I’ve noticed some people are bothered when people point out (rightfully) that the beautiful Clarke/Abby scene where Clarke discusses her love for L/xa could even possibly be a Bellarke moment. 

The thing is, you all seem to believe that we are saying this is a romantic Bellarke moment. This thought process ignores the fact that Bellamy and Clarke were friends before anything romantic began to develop between them. A large part of the reason people ship Bellarke is because the relationship is rooted in mutual respect, trust and love for one another. This thought process also ignores the fact that Bellamy has also lost someone he loved very recently. 

Bellamy looks at Clarke not because he is jealous or angry. He looks at Clarke with sadness and empathy. His friend is hurting. His friend whom he loves. He understands this pain. He has just lost Gina (whose death was mentioned just prior to the jail scene, by the way). 

Also, we’re not even the ones who made this a Bellarke moment! The camera and editing department did that for us! There is literally a two fold fade in to Bellamy here:

We first see Kane, who is looking down, but the cell is obviously pretty small, he can hear what’s being said between Abby and Clarke. He glances up and looks to the left, perhaps just to check his surroundings. He’s clearly not thinking that the conversation is having any effect on Bellamy. His initial intent is probably just to make sure he’s ok because they’re in prison. 

However, he very clearly does a double take, which implies that he sees something in Bellamy’s expression that makes him take a closer look. After Kane’s double take, the camera shifts focus and brings Bellamy into the scene, we are seeing the expression that made Kane do a double take. 

The camera stays on this expression for a beat. Bellamy is looking at Clarke and Abby, his expression somber. If you look closely at his facial expression, you can see pain there. This conversation does pain him, but not because he’s jealous. He doesn’t want to see Clarke hurting, and perhaps he’s also thinking of Gina’s death in this moment. Gina whom he loved and lost to tragedy, much as Clarke lost L/xa to tragedy. 

Finally, we have the close up shot of Bellamy, where he shifts his eyes away from the intimate moment between mother and daughter and to the side. He even turns his head away a bit as well. Perhaps seeing Clarke in pain bothers him, but I think it’s more likely that he is taking this time to reflect on his own loss. 

Stop being upset because the narrative is linking the very similar stories of our main characters into one coherent story.

Carmelita Voice Actor Post

ha ha ha this is by far my most popular post and it originally contained multiple embarrassing errors 

because @bisexualslycooper idly wondered what the breakdown was and I have nothing better to do with my time!

Sly 1: Roxana Ortega

Is she actually Hispanic? imdb says her mother was Peruvian and her dad was Mexican-American, so heck yeah!
Other notable roles: apparently she was in g-force

Sly 2: Alesia Glidewell

Is she actually Hispanic? Technically, no! According to Wikipedia her dad was Brazilian-American (and her mother Japanese). This makes her Latina, but not Hispanic - ie, from a Spanish-speaking country. As @slycooperandcarlosfox​ informs me, she is fluent in Spanish, along with Portuguese and Italian. And, y’know. English.
Other notable roles: Lots! She has voiced both Samus Aran and Krystal, provided the creepy motion capture for F.E.A.R.’s Alma, and - most famously, I imagine - was the face and body model for Chell from Portal. Not only that, but her imdb page has stuff in basically every category, from “Producer” and “Director” down to “Camera and Electrical Department”. What an accomplished woman!

Sly 3: Ruth Livier

Is she actually Hispanic? Given how she has “received special recognition by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts”, I kinda hope so, yeah! (@whoisthemasterthief informs me she is Mexican-American, specifically.)
Other notable roles: apparently she was in drag to me hell (and GTA:SA, as one of the pedestrian VAs)

Sly 4: Grey Delisle Griffin

Is she actually Hispanic? Yes! She was raised by her maternal grandmother, who is Mexican, and often credits said grandmother as having a huge influence on her.
Other notable roles: Man, where to start? A ton of versions of Daphne (Scooby Doo), Mandy (ie, Billy and), Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown), Frankie (Foster’s Home), Sam (Danny Phantom), Vicky (Fairly Oddparents), and of course, her personal favorite role [mine too!], Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender.

…it’s really all or nothing when it comes to other roles, isn’t it?

My sincere thanks to @whoisthemasterthief and @miatheladygamer for correcting me about the semantic difference between “Hispanic” and “Latinx” and DeLisle’s grandmother, respectively!

The X-Files is one of the few 4:3 aired shows out there that was intended to be viewed widescreen from the get go.

Most 16x9 remasters happened on shows where the camera department was taking advantage of the fact it would be cropped in a 4x3 aspect ratio so the 16x9 remasters reveal things that were not meant to be seen such as half decorated and populated sets, the faces of stand ins, crew and film equipment.

