8 August 2015

“CLASH Medley”
1. No1 Sweeper
2. YA・ME・TE!
3. Parliament
4. Midnight Confusion
5. Umibe no Satie
6. Aventure wa Gin-iro ni (PellyColo Remix)
7. We are Especia


I wanted to take this moment and just extend my utmost gratitude out towards the universe -  my friends, family, and community. I’ve felt beyond blessed with opportunities, connections, memories, and life experiences lately. I just got word that I’ll be on the media team for Symbiosis Gathering 10 Year Re:Union and I am beyond ecstatic. Absolutely thrilled. Just yesterday I even had an opportunity to attend Burning Man that I respectfully had to decline. I can feel that the universe has my back and is accelerating me towards my future - there’s no doubt about it. I’m fortunate enough to be developing my passion of camera work, all while contributing to an amazing, heart-centered organization like True REST, as we bring an incredible healing modality forward into the world.

This life is truly incredible. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you set your mind and heart to it. Follow your dreams, chase your passions, live fully and expressively from your heart, be unapologetically human. I love and appreciate you all so much.


here’s my two weeks in norway squeezed into 394 seconds. i now realize how weak my camera work + quality turned out to be and how hard it really is to capture much anything into iphone videos. also a lot of the moments i thought i filmed were somehow not found (thank god y’all have saved the rest).

all that being said, i think the people featured in this video get much more out of this solely because of the fresh memories. but i’m fairly confident - or at least hopeful - that others can catch a glimpse of the fun i and we had, too. stars of the video norbae baegard tedddy-p truckers-bitch yesanastasia iamnotababypenguin

also for the people who just wanna see ylvis: the clips from the concert start at 4:50 (if you wanna gif something, hmu for better quality/longer videos)


This new music video from singer/producer Favela for new single “Future Visions” captures the epitome of the summer. Clever camera-work mimics that of the beat, as the slightly hazy tinge in the filter gives the clip a nostalgic and endearing vibe. Oh,and what’s not fun about a theme park in the summer? 

stradivariholmes asked:

i was visiting rome on a school tour and was totally miserable, cos it was hot and the group was slow and my camera wasn't working. i sat on a bench in front of the trevi fountain next to this gentle old italian fellow who, to cheer me up, proceeded to hand me a little 10 cent euro coin and tell me with a smile that i was to toss it into the fountain over my shoulder, and if it made it in then i would return to rome sometime. we left the fountain pretty soon after but the coin hit the water :D


also, that’s a very cute story!