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Do you think you could do headcanons for Sam x Reader where Sam really misses Harry and is upset so the reader comforts him? <3

sorry it took me so long! here you go -

comforting sam when he misses harry hc:

sam’s dialogue / your dialogue

  • harry was in montreal with tom, getting some work experience helping out in the chaos walking camera department
  • he’d been overseas constantly this year
  • harry missed his graduation from BRIT because he was in brazil and mexico with tom for the first leg of the sm:h press tour
  • when he came home, he was there for a day before leaving again with two of his mates for a post-school trip to prague
  • then, he spent months away from home in america, through europe and even asia for the press tour
  • and now harry was gone and sam was stuck at home, as per usual
  • sam was fairly certain that his twin had spent more time apart from him in 2017 than they’d actually been together
  • he’d gone away a few times with you and his friends so it wasn’t like he hadn’t travelled too, but that wasn’t the problem
  • he loved having paddy around and you - his girlfriend - made him smile every day but he still missed his best mate and other half
  • sam was used to having tom gone for a long time but harry being away was something new that he wasn’t familiar with
  • it was a saturday morning and his parents had taken paddy to his rugby match, leaving the house empty
  • sam woke up late and dragged himself out of bed, sitting down alone at the kitchen bench in his boxers and singlet
  • there was a new snapchat from harry – a photo of a café in montreal named ‘sam’s sandwiches’ with the caption ‘missing you bro’
  • there was a dull aching feeling in his stomach and he dialled your number without a second thought
  • you answered straight away
  • “hey! what’s up?” “hi. i just needed to hear your voice,” he sighed and you could tell that something was wrong at once
  • “i’ll be right over”
  • 10 minutes later, sam heard tessa bark and the back door slide open
  • you walked inside holding tessa and gently dropped her to the floor, moving over to hug sam straight away
  • “sam, what’s wrong?”
  • his hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you in so you were standing in between his knees while he sat on the stool
  • sam opened and closed his mouth, not sure how to explain
  • his phone lit up with a text from harry and you saw sam’s face fall, immediately understanding what he was sad about
  • “hey… sam,” you whispered and tucked a finger under his chin so you could lift his head and make him look up at you, “it’s okay to miss your brother, you know. it’s only human.”
  • sam gave you a shaky smile and you kissed him quickly
  • “he’s just – it’s just that harry’s been gone for so long and i’m really happy for him, but it feels like my chest is going to burst if we don’t see each other soon” “twin connection, huh?” “exactly”
  • you rubbed his shoulders and he shut his eyes with a small sigh
  • “sorry” “don’t apologise!”
  • you checked your own phone clock and saw it was about 10 pm in montreal
  • letting go of sam, you moved over to the hollands’ family computer and switched it on
  • “here – this is what we’re gonna do. have you had breakfast yet, baby?”
  • sam shook his head and you couldn’t help but feel an extra rush of love for him, and how soft and sleepy he looked – you’d do anything to get a smile back onto your boyfriend’s face
  • “okay well, harry should be still up and probably just relaxing right now in canada. let’s set up a skype call, come sit over here. we can do it on your big computer so it’s better quality, text harry and tell him you’re gonna video chat while i make you some food, okay?”
  • sam shuffled over to the computer but stopped halfway and came back into the kitchen where you’d pulled out a frypan to cook him some eggs
  • you giggled as he reached out and took it from your hands, placing it back on the countertop
  • “what are you doing, sammy? i’m making you breakfast with that”
  • he lifted you up on the bench and pulled you forward so you were tilted down, forehead to forehead, softly covering your lips with his own
  • you kissed sam back, drawing away after a moment
  • “what did i do to deserve that?” “thanks for being there for me, always”
  • you dropped another kiss to sam’s lips before gently pushing him backwards with your foot
  • “you’re welcome, but no more kisses until you’ve called harry and eaten breakfast”
  • sam grinned and moved back over to the computer, starting up the skype call
  • as it was ringing, he turned around again
  • “hey, what are you doing this weekend?” “uh, nothing – why?” “wanna go to montreal?”

I’ve noticed some people are bothered when people point out (rightfully) that the beautiful Clarke/Abby scene where Clarke discusses her love for L/xa could even possibly be a Bellarke moment. 

