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yea usually a mirror, camera on timer

we’ve gotten so many messages giving us methods and tips on how to achieve the perfect anus pic i feel like i could get my Phd in the subject 


I have so many questions

RFA + Saeran and Kissing

-this boy has never had a girlfriend before so at first he’s very hesitant to kiss you
-sure, he kissed you at the party but he was under a few drugs at the time because of his eye and he was feeling confident
-but after everything calms down and you’re really together as a couple you’re the one to initiate most of the kisses since he’s n e r v o u s as hell
-over time though he gains a little more confidence and wants to be more of a man to you so he starts taking the lead
-forehead kisses, cheek smooches, kissing your hands, neck, face, everything he can get his lips on
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
-as time passes he now just casually leans over to you and puckers his lips obnoxiously until you kiss him
-you pretend to be annoyed but you love him so much you just always kiss him back
-one day you went to visit him at work to bring him lunch and when he saw you his heart was swelling with so much love for you that he just kissed you as soon as you walked into his office and you both just made out the entire time, the lunch you made for him left cold on his desk
-his favorite type of kisses: forehead kisses, it makes him feel manly and they’re very sweet and full of pure loving intentions

-you’re his first real partner in a long time so you best believe you’re getting all the smooches he can possibly give
-he’s been touch starved for a while so he just usually smooches you whenever you’re near him
-he loves it when he peppers kisses all over your face and you laugh and grin so wide
-it makes his heart swell so much it feels like it’s gonna burst (in a good way)
-he just loves kissing you so much!!
-sometimes it can be overwhelming but you still accept all his kisses because why would you say no to zen?? he’s just a handsome boy trying his best!!
-he’s also surprisingly not really extra when it comes to kissing
-like you’ll come home for the grocery store and he’ll do one of those airport movie types of run to meet you at the doorway and then picks you up and spins you around while kissing you
-“i missed you babe”
-“zen we literally saw each other 30 minutes ago, zen- no stop crying”
-despite those extra moments here and there his kisses are sweet and genuine you love him and he loves you and that’s all that matters
-his favorite type of kisses: kissing your hand, because it makes him feel like your real knight in shining armor

-isn’t a big fan of too much affection
-sure she’ll give you a peck here and there but she never truly kisses you unless she’s feeling really affectionate or there’s a big occasion going on
-it makes you sad at first but then you realize jaehee is just naturally not an affectionate person
-after a while you give up on hoping that she’ll kiss you until you find it she l o v e s it when you kiss her
-even though she ain’t a big fan of kissing you she’s a hella big fan of you kissing her
-she lives for your kisses man, it’s what keeps her going during rough days at the cafe and just rough days in general
-though she doesn’t kiss you on her own accord too often she’ll accept all of your kisses with open arms, though she’ll never admit it out loud she loves your smooches a lot
-sometimes if you catch her at the right moment and pepper her face with kisses she’ll giggle while blushing and kiss you smack right on the mouth
-it’s very rare though but when she does it your heart just loses it you love her so much f uck
-please just kiss her, you have nothing to lose
-her favorite types of kisses: when you kiss her cheek and it makes that cartoony smooching noise, it just makes her so happy??

-this man, oh boy, he fucking l i v e s for your kisses
-since he believes in sex after marriage, kisses from you are what keep him sane in the meantime before your wedding night
-you both are engaged but he still really wants to ravish you so kisses are what keep him at bay
-he’s also been touch starved for most of his life due to his distrust of woman and just general cold nature that he’s had for most of his life so your sweet kisses are what he loves the most next to you and elizabeth the 3rd
-he loves when you kiss him multiple times on his lips
-it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside and reminds him that you’re all his
-he loves when y'all just have make out sessions in his office
-they’re sweet and full of love most of the time but sometimes they can turn hot and messy but most of the time they’re just sweet and cute
-one time when you were drunk out of your mind and laying on your shared bed while giggling about how funny elizabeth the 3rd’s ‘bean paws’ looked he was filled with so much love for you that he just kept kissing your face all over
-your drunk self was beyond confused but you tried to kiss him back and in that stupid moment of you lazily returning his kisses he realized that he was truly and deeply in love with you
-favorite types of kisses: it isn’t really a kiss but he loves when he’s about to kiss you on the mouth and you close your eyes and your breath hitches and he can see the anticipation written all over your face as you wait for him to collide his lip with yours. (also he loves kissing you on the head, it’s sweet and simple but it’s the only way he can show his affection for you without having to say it aloud)

