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Robert Carlyle on set in Steveston, March 21, 2017, for episode 6x21.

Set smiles :-) 

Can’t remember exactly, but I think I got these shots at the end of a take that went a bit wrong (either because he started coughing and had to get some water, or because he almost walked right into a low set camera). Would be nice to see some fun stuff like this on the blooper reel, since they never include much in the way of Bobby clips…

cute things exo would do (OT9)

yes guys, I am alive.


suho: being a mom? pretty self-explanatory. he treats you like a baby and girlfriend at the same time so at some times you may not realize which you are to him, but I’m pretty sure suho wouldn’t want to get smoochy with an infant

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chanyeol: honest to god let’s be real, he loves attention, so he’s going to want it from you! kinda does that pouting thing, the cute smiles thing, the cuddling thing, and trying-to-get-your-attention-the-whole-fucking-day-101 thing.. 

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baekhyun: he’s going to be a fanboy of EVERY SINGLE action you take, legitimately. like everything you do he’ll pepper you with kisses and say cute shit like “awee that’s my bbygirl” 

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jongininini: just piercing a loving gaze into the deepest, darkest pits of your soul, but with love. no talking needed, intense staring and eye contact may be one of the highlights of your relationship 

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shall we all go sin from this gif or

kyungsoo: a lot of hand-holding,, or is that just me,, he might not be a huge fan of PDA but his initial reaction would be to hold your hand whenever you’re near him because he wants you to forever be his so he can protect you i am soft

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xiumin: he may have this hot, mature, and sexy aura around him when he’s on camera but he’s just a cute, little, nugget i swear. his perfect smile is out of the sincerity on how much he loves you

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chen: i know on this blog i kind of set a stereotypical-trolling chen thing, but i feel he’d be so so so sweet to his partner. maybe a few jokes to make you laugh, but not the extreme pranks he pulls on others

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lay: him being the same person he is on camera and off camera: an innocent, sleepy puppy that is confused most of the time but still wants to be loved by the person he has found when he was lost 

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wait lmao i take that back he isn’t so innocent i gu es s

sehun: i can see sehun actually being a silly guy, he may have that rest-in-bitch face and have a personality on camera set as a sassy guy, but he’s actually really loving, sincere, and fun to be around with a strong passion for choco boba

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Taron Egerton Imagine

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Taron didn’t like to do interviews, one of the reasons was that they always were the same. The same questions, the same topics. But this interview was very different. There was only one camera, the setting wasn’t too bright and the questions were more fun. 

But there was one question he had to answer at every interview he went to. A question about you. You and him had been very open about your relationship. Posting videos and photos of each other. Telling funny stories about each other on social media. People loved it and they loved you.

“People must ask you about this all the time.” Taron already had a feeling what this was about. He nodded with a small smile. “I for one love you and (Y/N). The two of you are so good together. Both always smiling and laughing and making fun of each other too” Taron laughed remembering all the moments. 

“Yeah.” He said now smiling even bigger. 

“What I want to ask is. How did the two of you meet. I don’t think you’ve talked about that.” Taron thought back and realized he really hadn’t 

“You are so right. I don’t know how that happened” he laughed with the interviewer. “Well we met 2 years ago at an event. I saw how she played a prank on some guy who was rude to her, the prank almost didn’t play out the way she wanted but I helped her. So we both ended up running away from the guy and hiding in some small room” he laughed and thought about that day. 

“So you two met because of a practical joke went wrong” Taron nodded. 

“Yeah, kinda, but it’s still my favorite prank me and (Y/N) have done. Because of ir we are now together.” He smiled thinking about you and how soon he’ll be back with you. Watching movies, laughing and planing your future. 

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MC touches herself in view of the CCTV cameras/puts on a little show for Seven and he gets off to it?

Okay I got two really similar asks so here’s Seven and MC sexting/phone sex/free show I’m not even sure at this point but I know it’s gonna be fun!


Seven’s phone lit up and he rubbed his eyes before picking it up off the desk.