The thing is, you all seem to believe that we are saying this is a romantic Bellarke moment. This thought process ignores the fact that Bellamy and Clarke were friends before anything romantic began to develop between them. A large part of the reason people ship Bellarke is because the relationship is rooted in mutual respect, trust and love for one another. This thought process also ignores the fact that Bellamy has also lost someone he loved very recently. 

Bellamy looks at Clarke not because he is jealous or angry. He looks at Clarke with sadness and empathy. His friend is hurting. His friend whom he loves. He understands this pain. He has just lost Gina (whose death was mentioned just prior to the jail scene, by the way). 

Also, we’re not even the ones who made this a Bellarke moment! The camera and editing department did that for us! There is literally a two fold fade in to Bellamy here:

We first see Kane, who is looking down, but the cell is obviously pretty small, he can hear what’s being said between Abby and Clarke. He glances up and looks to the left, perhaps just to check his surroundings. He’s clearly not thinking that the conversation is having any effect on Bellamy. His initial intent is probably just to make sure he’s ok because they’re in prison. 

However, he very clearly does a double take, which implies that he sees something in Bellamy’s expression that makes him take a closer look. After Kane’s double take, the camera shifts focus and brings Bellamy into the scene, we are seeing the expression that made Kane do a double take. 

The camera stays on this expression for a beat. Bellamy is looking at Clarke and Abby, his expression somber. If you look closely at his facial expression, you can see pain there. This conversation does pain him, but not because he’s jealous. He doesn’t want to see Clarke hurting, and perhaps he’s also thinking of Gina’s death in this moment. Gina whom he loved and lost to tragedy, much as Clarke lost L/xa to tragedy. 

Finally, we have the close up shot of Bellamy, where he shifts his eyes away from the intimate moment between mother and daughter and to the side. He even turns his head away a bit as well. Perhaps seeing Clarke in pain bothers him, but I think it’s more likely that he is taking this time to reflect on his own loss. 

Stop being upset because the narrative is linking the very similar stories of our main characters into one coherent story.

Carmelita Voice Actor Post

ha ha ha this is by far my most popular post and it originally contained multiple embarrassing errors 

because @bisexualslycooper idly wondered what the breakdown was and I have nothing better to do with my time!

Sly 1: Roxana Ortega

Is she actually Hispanic? imdb says her mother was Peruvian and her dad was Mexican-American, so heck yeah!
Other notable roles: apparently she was in g-force

Sly 2: Alesia Glidewell

Is she actually Hispanic? Technically, no! According to Wikipedia her dad was Brazilian-American (and her mother Japanese). This makes her Latina, but not Hispanic - ie, from a Spanish-speaking country. As @slycooperandcarlosfox​ informs me, she is fluent in Spanish, along with Portuguese and Italian. And, y’know. English.
Other notable roles: Lots! She has voiced both Samus Aran and Krystal, provided the creepy motion capture for F.E.A.R.’s Alma, and - most famously, I imagine - was the face and body model for Chell from Portal. Not only that, but her imdb page has stuff in basically every category, from “Producer” and “Director” down to “Camera and Electrical Department”. What an accomplished woman!

Sly 3: Ruth Livier

Is she actually Hispanic? Given how she has “received special recognition by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts”, I kinda hope so, yeah! (@whoisthemasterthief informs me she is Mexican-American, specifically.)
Other notable roles: apparently she was in drag to me hell (and GTA:SA, as one of the pedestrian VAs)

Sly 4: Grey Delisle Griffin

Is she actually Hispanic? Yes! She was raised by her maternal grandmother, who is Mexican, and often credits said grandmother as having a huge influence on her.
Other notable roles: Man, where to start? A ton of versions of Daphne (Scooby Doo), Mandy (ie, Billy and), Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown), Frankie (Foster’s Home), Sam (Danny Phantom), Vicky (Fairly Oddparents), and of course, her personal favorite role [mine too!], Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender.

…it’s really all or nothing when it comes to other roles, isn’t it?

My sincere thanks to @whoisthemasterthief and @miatheladygamer for correcting me about the semantic difference between “Hispanic” and “Latinx” and DeLisle’s grandmother, respectively!