-you’d assume saeyoung loves kisses the most
-and you’re right!!
-he just loves feeling loved??
-even though there’s nights where he lays awake thinking about how he doesn’t deserve your love he still really enjoys it
-he loves pressing his lips against yours and just showing you his love for you in a way he can without having to say it
-he also loves the way you react to his kisses more than anything else in the world
-like how your reactions range from sweet little giggles to high pitched whines
-he l i v e s for when you kiss him.
-whether it’d be an affection little kiss on the forehead or a hot messy sloppy kiss on the mouth it’s all worth the same to him, as long as they’re coming from you
-sometimes when you ask for a kiss while he’s working he’ll ignore you and you’ll be upset for a little while but as soon as he finishes work he just bombards you with every type of kiss you can think of until you’re suffocating in them
-”saeyou- please i can’t breathe”
-”you take my breath away too, mc”
-”no saeyoung- i love you but i actually can’t breathe get off me”
-his favorite type types of kisses: hot make-out sessions on his office chair. y'all are just so needy and full of pure raw lust and want it makes his heart go wild

(v isn’t fully blind in my scenarios, i headcannon that after a while of being with MC they convince him to get surgery and he can see again, but only out of one eye since the other eye was too bad to save. sorry for the previous confusion on this) -this man was very hesitant to kiss you at first
-like he would kiss your forehead and hands and cheeks but never fully on your mouth
-you’re the one who usually had to initiate those
-you never really bothered to pester him about not kissing you on the mouth too much because you know he needs to adjust to this new relationship with you
-so you just give this sweet man time, because you understand that he just got out of a toxic relationship with a cult leader who blinded him
-it’s kind of hard to get into the swing of things with a ‘normal’ relationship him but after a few months of dating you best believe you’re getting all the kisses he can offer you
-sometimes you both will just be walking around hand in hand and he’ll stop you both and cup his hands around your face and just kiss you for a long time
-you both sometimes do photo shoots where he puts the camera on a timer and he kisses you in every way he can without getting too frisky
-the photos are cute and sweet and he has an album dedicated to them that he can look at whenever he needs to look at your sweet smile and kisses
-his favorite types of kisses: when you’re pulled up close to his chest fast asleep and he can just press his lips lazily to your head over and over again without you waking up. it makes him feel like he’s worth something to be cradling you like this and showing you small tokens of affections.

-at first when you tried kissing him he was literally just like: no
-he apparently didn’t like kissing!! or anything ‘normal’ couples did!!
-it makes him uncomfortable to be showered in so much affection so suddenly after having it be stripped away from him for so many years
-you, being the understanding partner you are, give him as much space and time as he needs
-after a while though he allows you to kiss stuff like his hands and forehead
-never on the lips though because simply the thought of it overwhelms the poor babe
-after a year and a few months of dating he suddenly kisses you on the lips while you both are binge watching criminal minds, it was completely out of nowhere and you were just like: !!!
-y'all then make kissing a normal thing
-sometimes when making out he might get overwhelmed or embarrassed so you have to stop but other than that you’re allowed to kiss him whenever and however you want now which is great, 10/10 you love
-his favorite types of kisses: when you both are just sitting on his bed and you randomly kiss his knuckles or the palm of his hand. it just makes him feel so loved and happy.

so proud of myself I actually put some effort 😂 I used the timer camera thingy to take a hopefully solid pic. this is the first booty pic I posted of me that actually looks tumblr worthy fuck ya bitchhhhes 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻

a verrrryyyy happy birthday to my dear friend @ash-is-boss! now that we’re are the same age again, the world has regained balance once more haha. i hope you’re having a great day, ash!!!!! love ya girl ♡ 

Self Humiliation training

Items needed:
- correct sissy attire,
- 1 long thick dildo, ( the longer and thicker the better)
- chastity cage,
- vibrating wand,
- condom,
- camera (to record video)
- alarm timer,

Hello girls,

Your task for today is one of humiliation, your pathetic clit is to be locked in chastity where it belongs, and you are to be dressed in stockings, panties, high heels and dress/outfit (high heels, stockings and panties are a minimum requirement)

