camera with handle


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 


Here’s a prototype! I will be making my own custom stickers of the details and different shirt decals for more variety in the figures, I’ll also be working on getting a closer color to the original in-game model with the resin dye, it’s actually a much lighter blue color irl, my phone camera can’t handle light blue colors very well

Fuck Customers

I am the head of electronics at a major retail store, we will just call it Bullseye, and I had a lady come in a few days ago about 30 minutes before the end of my shift asking about a camera. No big deal. UNTIL I explained to her that the only available camera we had left was the display that if she wanted it I could box it up for her. [This was after I checked the backroom 3 times] She finally said that it was fine. But as soon as I start boxing up the camera, she flies off the handle with saying “No, I want that camera new. I dont want no display camera! If im paying for it its going to be new” Which I replied to her saying once again that this was the only camera we had left in what she wanted and this is all I could do. Then I offered to hold the camera for her if she wanted to go look at other stores to see if they had it new in a box and if not it’ll be here waiting for her. She then starts throwing a fit, yelling at me, cussing me, calling me a smartass, etc. Saying that I was rude and had poor customer service and even telling her that she needed to get out of the store and somewhere else. Like no, I just offered to hold the damn thing and put it in reserve for you so you could check another store [which you said you wanted to do in the first place]. She then demanded that someone else checked her out so I literally had to call my only coworker at this time from across the store to check her out. Like some people are literally the worst human beings in the world.


hey people my name is Heather, I’m pansexual as heck and I love Thomas Sanders! You should come talk to me because I literally have zero friends. I see all these artists in the tag, and I’d like to point out that I can’t draw people, so I choose to draw on their faces via makeup. I also play twelve instruments and sing, but, whatever. No biggie. Please talk to me. I’ll make you memes, probably. Love you guys, and Thomas, if you see this, love you too!!! You’re a literal ray of sunshine and I would ask you to collab with Amazingphil but I think that it would be too much radiance in one room for any camera to handle. 😇



the best cat purring videos i’ve been able to find have been asmr, no outside sounds or shuffling caused by camera handling. 

this video is very nice because the person is petting the cat the whole time!!


JK->V“Come here quickly..”      …and then..¿ :O

Warning1- Put your headphones on…

Warning2- This is not an edit…

Warning3- How strong is your sanity?.. ODG!!!