DAY 3421

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 9,  2017            Wed 11:28 PM   

Birthday Ef … Kunal and one narges .. wishes and love from all the Ef family and giving you the best in the years to come ..          

Joys and the small pleasures of meeting them that we would in normal circumstances never, is an achievement that many perhaps would not appreciate .. but I do for .. I meet them again and in regular agains on the KBC environ .. they that have little or no means .. they that have ambitions of still believing in the goodness of the human and what they can do in their limited capacity for it .. it is remarkable to sit and just be so stunned with their desire that one feels small and so insignificant ..

Their lives are prone to all the possible hardships of life, yet their smiles and their forbearing bring such a sense of the positive world and its existence that you come away finding and searching for words of how they could be possibly expressed .. 

Apart from the learning of the universe and its several knowledge informations and facts, there is a vast learning on the strengths and characters of those that are met and played with, on the seat of the heat - the so called HOT seat !!

The strengths of the power of the female gender, their voice of determination and their passion to seek equality in society, is so pleasing to me in particular .. me because I have and shall always believe in the presence of the lady, the naari, mahila in our midst and the immense power of their attribute in today’s world, particularly so in our land ..

Young girls on set work as Productions assistants, Camera department apprentices, running about and doing the work of men that I have been witness to from the early years of my film career , set construction works, manually doing jobs that would shame some of the men on set  .. simply extraordinary !

Today the girl has the strength to express what she wants to do and say .. do and say what she would like to become, unlike the earlier times when, born, a girl was cooking washing managing the home and looking after the children, period !! the new awakening now brings them so close to the social milieu, that it is such a pleasure to see them exercise their wish and mind .. 

I speak to some often and am so joyed to hear them at this very young age to be able to express what they want to do and then narrate how they are ging to achieve that .. why is the choice of their work and attitude predetermined by another they say -” learn how to cook or do the cleaning and washing because that is what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life “ ! they are told and inculcated with .. but now a sense and a desire to come out of that regulatory parade, is fast replacing old and practised norms .. well .. not norms really , that would bring it to some finality .. but get out from the mundane existence ..

One of them asked most sincerely “ why, in the systems prevalent in the country, is it always the girl that is shown to the boy, for approval of marriage .. why cannot the boy be shown to the girl for approval - give her the option of choosing rather than him “  .. it is strong and valid .. but a norm that still does not change .. it still prevails !!

Women are the 50% strength of a nation .. they must be given that standing and respect and opportunity too .. they, who are responsible for the continuity of life and living .. 

And I work the entire day among such and feel so enchanted by the thoughts that they express and desire and pursue ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

The X-Files is one of the few 4:3 aired shows out there that was intended to be viewed widescreen from the get go.

Most 16x9 remasters happened on shows where the camera department was taking advantage of the fact it would be cropped in a 4x3 aspect ratio so the 16x9 remasters reveal things that were not meant to be seen such as half decorated and populated sets, the faces of stand ins, crew and film equipment.

On The X-Files they knew that 16x9 remasters were eventually going to happen so they cropped and protected their framing like they did in movies for television re-airings meaning that the remastered in 16x9 35mm footage  from episodes still look great instead of half assed like Buffy or Malcolm in the middle.

DAY 3470

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Sept 27/28,  2017                Wed/Thu  2:00 AM

I wish I could have had the time space to spend more time here .. but I finished work very late .. just an hour ago .. and now since there is a calling early morning for the next day’s work, I must retire .. or tire .. !! 

So just a few images to keep you company for the night or morn whichever the case maybe for the region of residence .. and a lot more time hopefully tomorrow to expand on tonight and the night after ..

I actually had some really wicked ones, but when I put them up they did not seem right, so I deleted them .. maybe when we are in a more receptive mood for some .. err .. odd pictures .. I may consider .. MAY .. !!

Till then there is always this entire sequel or sequence of events with the camera department and my hair, which unfortunately takes up a great deal of my time before the start .. so .. here ..

and then finally after much labouring and wavering of fingers and walkie talkie on set and production .. we have some results ..

.. and there is reason to be pleased ..

or half pleased .. 

and the work continues .. with some rather interesting contestants on the hot seat, who look extremely promising ..