Prepare your pussy before hand so it will accommodate the dildo easily, once ready, your to lube up the dildo, and get ready above it, what position you wish to be fucked in is up to you, (be creative, to ensure you entertain me)

Start your camera/phone recording a video of you completing this task, Put a condom over your caged clit with room to accommodate a cum load easily inside, get the vibrating wand and timer ready, in front of you,

Now the fun begins you are to force yourself to cum, using nothing but the vibrating wand, (sissy masterbation) no pussy penetration (not just yet anyway), As your Getting close to your authorised orgasum get your alarm ready and set it to 30 seconds,

Now you can force yourself to cum, as you cum stop vibrating your clit, start the timer, and wait, when the alarm sounds your to slide the dildo deep inside your pussy, and fuck yourself with it, riding it and grinding on it like a whore, (i want to hear moaning)

Soon as you begin fucking your dildo, quickly reset the alarm timer to 5 minuets, and don’t stop fucking yourself under no circumstances no matter how hard your crash emotionally, or how humiliated you are to be dressed and being forced to fuck yourself,

you shouldn’t be able to cum during this as your body will still be crashing from your authorised orgasum,

When the 5 minuets are up you are to slide balls deep on the dildo and wait, now you WILL remove the condom and drink your weak beta sissy cum out of the condom, once this is over you can get off the dildo and clean up, your task is complete, good girl,

The video will not stop recording you through this whole ordeal to prove you have completed my task,

Girls this will test you, and humiliate you, by cumming first then being forced to fuck and ride a dildo, all of your endorphins that moments ago made you feel great and high in sissy heaven will disappear, leaving you in your humiliation, regret and disgust, hence the term crashing,

Im actually looking forward to see which of you girls have it in you to complete this task,

Good luck girls,
Master shervey,

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In the dating sim HuniePop, the girls frequently text you photos that they claim to have taken themselves with their smartphones, and frequently add sentences such as "For your eyes only!" to imply that these pictures are of a highly personal nature. However, the photos seem to have been taken by other people, based on the angles and the fact that you are usually unable to see their arms holding the phone. Is a third party taking these pictures of the girls' breasts, and taking pictures of them just out of the shower? Who is doing so and why? Are the photos taken by a camera on a timer, or by the phone on a timer? It wouldn't appear so, since many of the photos appear to have been taken from the perspective of a person who is standing above the subject. Who is this third party?

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Mod Unknown here!:D
In honor of Pocky Day today here are some quick HC scenarios I did!! These are pretty short compared to others and are pretty cute! Soooo I hope you still like them! :3

Saeran (Friends that have a crush on one another)

  • He was relaxing in the couch in your apartment until you busted open the door
  • He got scared and was very confused on why you’d do such thing
  • You sat besides him and pulled out a box of pocky from your bag
  • You. Me. Pocky Game now.
  • He has never heard of the pocky game so he agreed without knowing how it’s played.
  • You both faced eachother in the couch
  • You put a pocky in his mouth and leaned in to put your lips on the other side
  • you started to bite the pocky down and he followed your lead
  • next thing you know, your nose was touching his
  • Saeran’s face turned red and you definitely noticed it
  • The moment where both of your lips were almost touching, you both froze in place
  • His face still as red as a tomato, this moment gave you an idea
  • You looked at his eyes and he followed your gaze 
  • “Hehe” you gave him a cute cheeky smile and pressed your lips against his.
  • You also pushed your body towards his, opening your arms to hug him in the process.
  • He fell back on the couch as you threw yourself on top of him
  • After kissing him for a few seconds, you stood up with that same smile plastered on your face.
  • You left the guy blushing and flustered as he couldn’t believe you kissed him.

Seven (Newly BF/GF)

  • He wanted to have his first kiss with you but he wanted to make it different
  • So knowing the person Seven is, he decided that the Pocky game would be the perfect way to do so
  • He invited you to a picnic in the park and brought some snacks
  • “Hey MC! Let’s play a game!”
  • You asked which game was it and he responded with the Pocky Game
  • You felt your face get red as you never played it but seen so many people do it
  • But it’s Seven so you agreed
  • You both started to bite down the pocky slowly
  • Seven was starting to feel embarrassed to the point he wanted to back out. But he wanted to kiss you so he stopped himself
  • Noses were starting to touch and he started to get nervous
  • It got bad to the point he accidentally broke the pocky in half
  • You both laughed and he felt a bit pathetic to try and kiss you this way
  • So he picked up your chin and leaned in to kiss you
  • You kissed back making Seven feel super happy.

