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Destination Arcjet Systems

(From the police station we rushed to the short distance away to the location called Arcjet Systems. Acording to the intel it held the deep range transmitter what we needed. Paladin Danse lead the way, I was legging behind him try to keep up the pace. Man he can be fast and loud. Every time he stepped or leaped in the air and landed back on his feet the ground shook under the heavy suit, my whole body shook with it. Was this a gentle adrenaline rush for me? Oh yes it was and the cluncking sound of the metal suit in motion just emphased the short burts of excitment in me. I was ready what ever waited inside for us.)

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prompt: polaroid

I’m taking Caryl prompts at the moment.

He finds the unscathed polaroid camera out on a run with Aaron. Takes it back home for her because he thinks she might enjoy it.

(aaron just smiles knowingly, the way he always does when daryl pockets something they both know nobody really needs. a particular book, a paper flower, a necklace.)

Carol accepts it with the same shy smile she always does, cheeks turning just the slightest shade rosier, pressing a soft kiss to his lips and breathing thank you into his skin.

Sometimes, she does take pictures with it. Judith napping on her brother’s lap. Daryl and Rick holding a bottle of beer each, leaning against the brand new watch tower with sweat pearling on their foreheads. Daryl working on the bike. The cake they bake for Judith’s birthday. That one time he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, hair wet and disheveled (he nearly made her tear that one up, tackling her to the bed and gently poking her ribs until she was breathless).

She captures big moments. Small moments. Cherishes them that way.

But in the end, Daryl is the one who uses the camera the most. To cherish her. Always her.

Carol making coffee in the morning, the early sunlight kissing her cheeks (wishing he could capture the smell of her when he nuzzles his nose into her neck).

Carol holding Maggie’s newborn son with dampness in her blue eyes (wishing he could capture the baby’s soft sounds).

Carol smiling at something Tara told her, holding her stomach, nose scrunched up, eyes squeezed shut (wishing he could capture the elation that radiates from her like sun beams).

Carol waking up in the morning, hazy with sleep, burying her head in the soft pillow (wishing he could capture the slight giggle when he presses a kiss to the base of her spine).

Carol in a red dress he brought her from a run, smoothing her palms over the fabric (wishing he could capture the shy pride in her every move).

Carol making a snow angel with Judith, flakes melting on her skin (wishing he could capture the crystal clear cold on his cheeks).

One morning, the sun just barely rising outside and tinting their room in a rosy glow, she lets him take pictures of her after they make love. When she’s still flushed and her skin glistens with a fine sheen of sweat, her eyes dark.

He captures it all. The way her lips are parted on a content sigh. Pink and swollen. The way the sunrise gathers in the hollows of her collarbones. His hand splayed like a star in the valley between her breasts. The contrast of white sheets against her porcelain thighs. The curve of her waist. Her feet entangled with his. Her silver hair, damp and curly around her ears. Their entwined hands against the plane of her stomach.

He follows every picture with a kiss. Lips mapping her out even though he already knows her by heart.

“These better never see the light of day,” Carol teases with a smirk, tilting her chin towards the pictures scattered on the ruffled sheets. “Or I’ll take a picture of you while y- Oh!” Her hands curl tighter around his upper arms when he moves into her again, the camera long forgotten, and he silences her with a kiss that lingers.

“Promise,” he breathes eventually, the feeling of her skin against his almost enough to make him forget how to speak. The pictures are theirs alone.

He does keep one picture on him at all times, tucked into the pocket of his vest. He took it the day he brought home the camera. Half of her face is hidden behind her hand, a shy smile curling her lips, cheeks dimpled. It’s his favorite.

She looks so happy. Happy enough to fool anyone that she never endured any pain. It’s a rare version of her that he works hard to bring back to the surface. And some days – days like that one – he succeeds. He’ll keep it with him until the day it fades and beyond.

Although these days, he has her, and doesn’t need mementos anymore.

But over time, they have all learned to cherish them.


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After Peter died you were in a weird place, you didn’t really know what to do with yourself.

You realized then just how much your life revolved around him.