BUT .. the icing on the cake would have to be this extraordinary meeting with the World Champion and pride of India ..

this is the best that one can do in front of her greatness and her multiple achievements .. God bless you PV Sindhu and may you continue to bring greater glory to our nation .. !!

And so I leave .. only to be back .. 

Amitabh Bachchan

hogy az a mocskos redvás elementáris headway kurvaanyja

nincs megúszás- mondta sok évvel ezelőtt a szippantós Érden, amikor a család utolsó 15 rugójáért kiszippantattam az emésztő egyáltalán nem felemelő tartalmát, hogy utána a hónap további részében a megmaradt pénzből követ és párát fogyasszunk a főétkezések alkalmával (nem kellett szippantani utáNNa!).

és tényleg nincs megúszás, mert bár nagyon utáltam, hogy két évig nem találtunk iskolát a tanítványomnak, azt azért marhára élveztem, hogy lehet angolozni úgy, ahogy szerintem tanulni kellene egy nem anyanyelvi környezetben és azt is, hogy ezzel a módszerrel még olyan dolgokat is simán beharapott a tanítványom, mint az összehasonlítás vagy a used to.Persze voltak dolgok, amik még így sem mentek át teljesen, például a birtokos névmások, de mivel nem siettünk sehová, mindegy volt, ha nem megy azonnal. 

most viszont újra vizsgáznia kell, és bár elsőre minden nagyon jónak tűnt, mert azt mondta a tanár, hogy a headway elementary első 7 leckéje az éves anyag, amit ő már rég tud, most valahogy úgy lett, hogy ja, de írásbeli is lesz. úgyhogy most is, mint két éve, nekiláttunk megemészteni a munkafüzet feladatait. hozzáteszem - de csak azért, mert annyira de annyira jellemző az iskolai nyelvoktatásra, főleg ha SNI-s gyerekekről van szó -, hogy két éve a headway pre-intermediate első pár leckéjéből kellett készülnünk, most meg az elementaryből, pedig ez ugyanaz az osztály, tehát az az osztály, aki 9-ben pre-intermediate volt (bármit is jelentsen ez a fasz besorolás), az 11-ben már elementary könyvből tanul. ez kurva jó, mert hacsak nem vagy egy egyszerre süket, vak, súlyos értelmi fogyatékos, egész életét egy dobozban töltő üregi nyúl, akkor is rögtön feltűnik, hogy két év alatt csipetnyit sem haladtál, már a könyvek címéből is. make no mistake. na mindegy, kezdek elkalandozni.

3 feladat készült el 115 perc alatt és nem mondhatnám, hogy bármi értelme volt, már azon túl, hogy elmondhatjuk, hogy ha ilyen típusú feladatot fog kapni, akkor meg tudja majd csinálni. Talán. 115 perc alatt, ami nincs rá. Feltéve, hogy valaki elmagyarázza neki, hogy mit kell csinálni. Négyszer :) Írj kérdéseket az összekevert szavakból. tellmívájóváj. Tökre eszembe jutott az összes sikertelenség, ami ehhez a rohadt headwayhez kapcsolódik, és amiről sokáig azt gondoltam, hogy vagy az én hibám, vagy a diákoké és csak most, ennyi év után jövök rá, hogy ez mennyire nem így van. sosem értettem, hogy miért van az, hogy régen, még az iskolában, amikor már azt hittem, hogy egy kicsit értik a gyerekek, amiről beszélek, akkor megcsináltunk egy feladatot a munkafüzetben és akkor születtek az ilyen mondatok, hogy yes, he are no it my name yesterday. mintha bebasztál volna mindent egy kalapba és random húztad volna ki a szavakat.

most azt látom, hogy az a srác, aki két hete még ilyen mondatokat mondott, hogy he doesn’t know where his father works, az ugyanúgy randomkalap mondatokat hoz létre a munkafüzet mondataival. ráadásul időközben eltelt jópár év és rájöttem, hogy gecire nem is kell feladatokat kitölteni egy munkafüzetben, mert arra neki (és az emberek nagy százalékának) soha nem lesz szüksége. nem ez a gyakorlás, nem ez a tanulás. ez egy nagy lófasz.

mégis ezt csináljuk, az imént arról volt szó, hogy Toshi Suzuki hogyan tölti a szabadidejét és azt hittem, hogy belehányok a könyvbe. Ki az a Toshi Suzuki és ki a faszt érdekel ő, kérdem én. minket, most, mert ha december elején a vizsgán megkérdezi majd a tanár, hogy where does Toshi (Suzuki?) work, akkor majd azt kell tudnia mondania rá, hogy He works for Pentax cameras, in the export department. (fogja mondani egyébként, no para.)