Zen (long term bf and gf)

  • You were thoughtlessly watching TV while eating Pocky
  • You were so into a show that you left the pocky in your mouth without biting on it
  • Zen was next to you and he noticed it
  • He tapped on your shoulder and you moved your head to face him
  • He quickly bit the other side of the pocky and smiled
  • You knew exactly what he wanted to play so you went along
  • he started the game and you followed right after
  • It got pretty intense that you both shifted your body to face each other
  • By the time your lips were hovering over his, you were waiting for his next move and he was doing the same
  • Seconds later, he cupped your cheeks and planted a kiss on your lips
  • Once he was done, leaving you blushing
  • He pulled himself back and said “I win” with a smirk on his face.

Jumin (coworkers/friends with mutual feelings)

  • You were interning at Jumin’s company to get some skills needed for your major
  • You walked in Jumin’s office and brought him some snacks since he was going to be busy all day
  • He strangely looked at the snacks and was like “What kind of commoner snacks are these?” 
  • You laughed and picked out a box of pocky
  • “These are the best! Dare to play a little game with me?”
  • He listened to you explain a bit of the rules
  • With no questions asked, he agreed and asked you to start it.
  • You put the pocky on your lips and leaned in
  • It took him a moment to understand what you were waiting for
  • He put his lips on the other side and started to awkwardly bite it down
  • He just didn’t understand the point of this game… at least not yet. 
  • Your face was now getting near his
  • You’ve never been this close to Jumin so it was definitely making you feel all warm inside
  • But as you got closer, that feeling increased
  • You ended up breaking the pocky in half and leaned back a bit
  • “I lost!” You jokingly whined.
  • “Mc,” Jumin got up his chair and leaned his face in where it was once again close to yours.
  • “If you wanted to kiss me so bad…You should’ve just asked.” He smirked, lifting up your chin with his finger.

Jaehee (”partners” according to her. jk you both gay af)

  • You and Jaehee were in the apartment you both shared, babysitting Elizabeth 3rd.
  • Jaehee was busy with paperwork but managed to grab a snack in the process
  • You looked at her and smiled once you saw it was pocky
  • You always wanted to play the pocky game so you knew this was your chance
  • And Jaehee would be the perfect opponent
  • You grabbed a chair and sat next to her. She was confused at first but didn’t questioned you
  • You grabbed the last pocky and put it in your mouth
  • “Jaehee” You mumbled and got her to face you
  • “If you want this Pocky, come and get it.”
  • She chuckled at how cute you were and accepted your challenge
  • The game started slow
  • But mid way through you purposely bit down the pocky and launched yourself at Jaehee, planting kisses on her lips
  • She giggled and kissed you back

Yoosung (newly bf/gf)

  • You walked in the room and noticed that he was playing LOLOL while munching on some pocky
  • You gasped causing him to look your way
    “MC, What happened?!”
  • Poor cinnamon roll got all worried
  • “You’re eating pocky the wrong way!!” You exclaimed, approaching him.
  • You both then sat on your knees on the floor and put a pocky on his lips
  • “Now stay calm and follow my lead”
  • He nodded, anxious to find out
  • You put your lips on the other side and started to bite down
  • He stayed frozen, he didn’t understand what he needed to do
  • But you were also getting closer causing him to not think properly
  • You giggled and decided to just bite it all down on your own
  • Once you got right in his face, you stayed still and your eyes travelled to his face
  • He was extra flustered and was shaking in nervousness
  • You chuckled and gave him a peck on his lips
  • This caused him to come back this sense and covered his blushing face with his hands
  • “Mcccccc!” 
  • You giggled at how adorable he is

V (friends with benefits/shared feelings)