You woke up everyday and would look at that old Polaroid camera and had to remember you didn’t need to take a daily picture everyday.

You would go on your lunch break and think about how you’d usually be talking to Peter at that moment.

You’d go home and think about your last conversation with him, and you slept with that thought on your mind.

So you decided you needed some time to yourself to get it together. So you finally decided to take your much over due vacation time.

It would be a little over two months of just you chilling, getting over Peter’s death and basically learning how to live without him being around.

So you woke up the first morning of the vacation and you put that old camera in the basement.

You stayed in your pajamas got on Netflix and put on Supernatural.

You weren’t sure how long you had been loafing on the couch but you were watching Sam preform an exorcist a police station full of demons when you heard a knock on the door.

You paused it and went to answer it and found one Derek Hale holding a pizza box and two liter bottle of your favorite soda.

‘I need to hangout with someone my own age and I’m gonna be sick if you turn me away.’ Derek smiled hopefully.

As  you thought of telling him no your stomach growled.

‘Your stomach says yes.’ he teased.

‘Shut up and hand over the pizza.’ you scoffed as you let him in.

‘Thanks.’ he said as he came in and put the pizza on the coffee table.

He looked around the room with a small smile. 

‘You still haven’t redecorated.’ he smiled he sat on the couch.

‘Hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ you said as you sat next to him and took out a slice of pizza, meat lovers your favorite.

‘Same couch.’ he noted.

‘It’s a good couch.’ you smiled.

‘That it is, the couch we slept on the night before I left for New York.’ he said.

Suddenly the mood went from light and friendly to something you couldn’t really describe.

‘Yeah.’ you said as you sat down the pizza crust.

‘We never really talked about it, like ever.’ Derek said as he turned to face you fully. 

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ you asked nervously.


‘OK then, lets talk about it.’ you said.

‘I know it was years ago and it was only the one time but I wanted it to be more than that.’ Derek said.

‘More as in…a relationship?’ you asked,

‘I mean I had thought about it before, maybe it would it have happened between us if I hadn’t left.’ he confessed.

‘I…I always thought it was just heat of the moment for you or just you wanting to honor that stupid promise we made. I never thought you would want to be with anyone after…’ you said honestly.

‘Yeah I know, but with you everything was different. Before Kate even came into the picture, it had already changed for me.’ he said.

‘I-I had been so wrapped up and consumed with trying to take care of everyone, then I was trying to take care of Peter. I never really had time to think much about my love life, or lack there of.’ you explained honestly.

‘Well what do you think now that you know?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know, I’m kinda rusty on the whole romance thing you know, my last boyfriend ended up a comatose patient.’ you said.

‘So after Peter you were never with anyone?’ Derek asked.

‘No, no one.’ you answered.

‘So you’ve never…’ 


‘Like ever?’


‘Not even-’

‘I haven’t done anything with anyone…ever.’ you blushed in embarrassment.

Derek looked so shocked you thought you broke him.

‘Look it’s not a big deal, I was just always busy with school and work and Peter…I just didn’t have time.’ you shrugged.

‘(Y/N) I know this is all out of nowhere for you, but if I want to give us a shot. See where it takes us.’ Derek said as he takes your hand in his.

‘Der…I haven’t been with anyone in years, I don’t think I even know how to be a girlfriend anymore.’ you said as you played with his fingers.

‘I haven’t been a boyfriend for a while, lets learn how to do it again, together.’ he said before he placed a kiss on your hand

You took a deep breath before you moved to sit closer to him, you pulled his arm around you and leaned against him.

‘We have to take things slow, like really really slow.’ you said.

‘I can do slow.’ Derek smiled as he placed a kiss on your head.

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👶 - mavis ^^

Mavis was always a fan of photo’s and being in front of the camera. As a kid she was very sociable and saved up for two years to get her first video camera. She also used her Dad’s old Polaroid camera often. She used to keep scrap books and still has them to this day. As soon as she discovered the internet that was it for her, she began blogging and vlogging joining all social media outlets she could. Her addiction began with instagram and youtube, now most of her time is spent on twitch.