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Isaac: “She’s out with that boy again, isn’t she? Mum, what should I do about it?”

Elizabeth: “Just leave her alone. I’ve never tried to do anything to keep you and Zoey or Katie and Dora away from each other. If Carrie Lynn is happy with Chris, then just let them be together.”

Isaac: “But she’s my little girl -”

Elizabeth: “She’s not a child anymore, Isaac. Besides, I’m sure Carrie Lynn knows what she’s doing. Trust her a little.”

Dating Issac Lahey Would Include

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You being one of the first people he opens up to about his past

Lots of studying together

The study sessions always go longer than planned because he keeps getting distracted by every little thing (Such as kissing you)

Him complaining to you about Stiles

“Come on Isaac, Stiles is a great guy. You two just need to hang out and see just how much you have in common.”

“But he’s an ass”

You constantly “borrowing” his various sweaters and jackets

You “forgetting” to give them back

Always insisting he gets paired up with you for pack missions

Him slowly but surely becoming friends with Stiles, to where Isaac, Scott, and Stiles eventually start hanging out a lot so you have to beg to have your boyfriend back for a night

Always sleeping together (just sleeping, you need to be by one another for both of you to sleep)

Isaac sneaking into your room every night so that your parents don’t know

Him always listening to your heart beat

Going to every lacrosse game and wearing his number on your cheek

Every time you guys see one another he always plants a kiss to your temple (especially because he is way taller than you)

Having arguments about how much you can help the pack

           “Isaac, you aren’t my mom, you can’t tell me what to do”

           “I’m not losing you (Y/n), I need to keep you safe!”

Rough boyfriend // Isaac Lahey smut

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Requested: Yes  “ i don’t know if my request sent bc my phone glitches but i’ll just resend it:) could you do a isaac smut, where y/n is a volleyball player and is at an open practice (anyone can watch). Isaac watches her practice but then overhears a bunch of boys talking about her ass and how pretty she is then Isaac gets jealous. You can end it however you like! sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, english isn’t my first language! but i love your account! thanks xx” -unknown

Plot: Just as the request goes :D

Word count: 1 219

Warning: smut, fluff, hardcore, rough sex, jealous Isaac, angry Isaac etc.

Age: 15+

A/N: I took a break for a couple of days, but I’m back again and writing :) I’m slowly writing y’alls requests so just wait, I didn’t forget about you. Here it is and enjoy ! xx

The bell rang, I packed my bag and walked straight out of the classroom. Thank god it’s over for this week. I honestly couldn’t do more. I open my locker and push some books inside. I see Scott walking towards me and I smile. “Hey!” he says and hugs me. I hug him back “Hey!”

“You’re coming to practise today right?” he asked me. I smiled “Of course, I got my clothes and everything.” He giggled and said “That’s awesome, see you then.” “Alright, see ya!” I said and he waved at me walking off. I waved back and took out my phone.

It was a text from Isaac.

Where are you babe?

I responded

Next to my locker, I’m going to practise x

I put my phone into my pocket, close my locker and start walking.

As I was on my way to changing room, when I hear loud foodsteps coming from behind. “Babe! Wait!” I hear him scream. I turn around and my face lights up as soon as I see him. He kisses me softly on lips and look at me. “You’re going to practise?” he askedd me and I nodded.

“Wanna come and see? It’s an open one,” I said and he smiled. “I’d love to,” he said. He took my hand we started walking outside.

“Okay! Stilinski! Shut up! Y/n! You go first!” coach says and I look at Stiles. He looked so confused and I laughed at him. “Why was he mad?” he asked me, when I walked to the front of the line. “You guys always talk your little wolfie stuff.” I said and he looked at Scott. I giggled, looked at Isaac and he waved at me. I nodded in response.

I was wearing my usual practise clothes, but for some reason I heard some giggling coming from boys, but I just decided to ignore it. I sart jogging and throw the ball. i start walking back, but then Isaac grabs my arm. “Let’s go.” he said angrily and dead ass serious. “Where? I have my practise.” I said and that’s, when coach joined in.

“Lahey! What the hell are you dong here?” he asked him. “I’m taking my girl.” he responded and walked away tearing me with him. I tried to resist, but he just picked me up and put me on his shoulder, carrying me out of there.

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Nightmares [Isaac Lahey x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/N) and Isaac are best friend so when they are placed in the same room overnight for the cross-country meet it gets a little weird because (Y/N) likes Isaac. During the night, Isaac has a nightmare and (Y/N) tries to comfort him but it doesn’t work until she kisses him. The next day, (Y/N) thinks that their friendship is going to be awkward but Isaac sees an opportunity.

Warnings: none

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“Listen up you bunch hormonal teenagers!” yelled Coach Finstock in the bus to the cross-county meet, “the meet is postponed to tomorrow so we’re staying at the only place with enough rooms and accepts to host degenerates like you. Now, come on you little deviants, out of the bus!” The Beacon Hills High school students exited the bus and formed a mass in front of the yellow bus.

