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Prompt: Bitty, "Get Me Bodied," clubbing

“Would you care to comment on the video Lukas Bloomquist posted following your win against the Lightning?”

It was an accident.

Boomer never should have been recording in the first place, let alone posting to any Instagram, public or private, but now it’s out and Eric is sitting smack dab in the middle of a press scrum being grilled about his love for Beyoncé where everyone in the world can see.

“I was celebrating with the rest of my team, I really don’t think there’s anything more that needs to be said.” Eric offers a friendly smile, but the horde is undeterred. 

“That was some pretty intense celebrating, Eric. Have you always been such a good dancer?”

Several of the guys behind the scrum snicker loudly, failing to hide their laughter, but Eric keeps smiling even though he feels like his teeth are going to crack.

“What can I say, I like to cut loose after a hard win. We rewarded ourselves with a good time, it was pure coincidence we were able to share that victory with some of Seattle’s finest. It was incredibly unfortunate what happened, and I’m glad everyone is okay.” 

Danny and Smitty are mock twerking behind the press corps, just off camera, and Eric is counting the seconds until his inevitable death when Boomer holds up a child’s fireman’s helmet and shakes it vigorously to get his attention.

“What do you have to say to those arguing that one of your teammates may have been responsible for the fire?”

“I know y’all love a rumor mill, but there was a grease fire at the restaurant next door that triggered the sprinklers.”

“Did your ‘friend’ tell you that?”

He drops his chin to his chest, fighting the burn in his cheeks. “Are there any questions about tonight’s game? I mean, Cricket got a hat-trick.”

Cindy, from the Seattle Times, covers up her microphone. “Well, Crocker didn’t get caught on tape booty-dancing to ‘Get Me Bodied’ with Tacoma’s Firefighter of the Year. We have priorities.”

“But do you have any human decency?” Eric hisses before realizing there are still cameras on him. “Oh, no.”

Daryl & Jesus -> “You’ll like them one day, Dixon.”

It was Paul who gave Maggie the camera. Daryl’s still pissed at him because of that. So now she just won’t stop taking pictures of them. The camera was actually meant for taking pictures of Hershel Jr. Well, she does take pictures of him ever so often, but she seems to have more fun pissing Daryl off with taking pictures of him…and Paul, of course. He’d love to burn them all, but of course Paul won’t let him. He supposedly fell in love with them. They’re scattered everywhere in their trailer. To that, he also loves giving every single one a fitting caption. Daryl thought about sleeping outside for the rest of his life, so that he never has to look at any of those pictures again. There was only one problem: Being away from this asshole hurts a hell lot more than having to look at those pictures 24/7.

(ggghhhhh there’s so many great carpet steam cleaning videos on youtube but they’re the worst for making gifs bc the person filming doesn’t hold the camera still or keeps walking back and forth and zooming out from the best parts, or they put a bunch of text all over the screen or the video was recorded in 2006 so it’s grainy and blurry or all of the above :/ the videos themselves are still pretty great to watch, but not so much for making gifs lol)

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Hi ! Your pictures are stunningly beautiful , may i ask . Are kit lenses good ? I'm planning to get Canon d70 since i doesn't have those kind of money to buy expensive lenses , I want your opinion on kit lenses . Thanks

Hey, thank you :)
I started with the 18-55mm on my Canon rebel camera and still had some awesome shots. The quality wasn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to tolerate for a little while. It’s something to get started with at least.

My fave would be my 50mm f1.4 which was a little under $400 whereas the L-series is over $1K. Then there’s a 50 f1.8 for less than $150.
My 18-55 didn’t have a super low depth of field or f-stop, so that’s why I love the 50mm for my plant shots. Also make sure you get EF lenses (not EF-S) because if you ever upgrade to a full frame camera (such as the Canon Mark series or 6D) then the ef-s lenses won’t mount to the body. EF lenses mount to both cropped and full frame bodies. So if you’re getting a default/basic kit lens with the camera body, then it might be an EF-S lens anyway. But for future reference, stick to EF.

