camera: lux


Pokemon Trainer Lux.

This is a gift from a very kind guy to luxilux of him in a trainer form with the pokemon Bulbasaur, Celebi and mew. 

I wrote a massive long post about this, but then my computer decided it wanted to crash. So I am tired and irritable, but I will do my best to recover XD 

I think this has turned out quite well overall, though I have been looking at it for quite some time, so I’m a bit blurry on the improvement on this fro mym last picture. I also had a last minute change of heart with the background colour. Originally I was working with a warm golden palette, as it was a bit of a running theme, but when I changed the background hue by accident, I found that the lilac/blue colour really made the gold sections of the Trainers clothes stand out. So I’m not sure which was to lean, but overall, either works.

Lux! give me a message when you see this with your email address and we can talk about sending you over the finished files, i really hope you like it now that its finished :)

Goodnight everyone! And Merry Christmas Eve!