Coach Finstock blew in his whistle to catch their attention, “Okay everyone! Pair up in same-gender, that person will be your roommate for the night.” Everybody started talking, making the groups, “Wait a second you rascals!” he shouted, “Since there is one extra boy and one extra girl, there will be a non-same-gender group.” Suddenly, the hands of every couple shot up including your friend Allison and Scott. “No! I will be choosing the pair you pigs.” He exclaimed, “Lahey take this key.” a lot of girls squealed, wanting to be paired with him, “And…” he scanned the crowd, looking for a girl who didn’t look desperate to be with Isaac or had a long line of exes, his eyes fell on you, “(L/N)! Get over here!” the members of Isaac’s fan club all sent you dark looks, “I expect no sexual perversions from any of you, especially you two” he said pointing at you and Isaac, “even if you have twin beds!” Once he finished his announcement, everybody took a key and headed to their rooms.

You walked side by side with Isaac, you were happy to be with him because he was your best friend and crush. You were chatting about his fan club.

“Did you see all the dark stares they sent me?” you asked with a smile on your face.

“I know right! It was like they were going to tear you apart.” He laughed

“Being Isaac Lahey’s best friend is hard!” you half-joked, “Being his girlfriend is better” you thought.

You both laughed entering your room. Just like Coach had said, two separate beds were against the wall of the small room. There was another door, probably leading to the bathroom.

“You can get ready first.” The werewolf told you.

“Thanks.” you said looking for something that could act as your pyjama, you found a decent pair of shorts but couldn’t find a top. You were still searching for something when you felt something soft land on you, his spare lacrosse jersey.

“You can use it, I brought a spare.” He indicated, showing you his other one. You smiled heading towards the bathroom.

When you were done, you unlocked the door of the small bathroom and exited. Isaac was on his phone with headphones on.

“Your turn” you said, he didn’t notice you so you tossed your pillow on him. He jumped, surprised by the sudden movement. He took off his earplugs and discreetly checked you out.  

“What did you say?” he asked.

“It’s your turn.” You smiled at his stupidity

“Finally!” he exclaimed, “If I had known you would take so long, I would’ve dropped all acts of chivalry.” He joked and you rolled your eyes.

You were nicely settled in your bed, scrolling down on your Tumblr dashboard when Isaac opened the door to the bathroom, shirtless. You stared at his well-built chest until Isaac’s voice brought you out of you trance.

“Eyes up here (Y/N).” he laughed.

“Sorry!” you said, color rushing to your cheeks.

“I don’t mind you checking me out ‘cause you look hot in my jersey.” He told you, making you blush even more.

You were about to say something when you heard Coach’s voice from outside, “Lights out you weirdos!”

Isaac entered his bed and you both went to sleep.

You were woken up in the middle of the night by whimpers and the sound of bedsheets moving. Wondering what was happening, you turned around facing Isaac’s bed. You saw him writhing in his bed, tears streaming down his face and sweat marks on his t-shirt. Worried you got up from you own bed and ran over to him.

“Hey Isaac, Isaac? It’s me, listen to my voice it’s (Y/N).” you said softly, “Hey, I’m right here. Isaac wake up. Wake up, for me.” He stopped moving but his eyes were screwed shut, “Listen to this voice. You recognize it? It’s (Y/N)’s, it’s mine. I’m here for you.”

He was still whimpering. So, on a whim, you closed your eyes and placed your lips against his, his whimpering stopped and his eyes opened. You pulled away, “Are you okay?” you asked, afraid that you had messed up your friendship.

“Yeah, thank you (Y/N).” he said. You smiled softly and got up to go back to your bed, “Wait, Stay with me? Please?” he asked in a hopeful voice, moving to the side of the bed to make you some space.

“Sure” you smiled. Lying down in his bed, he pulled the blanket over the two of you and wrapped his arms around you, spooning you.

Within a few minutes, Isaac had fallen into a deep sleep, his breath was fanning against your neck. You were staring at the wall in front of you, unmoving for fear of waking up the sleeping werewolf. You were thinking about how you had just ruined your friendship by kissing your best friend. You relished being here, in the same bed as him, inhaling his smell and wished that this moment would last forever. Nothing lasts forever no matter what you do. You fell asleep, certain that this moment would be your last happy and non-awkward memory with Isaac.

The next morning, Isaac woke up before you. He savored this moment, your scent overwhelming his senses, your light snore making him smile and your (H/C) hair tickling his nostril. He enjoyed this moment, wishing that when you woke up you would kiss him once again. All of a sudden, you moved, waking up. You turned around, stretching and beamed at Isaac and he grinned back. You then jumped out of the bed and started getting ready.

You came out of the bathroom and Isaac was already dressed. He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he was done, he saw you packing your bag and all the restraints he had exerted just disappeared. He walked towards you, spun you around and smashed his lips against yours. Immediately, you responded cupping his face while he placed his hands on your ass.

He pulled away from you and said, “Jump.” And you did exactly that, wrapping your legs around hips and continuing the make out session.

Abruptly, there was a knock at the door and Coach Finstock’s voice saying, “Get out of here and into the bus!”

Both you and Isaac huffed and got ready to leave.

“Until next time babe.” He said, winking at you.