🌸 Dutch Masterpost 🌸

🇳🇱 Hey fellow lifters. This post is for Dutch lifters, but we know that other European countries also have some of these stores, so if you aren’t located in the Netherlands, please take a look anyway! 🇳🇱

Thanks to @ladylikelifter, my partner in crime, for helping me write this post! 💕

🌸 Hema 🌸
Hema usually has cameras in the smaller stores, the big one (at least the one we go to) doesn’t have many cameras (still beware, though). Employees are usually in uniform, but there is NO LP. Just managers, but they either hang out near the entrance or makeup area. Makeup is fairly easy to take, just make sure you are quick and make good use of blindspots. Blindspots can be found near the underwear section, so take those undies! Underwear isn’t tagged, and sometimes they have Instax Minis just on display. Make good use of the fitting rooms as well, as they aren’t at all monitored, ever.

🌸 Kruidvat 🌸
If you have enough experience, Kruidvat shouldn’t be too hard to lift from. Blindspots aren’t very hard to find, even though there are loads of cameras, so beware! I ( @ladylikelifter ) usually lift my contact lenses and drugstore makeup from here. The managers might chase you if you get caught, it happened to me before (I got tackled for another reason, not because I was lifting, but still).

🌸 Etos 🌸
Pretty easy to lift from! There’s usually a manager walking around the store, aside from that there’s no LP. Very few blindspots but you can make it work if you have enough experience. I ( @ladylikelifter ) usually get my Beautyblenders and Real Technique brushes from here!

🌸 Big Bazar 🌸
Minimal security. Almost no cams from what we’ve spotted, but still beware, we think they might be upping their game when it comes to cameras. Makeup is mostly free to take if it’s in the middle of the store, but beware of costumers passing by. They have drugstore and high-end makeup piled up in boxes and they usually have RFIDs but those are extremely easy to take off. Food and snacks are also very easy to get. Again no LP, and on busy days there could be a manager walking through the store and employees in uniforms.

🌸 H&M 🌸
The locations I ( @ladylikelifter) have been to usually don’t have SAs standing near the fitting rooms to count your items. If there are, just wait until the clothing rack with unwanted items gets full and the SA leaves to empty it. Half of the stuff is untagged, I actually got all of my lifted clothes from here and I don’t even own a magnet or hook. They do have tiny red stickers on shoes, I call them alarm stickers. These stickers DON’T set off the towers, they’re just there to scare you.

🌸 Primark 🌸
Loads of cameras, but it’s not that difficult to find a blindspot. Clothes are always untagged. SAs will count your items on your way in, but won’t bother to recount when you leave the fitting rooms. You can either conceal on floor or in the fitting rooms; it’s up to you really. It’s very crowded 9/10 times so take advantage of that!

🌸 Douglas 🌸
We’d compare this to Ulta/Sephora. There’s lots of LP and employees who will CS you a lot. It depends on the store and security, but ours have cameras over the perfume section. Most of the brand makeup is good to go as long as you’re experienced at lifting. If you look suspicious you will get CSed to death. The more you get into different Douglas’s the easier it will be. There are a few blindspots, but be careful anyway.

🌸 ICI Paris XL 🌸
DON’T. Just don’t fuck with them, unless you’ve got plenty of experience. I ( @shinebrightlikealifter) got caught there. It is strictly secured and almost everything is tagged (inside the packaging). Lots of cameras in almost every section and even if they leave you alone; don’t do shit. If you want a particular item please just order it online and say it never arrived. In-store lifting is a no go.

🌸 Kiko 🌸
Definitely one of the easier stores! We’d advice you to go on busier days (like Saturday afternoon), because SAs will CS you to death if you go in at a quieter moment, since they’d have nothing to do lmao. On busier days there’ll most likely be a manager standing at the entrance, and beware of the mirrors as they can screw you over.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Kenma analyzes Karasuno’s players
“Shouyou, you’re amazing.”

Please do not repost gifs

Sex Tape (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1.9k 

Summary: “Well, it’s my last day home.” He said, stating the obvious as you came closer to him. You nodded, silently urging him to continue before he bent over and picked a box up off of the ground which you didn’t even look at. Your eyes were too focused on his face as he continued to smirk, “I just want to remember it, that’s all.” 

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