Eldarya Theory

I know how the dryad Cameria can travel, without dying. I laughed so hard, maybe to hard, when Nevra said that she isn’t in the region and out on a mission.

My first thought was: If you can’t go anywhere without your tree, you just take it with you. xD Maybe her tree is a bonsai, a smal tree you can keep in a pot.      I imagining a Cameria travelling around the world with her tree on the back and she is like:

“My tree can’t define my destiny, I’ll choose it by myself!”

I also can imagine that she is dreaming about a possibility that all dryad can live their one lives like Cameria does and she is searching for a solution.


cameria: @kradness55 Yo! Jiro Afternoon-o.  Chug some lard, my weight skyrockets, good lord. Since yesterday my abs are so sore. I eat two cups of hagen daz at break, they go straight to mah core. Yeah yeah everybody say F.A.T(You can do whatever with the beat)

kradness: @cametek​ Yo! The dialect of turtles and wounds, they come together. Today’s Wednesday, how’s my rap, sir? I spend my nights with the crew: umeshu, haibo, and JIRO. I wake up in the mornings to my head pounding again. I’m wasted, wasted, wasted. I’ve gone and got diabetes from all the sake and lard. Lo! Just look at the report of my physical examtion, oh Yeah yeah everybody say F.A.T(Please check out how I did)


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