és ez alapján majd megállapítják, hogy hányas lesz az év végi jegye angolból. ugye nem csak én érzem, hogy mennyire reménytelenül elbaszott egy dolog ez.

Patti LuPone Throws Serious Shade, Calls Madonna a 'Movie Killer' in Candid 'WWHL' Appearance

The shade of it all! Patti LuPone wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The 68-year-old stage and screen diva was throwing punches left and right at some of the world’s biggest stars and productions.

WATCH: Madonna Shows Off Her Fit Bod in Naked Selfie – See the Pic

She first took a jab at Madonna, who played the role of Evita in the 1996 film adaptation of the hit Broadway show, a role that LuPone originated.

“Well, I was on the treadmill when MTV used to have videos, and I saw, I believe it was Buenos Aires and I thought it was a piece of s**t,” LuPone told a shocked Cohen. “Madonna is a movie killer, she’s dead behind the eyes, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag, she should not be in film or on stage. She’s a wonderful performer for what she does, but she is not an actress. Bang.”

Apparently the two divas have only met once, but LuPone didn’t have the fondest memories of the encounter.

“I did meet her after her opening night party, and the only thing that Madonna has ever said to me was, ‘I’m taller than you.’ Bada bing,” she quipped.

The stage veteran also opened up about the 1993 production of Sunset Boulevard in London, which she was famously fired from, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and replaced by Glenn Close.

When a caller asked if LuPone had seen Close’s production, she replied, “Well, I was in it. I originated the role, so I don’t think I need to see it.”

She noted that there’s still tension between herself and the famous composer, even after he “paid up” in court. As for Close, LuPone simply said that she doesn’t have many friends in show business.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Abby Lee Miller Feels 'Relieved, Peaceful’ After Prison Sentencing, Reveals What’s Next

“I did see Glenn after all that controversy and there was a great deal of controversy and a great deal of silence on Glenn’s part. I did see her at the Kennedy Center Awards because we were honoring the great Barbara Cook. As luck would have it, I sat at Barbara’s table with everybody else that was performing for Barbara and there was an empty seat right next to me.”

Much to LuPone’s surprise, Close sat in the seat. “She said, 'I had nothing to do with it’ and we hugged,” she revealed. “And it’s that easy, that you can get rid of years of that anxiety.”

But that was where LuPone’s praise ended. She also took a jab at the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables, a show which she starred in, originating the iconic role of Fantine.

“I only saw a little bit of it, but I’ll tell you, I’m going to be honest, I think the only person who knows how to do movie musicals, or musicals on camera, is Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is the only one that understands how to go from dialogue to song so that it makes sense. Her camera department knows how to shoot these rather large production numbers, and what I saw of Les Mis – I didn’t see Les Mis after I left it, I’m too involved with it to go see it, but what I did see – I wondered why the hell they were doing close-ups of these people so that you were seeing the snot, you were seeing down their throat, you were not seeing the scene that perpetuated this emotion in the song. I just, I don’t know why people assume they can do musicals or make movie musicals without ever having been involved with the process of making a musical.”

And it didn’t end there. When Cohen announced that Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was the evening’s “Jackhole,” LuPone shouted, “She’s going to jail!” adding that the reality star’s year-long prison sentence is “not enough.”

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Everything Abby Lee Miller Told ET About Prison, From Calling It a 'Vacation’ to How She Prepared

“She should go to jail for life,” LuPone said. “Didn’t you find her obnoxious? I found her like, oh I just hated her. She’s, like, the worst dance teacher you ever had when you were a kid. And you just wanted to kill her for hurting kids.”

For more from Miller’s sentencing, watch the clip below.

