In 1978, after several months developing characters for The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson and his team took some of them outdoors to see how they would look on film. This test footage reveals how even a simple hand-puppet version of a Mystic could be transformed into a believable character when performed before a camera.

Suddenly, a cat!

- Friday Five -

  • GPOY, fooling around with a tripod/remote control combination, and different settings on the camera. Always trying to learn new things.
  • Go team #Valarick! I love those people.
  • KS has been pretty bouncy this week, since she started the new job. She had been pretty unhappy in her old job for quite a long time, so the change has been noticeable.
  • Kid 13 is out of school for summer. This morning, he asked me if he could eat a can of frosting for breakfast.
  • There’s a lot of next stage of life stuff going on, big changes. I’m quite excited for some of them. Not all. Some.
Nothing should be private in the workings of the criminal justice system. There should be no private prisons, no private police officers. All services used at any level of the criminal justice system should be subject to continuous, unedited public disclosure, with all records freely accessible to all members of the public at the time of their creation. This includes footage from body cameras, DNA tests, etc. All technical or specialists services should be subject to regular audit by a neutral third party to ensure high standards of competency and functioning are being maintained.

Ever since I came home from NY, my camera hasn’t been right. It’s settings keep adjusting/playing up. Even when I spend time readjusting them, they appear to play up again. I cannot find a “reset factory settings” button anywhere. I know how to use my camera and what all the settings are, I don’t know what is going wrong with it.

After fiddling with every single setting imaginable (like seriously, regions, ISO’s, frame rates, sizes, SD Cards etc) I got it to work.

Bad camera… anyway, here are some clips of me waving. I was watching Frida in the background at the start when I got home.


Cloudy sunrise time lapse in Sydney 🗺 (at Sydney Harbour)

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INT: Talking about costume, in the art they released, Harley is wearing stiletto gym shoes. Did you get to push back on that at all, like can I wear some real shoes if I’m gonna be running around?

MR: Yeah, when the process started—

INT: Twist an ankle?

MR: Oh trust me, there was a…yes, and anytime anyone on set complains like, ‘this is really hard, I’m getting tired,” I’m like “everything you’re doing, I’m doing in stilettos, ok? I’m doing as much as you, all these stairs we’re walking up, I’m doing it in heels.” Yeah, no, to begin with we were looking at wearing docs and flat shoes, and then we did the camera tests, and I think was pretty unanimous, that like “you’ll be a lot better looking if you’ve got a bit height.” So, that’s when the powers that be stepped in and voted on a pair of heels. And then once I knew that it had to be a pair of heels, I was like right, well I want the most badass looking ones. And when I saw the Adidas ones I was like, they are siiiick. It all happened quite quickly, and before I knew it I was like, “ok yeah, so that’s the costume.” And I walked around in them for a day and I was like, that was the worst idea. Ever.