On The X-Files they knew that 16x9 remasters were eventually going to happen so they cropped and protected their framing like they did in movies for television re-airings meaning that the remastered in 16x9 35mm footage  from episodes still look great instead of half assed like Buffy or Malcolm in the middle.

Patti LuPone Throws Serious Shade, Calls Madonna a 'Movie Killer' in Candid 'WWHL' Appearance

The shade of it all! Patti LuPone wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The 68-year-old stage and screen diva was throwing punches left and right at some of the world’s biggest stars and productions.

WATCH: Madonna Shows Off Her Fit Bod in Naked Selfie – See the Pic

She first took a jab at Madonna, who played the role of Evita in the 1996 film adaptation of the hit Broadway show, a role that LuPone originated.

“Well, I was on the treadmill when MTV used to have videos, and I saw, I believe it was Buenos Aires and I thought it was a piece of s**t,” LuPone told a shocked Cohen. “Madonna is a movie killer, she’s dead behind the eyes, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag, she should not be in film or on stage. She’s a wonderful performer for what she does, but she is not an actress. Bang.”

Apparently the two divas have only met once, but LuPone didn’t have the fondest memories of the encounter.

“I did meet her after her opening night party, and the only thing that Madonna has ever said to me was, ‘I’m taller than you.’ Bada bing,” she quipped.

The stage veteran also opened up about the 1993 production of Sunset Boulevard in London, which she was famously fired from, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and replaced by Glenn Close.

When a caller asked if LuPone had seen Close’s production, she replied, “Well, I was in it. I originated the role, so I don’t think I need to see it.”

She noted that there’s still tension between herself and the famous composer, even after he “paid up” in court. As for Close, LuPone simply said that she doesn’t have many friends in show business.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Abby Lee Miller Feels 'Relieved, Peaceful’ After Prison Sentencing, Reveals What’s Next

“I did see Glenn after all that controversy and there was a great deal of controversy and a great deal of silence on Glenn’s part. I did see her at the Kennedy Center Awards because we were honoring the great Barbara Cook. As luck would have it, I sat at Barbara’s table with everybody else that was performing for Barbara and there was an empty seat right next to me.”

Much to LuPone’s surprise, Close sat in the seat. “She said, 'I had nothing to do with it’ and we hugged,” she revealed. “And it’s that easy, that you can get rid of years of that anxiety.”

But that was where LuPone’s praise ended. She also took a jab at the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables, a show which she starred in, originating the iconic role of Fantine.

“I only saw a little bit of it, but I’ll tell you, I’m going to be honest, I think the only person who knows how to do movie musicals, or musicals on camera, is Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is the only one that understands how to go from dialogue to song so that it makes sense. Her camera department knows how to shoot these rather large production numbers, and what I saw of Les Mis – I didn’t see Les Mis after I left it, I’m too involved with it to go see it, but what I did see – I wondered why the hell they were doing close-ups of these people so that you were seeing the snot, you were seeing down their throat, you were not seeing the scene that perpetuated this emotion in the song. I just, I don’t know why people assume they can do musicals or make movie musicals without ever having been involved with the process of making a musical.”

And it didn’t end there. When Cohen announced that Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was the evening’s “Jackhole,” LuPone shouted, “She’s going to jail!” adding that the reality star’s year-long prison sentence is “not enough.”

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Everything Abby Lee Miller Told ET About Prison, From Calling It a 'Vacation’ to How She Prepared

“She should go to jail for life,” LuPone said. “Didn’t you find her obnoxious? I found her like, oh I just hated her. She’s, like, the worst dance teacher you ever had when you were a kid. And you just wanted to kill her for hurting kids.”

For more from Miller’s sentencing, watch the clip below.

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DAY 3301

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Apr 11/12,  2017                Tue/Wed 1:20 am

Birthday - EF - Ilana Segev       Wed, April 12  … happy birthday to the voice of this birthday girl Ilana .. may she forever sing her way to the happiness of not just herself, but to those of the many that hear her .. love from us all at the Ef family head quarters ..

When time holds you back till it is conducive for work to begin, how imaginative it gets to wake up and consider in what manner the day shall spread after reconfirming the timing of the days’ IPL game !!

And as you patiently wind up all else around and about you, for that prized moment, you discover sides to your observation that may have never been noticed … like watching the reactions of those in the stadium when the camera catches them and they suddenly find themselves on the large screen ..

Of course there is that usual first time alarmed scream or smiled notice, hidden inside that most obvious ‘hi Mom’ .. but there are other noticeable elements ..

