shawn’s one thanking but also screaming along with the others.
After a few minutes the volume went down signalling me that it was my turn now so I carefully glanced around the room seeing Shawn in some conversations and with the back to me, making me walk slowly in his direction paying attention to not being loud.

I didn’t really know how to make me noticeable so I thought it was the best idea to not show my face at first, so I sneaked my arms gently around his torso waiting for his reaction. I felt his body shuffling uncomfortably under my touch, probably because he didn’t know it was me and thinking it was one of those fangirls.

He turned around while gently pushing me away from him expecting to see some random girl.
But the at first confused look on his face was quickly replaced by so many emotions making me laugh to myself.

I could tell that he wasn’t sure if to believe his eyes or not. Tears had already made their way down my face, of course the sort of happy ones, when Shawn’s arms pressed me so tight to his chest that I thought if he pressed any tighter I may get into his stomach and get him pregnant with a little me.

But despite the lack of oxygen I hugged him back with such force that my arms started to hurt, feeling his fast heartbeat and smelling his brainwashing scent. I didn’t want this moment to end but it got really hard to breath. I pulled away from him seeing his watering eyes, so I got on my tiptoes and wiped away the salty liquid which escaped his eye before kissing the tip of his nose softly.

By this moment I realized that we were alone in the room, the guys probably knowing that they would disturb us. Shawn still had his arms around my waist and it felt like the positive energy which floated through his body was spreading through my own the second he touched me. It was always like that and I kept wondering why he had this effect on me.

We were just staring into each other’s eyes, me in his honey dripping ones and him in my (Y/E/C). I imagined his soft pink lips kissing mine, stroking my cheek before trailing along my waist like he did all the time we kissed.

Shawn smiled, looking at me like he just read my thoughts, so it didn’t take him long to lean down and connect our lips, electricity going through my whole body.
How much I wanted to deepen the kiss, I knew there were people who were waiting for him to take photos and sign things and the after show party would start soon too, that’s why I didn’t really have choice but pulling away to give him an apologetic look.

“I missed you so much Shawn, but we still have to go now. You to lighten up some fans days and afterwards going to the party.”
I smirked at his sticked out bottom lip.
“But Babyyyy. I just wanna spend some time with you”, he pouted hiding his face in the crook of my neck and making me giggle at the ticklish feeling of his hair on the sensitive skin of my neck.

I took a step back and could see that he didn’t had the urge to go. A idea popped in my head and I was sure as hell that he couldn’t resist this deal.

“If we go and you at least pretend to have fun, I promise you that as soon as we’re in the hotel the night will be much more funny”, I said and saw his eyes grew wide and the smirk forming on his sweet lips.

I turned around and intertwined our fingers to make our way to the exit. The quite words that left his mouth letting my cheeks flush a bride shade of pink before I opened the door.

“Damn, I love this girl”