Good Morning ☕️🍪
What are your plans for today? I have to work. 🙉
Which Camera do you use to take your pictures? I am using my iphone 6 plus. ☺️
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iPhone 7 Plus proves Apple is gearing up for augmented reality

iPhone 7 Plus proves Apple is gearing up for augmented reality

“The iPhone 7 Plus could be Apple’s first major step into augmented reality,” Macworld writes.

“One of the best new features on the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual-cameras that can work in tandem to create awesome photos,” Macworld writes. “But this technology has way more, far-reaching applications for than just taking better pictures inside a bar.”

Macworld writes. “In this week’s episode…

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anyway. what if roadhog and junkrat adopted a crocodile. junker crocodile hunter au? lucios a sound tech whos secretly internet famous and is saving up to go on tour. hanas a broadcast engineer whos secretly internet famous for her starcraft streams. theyre both hiding their internet fame from each other. tracer’s the teams helicopter pilot. ana does camera work. she’s really good at long / wide shots.


cute T.O.P backstage talking about how much he enjoyed that day’s concert :)