MC: Hey…what’re you doing up?
707: Defender of Justice 707 never sleeps!
MC: So hacking stuff
MC: Instead of spending your night “defending justice” why don’t you have some fun with me?
707: Fun?
MC: Camera, hacker boy

He set down the phone, wondering what the hell you were up to. Closing some non essential windows, he pulled up the feed from Rika’s apartment and froze. There you were, dark hair spilling around you, wrapped in nothing but the sheet on the bed. You wiggled your fingers at him and giggled, saying “Defender of Justice 707…I think there’s a damsel in distress if you take a look through camera four. In dire need of something to improve her mood.” Seven felt his mouth go dry. Oh, two could play at that game.

707: What’s under the sheet?
MC: Want me to show you?

He paused. This was just fun right? You two were doing the flirting thing you always did. She wasn’t actually going to strip if you played along right?

707: What if I said yes?
MC: Anything for you, Agent 707.

His eyes darted to the computer screen as low music began to play and you kneeled on the bed, slowly letting the sheet drop. You were wearing a red lacy thong and that was it. Seven was sure he was seeing things and blinked a few times, but the image remained the same. Shit, shit, shit. His cock strained against his pants as he watched you, enraptured by the swaying of your hips to the music and the way your tits bounced against your chest.

MC: Any requests, hacker boy?

Seven typed out what he wanted, glanced at the camera one last time before thinking “fuck it” and hitting send.

707: I want you to say my name while you touch yourself.
MC: Your wish is my command

He saw you reach under the bed and pull out a vibrator, slicking it with lube before you turned it on. Shit, shit, shit he should not be doing this. That thought didn’t stop him from sliding his already hard cock from his boxers as you began rubbing the tool along your slit. Your moans as it hit your clit were louder than the music you moved in time with, and it was driving him wild. Seven pumped his hand over himself, groaning out your name while he watched you fuck yourself.

He was distracted by his phone ringtone blaring out, nearly dropping it in his haste to answer when he saw your name popped up. “H-hello?” he stammered out, face burning to the color of his hair. “Are you touching yourself, Agent 707?” you asked in a voice hot with desire. “Yes ma'am, I am.” You looked into the camera and moaned his name, then “…tell me what you want me to do.” Seven was rocking his hips up, his movements becoming jerky as he heard the need in your voice. “I want you to come for me, MC. I want to watch you come…” he couldn’t help it, the last word was groaned out. “Ah…ah…Seven - I’m - I’m -” he saw the moment you arched your back, heard his name being yelled through the receiver - and it sent him over the edge, his seed spurting out hot and sticky to cover his hands.

He heard you sigh into the phone and relax on the bed, dropping the toy to the floor. “Thanks, Agent 707. Mission “Damsel in Distress” completed.“ He laughed into the phone and said, “happy to be of service, ma'am.” before you said goodnight and hung up the phone, flicking the lights off. Seven watched the screen for a moment before he went to clean up, the image of you coming undone for him burned into his mind.

Cheap Thrills - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 879
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Requested by anon
I hope I’m not being a bother but can you write a song fic Peter Parker (tom holland) X reader with the song cheap thrills by sia if not it’s okay
Authors Note: WOW, this one was a hard one to write- but I did it!! This is also a song fic based off of the song above ^ and you can check it out here!!

Masterlist. Request List.

I ain’t got cash, but I got you baby

Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight 

As long as I keep dancing…

“Hey, May, is Peter here?” You asked about your best friend/boyfriend- it’s kind of hard some days to distinguish what your relationship was.

“Yes, he’s in his room. What are you guys going to do?” She asked as she let you into their apartment.

You shrugged, “Not sure at this point,” You started, “Depends on what Peter wants to do.”

“Just call if you need me!” May told you, and left you outside of Peter’s room.

You nodded and opened Peter’s door, a huge smile on your face. “Peter! Hey!” You walked over to where he was sat on his bed.

“Hi, (Y/N),” Peter sighed.

