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Cool long exposure shots. First one glowsticks dropped in water, second one is a brdige and lights of cars passing by, third one is fireflies just before dark, 4th milky way as the earth turns, the fifth is actually a plane taking off, the six one is just awesome. Lol look at that snail go xD

That’s the thing about the Strokes. We always want them to be something more than they probably are. These dudes […] were The Band Here To Save Rock ‘N’ Roll from the get-go. In one of the greatest smartass moves ever pulled, they famously named their debut album Is This It as a way to own the hype. People have always loved the Strokes—some of whom have probably never even heard a Strokes song. The Strokes are rock 'n’ roll, whatever we perceive to be “rock 'n’ roll." Is This It is widely-considered to be one of the greatest records of all time. But last night (no pun intended) was the first time I’ve ever seen them perform live, and it was everything. - Noisey

Yet, while the Strokes are undoubtedly for lovers, they’re also for rockers at heart; it took all my restraint not to toss my camera gear aside and charge into one of the many mosh pits that erupted during the show-closing adrenaline shot of “Last Nite” and the walloping one-punch encore “New York City Cops”. What a splendid homage to this city by one of its most stellar contemporary acts. - Consequence of Sound

The Strokes were greeted like kings when they walked onstage on Saturday evening for their first New York City show in three years. […] Blasted from the main-stage speakers, latter-day cuts like "One Way Trigger” and “Machu Piccu” felt very much akin to such well-worn standards as “Hard to Explain” and “Reptilia,” as if the second half of the Strokes’ career has been thought-out much more than anyone believed previously. Their performance was a master class in the victory lap, done with ease in front of thousands of devotees. - Spin


Camera Tossing: Inspired by DigitalRev, since the release of the video tutorial about camera tossing, I have been doing it on and off. Camera tossing is actually a rare genre and hard to master genre, I think I got the balancing between the camera and the lens right, I may be one of the best camera tosser out there, because there aren’t many people out there doing it. The reasons are, the practitioner could potentially loss his camera, the camera is possible to land on someone else’s head, hard to get the balancing, the tossing and the catching right.

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Wired Magazine has several “how-to” videos on creating interesting visuals with photography and digital video. Above is a “how-to” on capturing camera toss photos, which can create some interesting light patterns, and streaks.