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Tessa: such a booktuber, book hauls, book reviews, book-to-film criticism, book tags… literally anything related to books, sometimes feat. her boyfriends

Jem: violin videos, artsy photography, days out on the town… barely makes videos but still has insanely high subscriber count because hes so sweet

Will: daily vlogs, prank videos, q and a’s, anything and everything to make people laugh, maintains hes not a booktuber but everyone knows he lowkey is

Charlotte: mommy videos! so so so many mommy videos, kids doing their “firsts”, pro parent tips, how to teach your children to do things…

Henry: DIY’s and fix-its, the shoddiest camera-work ever, extremely excitable science tutorials, some things with his family (”look! lottie, I’ve built something!”)

Gabriel: annoyed rants, prank war with Will (and secretly getting pranked by Cecily), shadowhunters weapons reviews, has like 28 side channels

Gideon: videos and lessons in Spanish, travelling vlogs, trying exotic foods, loads and loads of collabs, has subscribers in over 100 countries

Sophie: chatty videos, advice videos, fashion tutorials, mini history lessons, collabs and travelling with Gideon, all of her subscribers ship them x100000

Cecily: short, satirical films of her friends (mostly when they don’t know they’re being filmed), secretive pranks, jumpscares, random product reviews

Jessamine: hair/makeup/clothes tutorials, fashion faux pas, celebrity reviews, manners videos, etiquette rules and decorum, house tours, interviews

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What's the brand and model of your underwater film camera? Thanks, love your work! :)

Super fancy waterproof disposable camera 5000


Christian Tagliavini

From his series Voyages Extraordinares

Swiss-Italian, born in 1971, educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as a photographer.

This blog has presented Tagliavini’s work before. He returns with a new series, just in time for the prestigious Paris Photo Art Fair, the most important photography fair of the year. Voyages Extraordinaires is a homage to Jules Verne’s most well-known novels, “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, "Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “From the Earth to the Moon.” Small sets and tightly-shot frames give the images a claustrophobia appropriate to the subject matter. 

Tagliavini is represented by the highly respected Galerie Camera Work from Berlin, Germany.