“Oh, sorry, was I too energetic for you?” You asked with an eyebrow cocked, “Sorry, hi, Peter.” You said with less energy.

“What’s up?” Peter laughed a bit at you for mocking him.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” You asked, “I was thinking we could go dancing somewhere. Not like a club, but like a dance-”

“I can’t go out,” Peter cut you off, “I need to save money…” He ended quietly.

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Pool selfie with the club! Makoto probably keeps this one framed in Tokyo for the days he misses home :)


Lee being a lil shit the Elven King of Mischief on set. 

(The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies EE BTS, Appendix 12)

imagine the office, but set at hogwarts.

mcgonagall: *looks into camera*

flitwick: argus can be fun to work with, although…

madame pomfrey: I’ve even mentioned to him that taking care of your hair can be linked to certain health problems, but he just won’t listen (on snape & shampoo)

dumbledore: I do pride myself on being on excellent terms with my staff *walking into library*

madame pince: fuck off dumbldore you’re being too loud

dumbledoor: a-hem, most of my staff *chuckle*


Hi everyone, I’m back! I spent a couple of weeks in America and had a fantastic time. I didn’t work on my series at all though, so now that I’m back I started work on episode 3! 

I thought it would be fun to have some ‘behind the scenes’ photos, as if these are photos of the actors that play the Nordics in my series, or perhaps just the cast being the actual Nordics having fun on set and off camera. I’ve seen a couple of Actor AU’s here on tumblr and I think they’re really fun.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s going on in some of these :P

And thank you so much for 120+ followers! I love you guys. <3

Viperine Dishes Dirt

I’m here today with the monstrously talented, Viperine Gorgon, who is ready to dish the dirt on Hauntlywood, her new boovie, and her own freaky-fab flaw!


MHGG: Fangs so much for taking the time to chat with me, I know you’re busy!

VG: Ever since we shot “Frights, Camera, Action!” my schedule has been a whirlwind, but I’ve had such a fun time with it all.

MHGG: Speaking of “Frights, Camera, Action!” any fun facts from the set you can share with our readers?

VG: I’m afraid the only juicy tidbit is actually about me.

MHGG: Please! Everyone is just screaming to know!

VG: Okay. Well, you may not know this about me, but I get so excited when I meet new monsters for the first time, sometimes I bite them.

MHGG: You bite them?!

VG: Yes. Unfortunately, it’s how I show affection. Some people wave, some high five, some hug… I bite. I just can’t help myself.

MHGG: Thank you for sharing your freaky-flaw with us. Now, can I bother you for a makeover sometime soon? I hear you’re the beast Hauntlywood has to offer!

VG: Just name the time and place, and I’ll be there, ghoul!

Lights on the Water by MMJ Photography

I’ve been photographing since around 2005 with my first digital camera being a Nikon Coolpix in 2008. Now I work mainly with my Nikon D5000 and my Nikon FG. I photograph anything that catches my eye, and I love different angles. I set all of my camera settings manually and I just try to have fun with it. Photography makes me see the world in a different way, and it is so beautiful.

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6:30am and I’m already changing into a wet wetsuit. As I set up my camera as fast as I can I watch perfect fun sized waves roll through, for now I’m totally forgetting about the water temperature I’m about to face. This is the stoke that keeps me going. Rain or shine I’m home when I’m in the ocean and nothing can beat that feeling of capturing a moment I’ll share for the rest of my life. This is my passion.


Pollux got some little green eyelashes yesterday. :D
Hard to tell they are a dark green here though.

Played with her wig styling, and posed her in front of the space deer painting for fun. ♥ Then I messed with that color picker setting on my camera, because it looked like a fun gif could be made. I was right! haha

Outfit breakdown on this post, since lots of other people helped!

  • Wig: Monique green wig (not sure what style)
  • Eyes: Oscar Doll, pink
  • faceup: mil-mascaras
  • Necklace: made by aevynne
  • Shirt: made by resindetre
  • Flower crown and painting by me
  • Doll: Luts Wintery 2012 KDF head on Souldoll NL body