feelmyroarrrr  asked:

Getting stuck in the lift with Bucky and having a hot and steamy make out session, and when you're rescued, the smirks form the firemen show that the cameras were still working. Bucky doesn't like that, so drags you back to the bedroom to make sure you know he won't share you with anyone. Except Steve sometimes 😉

firemen also know that sweat all over you is not from the stuffy exterior of the lift haha

Sinful Sunday™

4D: There we go, I think the camera is working now! Hello friends!

Scamp: I already don’t like this, guys. This isn’t a good idea. What if these beings learn too much about the future? What if they can’t handle the knowledge of other beings not from their world? This could end disastrously-

Closet: Hey, calm down! I’m sure it’ll be fine. Right? Y'all are chill, aren’t ya?