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Trip To Jamaica

Thanks to @stylishmuser and @4everinsane for getting me into my writing mood again! <3

~Chapter 2 - Kelly~
As much as I tried to calm myself down, before I stepped through that door… There wasn’t a chance to NOT having to deal with nerves, when the only thing you’ve got on your mind are questions.
“Kelly! Hi! It’s great you made it.”
“Hi.” I said rather shy. No surprise, because right next to Jeff sat no one else than Harry Styles himself! How could you not get shy and shocked and everything all at the same time?!
“I’m Jeff. This is Harry.”
Shake hands with Harry…Sure, no big deal! My whole body was SHAKING!
“Please take a seat. I know, you didn’t get a lot of information and that’s my fault, so… Let me quickly walk you through why you’re here.”
Jeff’s secretary was walking around, what felt like for ages, before we’re all served and she left the room.
“Well…The thing is…Harry’s gonna work in his solo album soon.”
“I saw your videos…Your vlog is great. I really love the settings and the content of your work.”
I couldn’t stop a proud smile creeping onto my lips.
“Thank you very much. I know, some of the videos are a bit chaotic and I might not been able to shut up about certain people… In the good and not so good way.”

Some little pieces of exactly these videos came back to me right then and there. I felt my eyes getting bigger and bigger and I felt a shiver washing over me. “Oh my gosh! Did I say something bad? Did I spread any kind of rumor? I hate all these tabloids, so if I did, I’m very sorry and I know, I couldn’t shut up about how upset I was, after Zayn left One Direction, how hurt and sad I felt and then, what kind of anger I felt about it….But…Seriously… I never thought any of you would ever come across a video of mine.” I literally rambled without thinking about of the simple fact that I need air…Obviously, I didn’t but my brain. And I believe, I just shut that one down, because just with a little delay I processed, what I’d just said.
“Oh, I saw these two videos.” Harry said. “Don’t worry about it. Zayn leaving wasn’t easy for us. Not for us as a band for sure and certainly not for the fans. I absolutely understand your feelings, but you can trust me, when I say…That’s not the reason you’re here. And I also know, you had a bit of trouble to place the name of a sponsor.”
I laughed, happy to drop the theme of my breakdown on camera after Zayn departed from the band.
“Oh yeah…Well, I didn’t had a sponsor since then, but I’ve got better. I also send them an apology and the funniest outcome of that was… That they liked the video the way it was. As chaotic and forgetful I was with mentioning their name. I mean, I’d placed it in the video afterwards, but still…” I shook my head. “Okay, so…I am relieved to know, that my 1D-based videos aren’t a problem for you and that they aren’t the main reason why I’m here. So, why am I here?”
“We made kind of a secret out of it, because it is a secret. You have to promise and also sign some papers that you will stay quiet about it. Anyway, of you’re up for it, or not.”, Jeff explained.
I only nodded. I had no idea how to respond.
“I’m gonna go to Jamaica, to properly be away from everything, to just be able to write and find the style of music I want to put in my album. Some of my team, my band…And Ben -Ben Winston - is gonna come with me. He’s gonna turn this journey from starting with the album till it’s finished, into a documentary. A movie for Apple Music.”
“Wow…” I starred at these two men on the other side of the table, one more time, speechless.
“Okay, I get it…But still…Why am I here? I mean, I am not really important. I’m an office clerk which happens to run a YouTube channel…And if there’s Ben who’s gonna film it all. Why do you need me?”
“There’s the movie on one side, but on the other…I would like to have you vlog it. Not everything and of course, you’ll have some free time, that’s no question, but I would like to have some ‘vlogging moments’ in the movie, which we can’t plan out or whatever, just to have it all really naturally. I want the album to be honest, the movie should be honest and if a vlogging camera is gonna help to capture even more moments like that, it’s perfect.”
“Okay…Give me a second…”, I said and thought all of these information. Not longer than a heartbeat.
“You ask me to come to your office…”, I said to Jeff. “Because Harry likes my videos…You’re telling me, you’ll go to Jamaica and you want to have a vlogger with you…”
I said to Harry. They both nodded.
“And I’m actually gonna get a paid holiday? Like…You know I am actually married to my camera. That’s not a job for me!” “But?” Harry asked and raised an eyebrow.
“I do have a job…I mean…”
“Kelly, we would love to have you with us.” Jeff interrupted me. “It’s absolutely clear, you need to check on it all. The band and the people which will be a part of this trip gonna meet up in three days to talk it all through…What’s gonna be needed to be packed up, passport and everything. If you’ll be here for the meeting, you’re more than welcomed to join us on the trip. But after this meeting, we’ll have everything booked, so…You’ve got these three days to decide.”
I giggled. “Oh trust me. If it’s only on me, I’d already be at home packing. Of course, I’d come with you to Jamaica, that’s no question for me.”
It really wasn’t, but there was so much more onto saying ‘YES, I’m with all of you on this plane to Jamaica’, than just signing some papers and getting ready to vlog every day for about a month.

