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          sometimes i need to draw other people’s ocs. so have two lovely ladies.

@czak-ra @mona-wolt i……. may or may not have been following your art & character via @serve-the-legion………………. whoops? :’) consider this a gift from someone who admires you as an artist. i cannot for the life of me figure out how to draw orcs (it’s the faces that get me asjdflakn) but czak’ra was good practice! can’t wait to see more of her.

@exspiravitae i considered just giving her an outfit of my own design but decided for drawing her for the first time nah. incidentally i kind of tried to marry the hairstyle her fc has with the hairstyle she has in the black desert screencaps, while keeping in mind how you describe it in writing. i hope it’s accurate (… i hope this of the rest of her, for that matter). no, i don’t know what she’s sitting on. hope you like it, though!

Volume 15 had a bonus mini-chapter!!  Apparently Shitenhouji’s coach won the lottery and decided to take LITERALLY THE ENTIRE JUNIOR HIGH TENNIS CIRCUIT on a cruise ship to Australia to go cheer on the Japan team?!  Look at all these characters we haven’t seen in ages!  Coaches!!  Female characters!!  Teams whose names I don’t even remember because they were so unimportant!!

There is so much going on here.  Kenya running on water.  Yanagisawa riding a duck.  Jimis being surprisingly flashy.  NomuTaku creeping on Akazawa and Kaneda.

But poor Higa is off on their own raft paddling their way to Australia by themselves =(