Women and ladies or girls for example, shall smile and adjust their hair simultaneously first off .. the smiles, and I have often wondered why, are always followed by their respective hands going on to cover their mouth .. why .. the smile is the most beautiful in all the female gender .. but that is what they first protect .. shy .. conscious .. bad teeth .. forgot the lipstick ..  I wonder  ..

The gentlemen of age have that very pleasant smile in acknowledgement almost to the cameraman that has decided upon himself to catch them as they sit hatted, spectacled and in wonder .. they seldom stand up .. they’ve past that ‘hi Mom’ moment .. and sitting up and settling down is a process .. so best to be as they are and get back to the game ..

Then there are the vociferous face painted, garmented in team colors  young, who’ve suddenly seen their tormentor for the first time and need to give him or her a visual treat to the insides of their mouths .. their team could have been or would be in the throes of imminent defeat .. but no .. ‘HI MOM ! I BRUSHED MY TEETH BEFORE GOING TO BED !!” .. accompanied by the impromptu out of beat dance moves that would shame even that thin forest green stick insect, as it sees its mate !!

And finally to those sedate dark-glassed seniors, who are there to find the time and space to be able to catch up with the news in their daily newspaper .. held and poised in such manner that they help in destroying the opportunity of those seated by them to be seen by the camera department ..

At times though, they do seem to converse with their neighbour about the nature of the pitch and what and where the bowler should be pitching the ball !

The camera department at all these events have the uncanny knack of being able to catch the player at some of the most embarrassing moments during the course of the play .. spitting and blowing the intricate contents of their ‘snich’ and ‘snort’ is almost a given .. the other mentions would be .. err .. unparliamentary ..

And pray .. why does everyone on the pitch, have an amused smile or laugh, when a player gets hit by the ball on his .. (pardon the pun) .. ! They do have protective guards to put in safety, their respective ‘tea sets’ .. but why the laugh and the amusement .. its the most hurting injury !!

Just a few observations  .. 

Amitabh Bachchan

In a diversity-challenged industry, Kelly’s faced a hard struggle to make it as a successful black woman DP in a male-dominated industry. She didn’t even begin in the camera department, but in electrical and lighting, learning the ropes and working her way up on non-union, low-budget shoots in New York, and then shooting dozens of music videos and documentaries.

Kelly’s big break came when she was hired by “Selma” director Ava DuVernay to shoot the critically acclaimed documentary “13th,” which earned an Oscar nomination for documentary feature and won a BAFTA. She reteamed with DuVernay to shoot the second season of “Queen Sugar,” shot the musical “Were the World Mine” and “Mariachi Gringo” for director Tom Gustafson, and four seasons of the five-time Emmy-nominated Hulu show “East Los High.” “I love the exploration of film as a visual language with its own vocabulary,” she says. “Aside from shooting, sending images back and forth with a director in prep is my favorite time.”

Kelly’s most recent feature, “Skin in the Game,” is about human trafficking. “I brought a stack of [photographer] Todd Hido’s books to show [director] Adisa his motel portraits,” says Kelly. “Instantly, we had a visual vocabulary to share with the crew.”

Kira Kelly featured in Variety’s ‘10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2017′

Ava Gardner was visiting her sister Beatrice in New York in 1941 when Beatrice’s husband Larry Tarr, a professional photographer, offered to take her portrait. He was so pleased with the results that he displayed the finished product in the front window of his Tarr Photography Studio on Fifth Avenue.

A Loews Theatres legal clerk, Barnard Duhan, spotted Gardner’s photo in Tarr’s studio. At the time, Duhan often posed as an MGM talent scout to meet girls, using the fact that MGM was a subsidiary of Loews. Duhan entered Tarr’s and tried to get Gardner’s number, but was rebuffed by the receptionist. Duhan made the offhand comment, “Somebody should send her info to MGM”, and the Tarrs did so immediately. Shortly after, Gardner, who at the time was a student at Atlantic Christian College, traveled to New York to be interviewed at MGM’s New York office by Al Altman, head of MGM’s New York talent department. With cameras rolling, he directed the eighteen-year-old to walk towards the camera, turn and walk away, then rearrange some flowers in a vase. He did not attempt to record her voice because her Southern accent made it almost impossible for him to understand her. Louis B. Mayer, head of the studio, however, sent a telegram to Al: “She can’t sing, she can’t act, she can’t talk, She’s terrific!" She was offered a standard contract by MGM, and left school for Hollywood in 1941 with her sister Beatrice accompanying her. MGM’s first order of business was to provide her a speech coach, as her Carolina drawl was nearly incomprehensible to them. (x)

shesonebadmotherfucker  asked:

Omg I sorta struck gold with your blog, I want to know how to get into costume designing. I've always been a creative person, yet I never attended a special art/magnet school. At the moment I'm waiting for school to start in the fall and I already signed up to volunteer at the local theater, even the college theater to help out the costume shop but I want to focus on Film/tv Costume designing in the future. Know any designers?