DAY 3399

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 18/19,  2017                 Tue/Wed 1:21 am

Birthday - EF - Alok Srivastava         Wed, July 19 .. we wish you a happy birthday and a happy birthday to you and to you we wish a happy birthday .. love from the Ef

So what really was the mystery of the pictures of the Blog of yesterday .. nothing really .. just a moment of reflection ..

they are heart shaped gas balloons, which I was holding in the shot, during the shooting and when the shot was over instead of handing it over to a number of assistants that run to relieve you of any discomfort, I just left them and they went and planted themselves on the roof of the set, against that grill like object that you see ..

That is a light .. and the squares on it is a technology that assists the camera department for a particular kind of look and feel for the environ of the scene ..

It is LIFE .. I had reiterated .. yes it sure is .. 

LIFE is a balloon filled with air .. hold on to it and the ballooned hearts shall fly above your head, but with their strings well and truly attached to your hands ..

Leave it .. and they shall fly free, either to the ceiling of another life or space where they shall perish in time, or be attracted quite by accident towards another light .. as is the case here ..

lIfe is complex is it not .. a times you just leave it , knowing that there shall be that light shield that shall stop its flight, and leave enough strings to pull it back to civilisation and beyond ..

It is harbouring a bit on the theosophical .. but then who said it would not .. life built theosophy .. at times theosophy builds life ..!!

Mankind or rather Womankind too makes the choice after it sees the balloon !!

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Sweetest of Moments || Ryan Haywood x Reader

Prompt: The kids invade the stream and you finish up work early, only to surprise your lovely husband and the kids. 

Words: 1589

Warnings: You’re waifu Haywood, cute family, no swearings while the kids are around, a bit of some after though, and only fluff, also some sex jokes haha

Author’s Notes: I’m fully aware that Ryan’s actual children are to not be mentioned, and even writing a story including them + another person that isn’t his actual wife + Ryan is disrespectful and rude! 

So, it’s the same number (2) of kids with one older brother and a little sister, but with ‘switched’ names (Elizabeth and Oliver, Ellie and Oli) alongside the terms ‘little man’ and ‘darling’. 

Also, this is inspired by the ‘Ryan the Dad Guy’ series on YT [x

Additionally, some of these references made are from Ryan’s stream on 7/16/17 

Ryan had already begun streaming Thursday night and technically was also supposed to double with bedding the kids to sleep, but merely instructed them to ‘go to bed’ rather than sitting with them and reading a bed time story. It was fine as it was, and at least the kids were aware of how busy he’d be on the occasions of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some other miscellaneous days. 

And of course, as irony would have it, despite you and Ryan working at the same office, you’d stay in a bit late to help out the crew with editing and reviewing the footage to ensure all was perfect and well. 

Tonight, however, the children didn’t want to behave themselves and crashed stream night - bouncing about the room and asking about whatever game their father was playing. 

“Deer!” Ryan pointed out as one jumped across his screen. One of your little children, Oliver, jumped up curiously - bouncing up and down as he looked around the room. 

“Did you say dear? Is Mommy home?” He asked, hands grasping against the sides of Ryan’s chair as he looked to his dad for some confirmation. Ryan chuckled, beginning to correlate some words to explain what happened in the game. 

