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From an animators point of view. Whilst some of the animation for the action scenes are done beautifully (see Yangs fight with the bandits) a lot of the other fights lack impact. There’s no real sense of weight in them. The somewhat floaty camera work also feeds in to this. Whilst yes we have more “cool” shots. It’s not as immersive as perhaps the more fast pased blurs from the earlier seasons. But that’s just my opinion.

The fights in the earlier volumes were more blurred action and when you slowed them down a lot of times the weapons would warp through bodies and magically appear where they needed to appear, but it was so fast you didn’t notice and it worked. Now with the fights, every motion is real and the time it takes to get there is real time and it definitely slows things down. 

There is a bit more wasted time in the fights now though which is weird - it’s a lot of people just kinda standing around waiting for something to happen for the sake of drama and that’s not great. 

The fights are not as good as before, but Monty was a damn genius with this stuff so it doesn’t surprise me that they haven’t found a way to catch up to that yet - still, I think they’re good enough and the fights we got today felt very good. 

17.12.17. | Bujo Spread from November

I don’t think I ever ended up posting my spreads from November but basically,, what happened was I had my finals/yearly exams during November, so I didn’t use my bullet journal as much because the only thing I ever had to do was study lmaoo 
but when my yearlies were over, I didn’t really know how to start bullet journalling again, so I tried this scrapbook-y style of bullet journalling and just kinda did whatever I wanted to do, and I actually like how it turned out

On the other hand, i hate how the photo quality turned out,,, Basically my phone’s camera doesn’t really work properly anymore,, and it’s an actual struggle to take photos, but I still wanted to post stuff while waiting for my new phone (which i thINK is going to be an iphone 8!!) 
Um,, i tried to take a nice photo,, but yeah the phone’s camera just isn’t really functioning properly so until I get my new phone, expect minimal original posts haha 

What a trip!! Akumal, Mexico is a beauty and no mistake. The resort was right on a bay where turtles congregated, and yours truly saw FOUR of them. I wish I could have gotten pics, but I couldn’t work the camera underwater. Thankfully I got this shot of where the ocean meets the sky while swimming as far out as I was allowed.

They offered life vests and snorkel gear, but I was giddy as a mermaid jumping in with nothing but my swimsuit and goggles. I was a little fishie swimming among the turtles, fish, and coral and I’ve never been more grateful to be a strong swimmer.

If this was in my backyard all the time I would have no problems going to swim practice.

So, I’ve just uncovered some old videos from god knows when, the dates are set in 2015 but I didn’t own a working camera in 2015.
One video is, of who i’m assuming to be me, walking round in circles in an old club I used to go to but there is no one else in the room i’m in but i can hear other voices, the other one is a bus ride at night but there is no sound at all, and the last is of me (maybe) waiting for a text (again, maybe, the video stops when i hear the text jingle my phone makes) in our bedroom.

Maybe the dates are just wrong, but neither me or Tim owned a working camera until spring, when I bought a battery pack charger for my old one (the video on the bus ride is at night and we don’t usually travel at night unless it’s winter, where nights are earlier), but the videos have dates and times in the corner which, i’m guessing, could only come from a camera camera, not a phone camera, and my old camera doesn’t add time stamps to the videos nor does my new one.

I wish I was making this up…