That’s not my expertise which is mainly screenwriting, locations work and set grunt work as well as camera department.  but I can tell you that the Motion Picture Costumers guild runs a contest every Wondercon in Long Beach that has been an in for several people. I do cosplay photography on the side and have met several people who work in the industry that way.


Indian-born doctor Sneha Philip is officially listed as the 2751st victim of 9/11.  But for years after her disappearance, Sneha’s final hours were shrouded in mystery. She was last seen the day before the attacks, captured on camera by a Manhattan department store.  When she didn’t return home that night, as she frequently didn’t, her husband Ron thought little of it. After the attacks, he returned to their apartment, only to find it empty. The windows left open, dust had settled throughout, though the only tracks left were those of their 2 kittens.

When police initially determined that Sneha had perished in the attacks, Ron took matters into his own hands.  After hiring private investigator Ken Gallant and reviewing the evidence, the pair eventually agreed, theorising that Sneha had rushed to the site to provide medical help, and died in the ensuing collapse. However, when police began to investigate further, they came up with a different theory entirely. A respectable New York doctor to the outside world, Sneha led something of a double life - suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, marital problems, work dismissals and even trouble with the law, having spent a night in jail earlier that year.  On September 10th, the last day Sneha was seen alive, she had been officially charged with falsely reporting an incident, to which she pleaded not guilty.  According to police reports, she and her husband fought loudly at the courthouse, in the last exchange Ron would ever share with his wife.  With this in mind, authorities suggested she may have intentionally disappeared, or even been murdered, on the day before the attacks.

Ron strongly opposed the claims made against Sneha, along with various members of her family.  They claimed she had been fired not due to her alcoholism, but because her superiors had deemed her a whistleblower.  Conceding that though his wife did often spend nights at lesbian bars, Ron was sure that it was not for sexual purposes.  The drinking, he hoped, was just a phase she was going through, and he denied ever arguing with Sneha on the day of her arraignment.  After being struck from the list of victims, Sneha’s family appealed the ruling, and was she was eventually re-added 7 years later. Like over 1000 other victims that day, no physical remains of Sneha have ever been found.

anonymous asked:

Camera dept would be apart of the GENERAL CREW CALL not PRODUCTION, correct?

Camera department is USUALLY in at crew call, but like any good crew member, you look at the back of the callsheet and check what your personal call time is, in case you’re coming in early or getting pre-called to build the camera. Which happens. Also, come early for breakfast. Don’t be that person who shows up at call and grabs breakfast.

Working with J2

AfterBuzz TV interview: SPN 11x17 Red Meat

with Nina Lopez-Corrado (director) and Lisa Berry (Billie the Reaper); 
slightly edited for brevity [link]

Nina Lopez-Corrado (~16-min. mark): Everybody, especially Jared and Jensen, they come very prepared to set. They’re on point, always. But they’re also really amazing about collaborating. I hope, and I feel like, they trusted me. So they really went there. Especially Jensen in this episode. He really, really brought it. That scene [leaving Sam’s body in the cabin] and that ending scene — you’re just like oh my gosh! you felt — you want to hug him.

Lisa Berry about Jensen (~25-min. mark): It was great working with him, too. That was such an amazing day. Part of me was just in awe ‘cause he’s such a phenomenal actor — [Nina nodding: SO great] — and I’m always like, you should just do a pop-up class one day and teach everybody what you know. But he’s a dad, an actor, and also a director, you know, he does a million things.

Nina Lopez-Corrado (~28-min. mark): There is never NOT fun on set. They’re always joking around. I’ve never seen two lead actors that are so close and are so awesome and so fun to be around ALL THE TIME. Especially Jared. He’s just like a big ball of energy. It’ll be like 3 o’clock in the morning, and he’s still cracking jokes and watching YouTube videos with the camera department. They’re awesome. 

Just a little Trouble. || Seth x Wyn.

things ended on a weird note down by the beach. it seemed like people walked away with more questions…but no one had the words to seek answers. wyn and her new companion of the moment seth were about to hang when it was announced that they could leave. they kind of lost touch the following days later, she was busy with assisting and he was busy capturing the magic. a few times she wanted to go up to him, but she’d get pulled into another assignment…poor timing. on this particular night, they wrapped for the evening leaving everyone with some free time. with a slight bounce in her step, she headed over to the camera department peeking around the door spotting just who she was looking for. ‘ — – - so, i have popcorn, chips, lemonade and some classics that you might enjoy…so can i hog your time for a few hours ?? ‘ she offered with a smile.