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anonymous asked:

Im kinda confused?? What’re the Hollands and Haz doin at Montreal??

tom is still filming for chaos walking and harrison is working as his personal assistant while on set! harry is working under the cw camera/photography department - he was previously doing still photography but he’s working with green screens now! and sam’s just there to visit i’m pretty sure!

In a diversity-challenged industry, Kelly’s faced a hard struggle to make it as a successful black woman DP in a male-dominated industry. She didn’t even begin in the camera department, but in electrical and lighting, learning the ropes and working her way up on non-union, low-budget shoots in New York, and then shooting dozens of music videos and documentaries.

Kelly’s big break came when she was hired by “Selma” director Ava DuVernay to shoot the critically acclaimed documentary “13th,” which earned an Oscar nomination for documentary feature and won a BAFTA. She reteamed with DuVernay to shoot the second season of “Queen Sugar,” shot the musical “Were the World Mine” and “Mariachi Gringo” for director Tom Gustafson, and four seasons of the five-time Emmy-nominated Hulu show “East Los High.” “I love the exploration of film as a visual language with its own vocabulary,” she says. “Aside from shooting, sending images back and forth with a director in prep is my favorite time.”

Kelly’s most recent feature, “Skin in the Game,” is about human trafficking. “I brought a stack of [photographer] Todd Hido’s books to show [director] Adisa his motel portraits,” says Kelly. “Instantly, we had a visual vocabulary to share with the crew.”

Kira Kelly featured in Variety’s ‘10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2017′

DAY 3301

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Apr 11/12,  2017                Tue/Wed 1:20 am

Birthday - EF - Ilana Segev       Wed, April 12  … happy birthday to the voice of this birthday girl Ilana .. may she forever sing her way to the happiness of not just herself, but to those of the many that hear her .. love from us all at the Ef family head quarters ..

When time holds you back till it is conducive for work to begin, how imaginative it gets to wake up and consider in what manner the day shall spread after reconfirming the timing of the days’ IPL game !!

And as you patiently wind up all else around and about you, for that prized moment, you discover sides to your observation that may have never been noticed … like watching the reactions of those in the stadium when the camera catches them and they suddenly find themselves on the large screen ..

Of course there is that usual first time alarmed scream or smiled notice, hidden inside that most obvious ‘hi Mom’ .. but there are other noticeable elements ..

Women and ladies or girls for example, shall smile and adjust their hair simultaneously first off .. the smiles, and I have often wondered why, are always followed by their respective hands going on to cover their mouth .. why .. the smile is the most beautiful in all the female gender .. but that is what they first protect .. shy .. conscious .. bad teeth .. forgot the lipstick ..  I wonder  ..

The gentlemen of age have that very pleasant smile in acknowledgement almost to the cameraman that has decided upon himself to catch them as they sit hatted, spectacled and in wonder .. they seldom stand up .. they’ve past that ‘hi Mom’ moment .. and sitting up and settling down is a process .. so best to be as they are and get back to the game ..

Then there are the vociferous face painted, garmented in team colors  young, who’ve suddenly seen their tormentor for the first time and need to give him or her a visual treat to the insides of their mouths .. their team could have been or would be in the throes of imminent defeat .. but no .. ‘HI MOM ! I BRUSHED MY TEETH BEFORE GOING TO BED !!” .. accompanied by the impromptu out of beat dance moves that would shame even that thin forest green stick insect, as it sees its mate !!

And finally to those sedate dark-glassed seniors, who are there to find the time and space to be able to catch up with the news in their daily newspaper .. held and poised in such manner that they help in destroying the opportunity of those seated by them to be seen by the camera department ..

At times though, they do seem to converse with their neighbour about the nature of the pitch and what and where the bowler should be pitching the ball !

The camera department at all these events have the uncanny knack of being able to catch the player at some of the most embarrassing moments during the course of the play .. spitting and blowing the intricate contents of their ‘snich’ and ‘snort’ is almost a given .. the other mentions would be .. err .. unparliamentary ..

And pray .. why does everyone on the pitch, have an amused smile or laugh, when a player gets hit by the ball on his .. (pardon the pun) .. ! They do have protective guards to put in safety, their respective ‘tea sets’ .. but why the laugh and the amusement .. its the most hurting injury !!

Just a few observations  .. 

Amitabh Bachchan