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Help Needed

Let me explain.

I have this weird phobia of having my picture taken. No, it’s not vanity, I just can’t handle cameras or phones pointed at me.

Yes, it’s irrational hence the term phobia.

Well, I was recently at an event which required lots of photographs and -as explaining my irrational fear is usually useless since people tend to not accept it and claim vanity- I go with my go-to remark of…

“Oh, I’d love to. Vampire though, so it would kind of be pointless.”

It usually elicits a chuckle and tends to go off much better than trying to explain myself.

Anyway. Things were going fine until a young photographer came up and asked if he could get a picture. I gave my little speech and expected him to laugh and be on his way.


Instead he looks at me, pity in his eyes and says in this quiet soft voice, “ You poor thing. Where have you been all these years?”

I looked at him in confusion.

He then proceeds to set down all his equipment and grabs out his cell phone. He quickly brings up the camera and stands next to me.

“ You see, the reason your photograph never showed up before was because of the silver used in processing the film.” He smiled as he explained.

“But now we use digital cameras which don’t use any silver so you’ll end up showing up just fine!” He then took his phone and held it to take a picture of the both of us.

“If you don’t mind I’d like to capture the moment you first see yourself on camera.” He winked and before I knew it he had snapped several pictures of me with a rather ridiculous look of confusion on my face.

He gave a quiet laugh as he scrolled through the photos. He handed his phone over to me.

“ See. You look lovely.”

Yeah… This really happened.

He told me it was an amazing experience to be the person to capture my image for the first time and that he would love to meet again. He ended up giving me his number (which I kept this time. See INTJ Short Story #1 for reference) and mentioned that he knows a really nice Italian Restaurant where he’s sure they’ll hold the garlic for me.

In short… Help Me.

My mind is malfunctioning and I’m pretty sure there’s a short circuit somewhere in my chest as things there are beating irregularly.

My systems are shut down and I could use some help. Got any advice? Feelers?


Top Ten Most Famous Photos Of The Katsuki-Nikiforov Family

For this list, I’m only including pictures that include one or more of their children, so no viktuuri wedding photo in here! 

10) An instagram post of Viktor’s announcing Misha’s birth to the world. In the photo, Yuuri is asleep on their bed with Misha in his arms, who is smiling up at the camera. Their fans cannot handle.

9) A family trip to Tokyo Disneyland. It’s a photo with Elsa, but the kids (and Yuuri) just look absolutely exhausted. Viktor though, Viktor has stars in his eyes. You can tell by the caption, which is basically him gushing about meeting the ice queen for four paragraphs. 

8) The official podium picture from the 2029 World Championships. Whilst distracted, Mirai had managed to sneak away from her parents, through the stands, and to the kiss and cry to find Yurio right after he completed the last skate of his professional career. He let her sit in the kiss and cry with him (as Viktor and Yuuri freaked out about how she’d managed to slip away), and then proceeded to carry her in his arms as he skated over to the podium to receive his gold medal. 

7) Viktor’s fiftieth birthday party (courtesy of Phichit). Both Viktor and Yuuri got absolutely wasted and you can tell that they’ve stripped in the photo. In the background Misha and Mirai are seen holding half full bottles of vodka. Quite a few people criticised Viktor and Yuuri for letting their 16 and 14 year old kids drink spirits, but the truth behind it was that they’d just been wrestling the bottles away from their drunken parents. 

6) A really awkward photoshoot of the entire family. Somehow, both Yuuri and Odette got coaxed into it by the other three. Whilst the photos are beautiful and well taken, they look absolutely ridiculous, like they’re some kind of royal family or something. Odette absolutely hates them, not because she looks bad, but because she has the memory of the photographer asking her to play the piano ‘more dramatically’, so she looks pissed off in the photo. 

5) Game night in Hasetsu (courtesy of the Nishigori triplets). The monopoly board has obviously been flipped onto the floor. Misha and Mirai look like they’re about to murder each other. Viktor and Yuuri are trying to restrain the two, whilst arguing about something themselves. In the corner, Odette calmly sips green tea. It’s captioned ‘family fun?’ and the fans go wild. 

4) Mirai’s wedding photo. Everybody looks absolutely beautiful. You don’t even need to zoom in that far to see the tears in both Yuuri and Viktor’s eyes.

3) The aforementioned awkward paparazzi photo which becomes a meme

2) A photo of all five of them skating at Hasetsu Ice Castle. Odette is only around six months, so she’s being carried by Yuuri, as he holds hands with Viktor. Mirai and Misha are skating ahead of them, swinging each other round. People joke about them entering the pair skating division when they’re older. Their fans adore it because they all look so happy and genuine. 

1) Mirai’s first Olympics. It’s after her free skate, and though the rest of the family (sans Viktor, who was rinkside as her coach) had been in the stands, they’d immediately rushed down to see her. Mirai got piled on before she could even step off the ice, by everyone (including Yurio who had also attended). 

The first video I watched was the special clip “Hero Rooftop Ver.” My initial reaction/first impression of them was that they were bold and sexy. I found the lifting of the shirt dance move creative and different. I was surprised that this boy group was so unapologetic and bold about selling their brand of masculinity and sexiness. They had a certain coolness to them too–that they were bad ass and literal monsters. For some reason I was just drawn to them. I wasn’t good at telling them apart initially so by the end of the video I was just like… “That was very sexy…” all confused and whatnot. It was kinda like a “What the fuck just happened?” sort of feeling. But then I just slowly realized that I really liked the video. Keep in mind that I’ve never been interested in Kpop prior to this. In fact, I was reluctant to get into it and even doubted I would like them as much as I do now.

 Around the third time I watched it, I realized that it was the guy with the brown hair and split bangs that was pulling me in with his charismatic facial expressions and his adorable smile–the little cute movements of his face. “Aah, this is what Kpop is all about” is what I thought when I saw him at the front. I wasn’t looking at his abs. I was looking at his connection with the camera and how he handled himself in the spotlight. The camera loved him and so did I. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (1) First impression of Monsta X

assbutt-of-the-readers  asked:

Beep beep here I come with a new Anti theory. Okay so you know how vampires can't be seen in mirrors or electronics? Well what if Anti's a vampire? That's why the camera glitches out and it seems like he has many different voices. The camera can't handle seeing his true form so it glitches and freaks out, never being able to keep up with his movements. Thats hwy he has fangs. That's why the cut on his throat seems to be heeling. Actually that's why he could even /survive/ that kind of cut.

This…this is actually my favorite thing ever…