  • V was given a project to do that involved to promote different foreign snacks
  • He personally asked you to model for him
  • The shoot went perfect and you only had one snack to model with and it was Pocky
  • Once you saw the box, it gave you an idea
  • You asked V if he ever played the Pocky game and he said yes.
  • “How about promoting Pocky with the game?” You nervously asked
  • He loved the idea but said he didn’t have anyone else around
  • So you pointed at him and he agreed at the end
  • He put the camera on an auto timer and joined in
  • The game during the shoot was going great
  • But you both froze when noses were touching
  • It got pretty intimate since you both shared the same feelings
  • He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer
  • You wrapped your arms around his neck, showing off the box of pocky towards the camera for the picture
  • You both continued and it lead to a very passionate make out session
  • The following day once the pictures were edited and printed, he framed and gifted you the last one the camera took of both of you kissing
  • P.s he also finally asked you to be his girlfriend
Light Painting

Characters: Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,391

Warnings: just pure fluff with Castiel because he’s a smol bean

Request by @helllonearth:  Jordan! I noticed that you don’t write that much Castiel recently cause almost nobody is requesting him. But this idea flashed (literally) in my mind while taking some photos. So, what about a oneshot where reader is a photographer and she loves light painting,when cas becomes human she decide to take a pic of him creating wings behind him with a light effect. 

Author’s Note: I do not own any of the pictures. I got them off Google but if you know the person who made them, let me know so I can credit them. If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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If you never became a hunter, you would most definitely be in the photography business. There was something about being behind a camera, capturing moments in life that would never present themselves again.

Of course, you still did photography but not as much as you would like. You tried to take as many pictures as you possibly could, taking pictures of landscapes to people to food to even still life. You loved working on the pictures digitally, making them more modern with filters and other types of things that compliment them.

Your favorite kind of painting was light painting. It was kind of hard to explain but you do this in the dark, take a special kind of light and start “painting” the air as you take pictures which then produces whatever you painted in the air.

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Cookies (Youtuber!Taehyung)

Plot: Youtuber!Taehyung baking cookies with his daughter

Word Count: 1233

A/N: so ik I’m supposed to write werewolf!Tae, I really genuinely meant to and I will tonight I promise tomorrow, it’ll be out but this past hour or two, I’ve just been swimming in father!Tae feels and this exact scenario was playing in my head and I had to write it or it was gonna make me scream from being so fucking cute sounding, this got pretty long bc it’s been stuck in my head for a good few hours, the links for this post are youtuber!Taehyung (here) and father!Taehyung (all of the father related posts are here)

He wasn’t expecting his video to turn out like this. What had started as him trying to film a video on him attempting to cook lunch had somehow turned into him baking cookies with his daughter. He had gone to the store especially for the video, buying all the ingredients for his lunch, only to have to go back to the store and buy ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. He had gotten dressed just for the video, ending up switching his jeans and button up shirt for baggy plaid pajama pants and an old t-shirt because his daughter had wanted to wear matching outfits.

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Authors note ~ Happy valentine’s day! If you celebrate it. Hope you enjoy this. It’s my first ever one-shot for valentine’s day so I’m proud of it. Hopefully someone like this. Thanks for reading! This is my submission for Love is @loveinpanem.
To pluck a heart’s rose.

•~• •~•

The red foil shines as the light from the fireplace reflects onto it. The fake rose lays at the bottom of the handcrafted frame housing the faded photo taken the day they met, exactly four years ago. Katniss was sleeping in the children’s area of the library after reading the books of her childhood - the ones her dad had read to her mum whilst she was pregnant with her. She’d been volunteering at the local nursery and in her rush to leave she’d forgotten her library card, by the time she returned they’d closed for the day. Restless and desperate for some comfort she’d sat down to read but the sun shining through the blinds only aiding in lulling her to sleep.

Next thing she saw was the comically wide eyes of a young 12 year old boy trying to crawl away from her. It took two years until he confessed about the photo. Apparently, he’d seen the small girl and assumed she was taking a nap, after all, didn’t all sane teenagers do that? The boy - Peeta as she’d come to learn - was even more shy than she was, with dirty blonde hair that would block his sight and shirts with sleeves stretched out over his hands. He’d heard of valentine’s day but in a house full of boys and with few friends he’d yet to actually prove that he could connect with a girl. Until he saw her. Quickly he had dusted off his father’s camera, set the timer for ten seconds and crawled over to her. Katniss imagined he was poking his tongue out throughout the process as he had attempted to be sneaky and lift the sleeping girl’s head so it was resting on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he said, that he was acting too bold for his age and attempted to kiss her. He succeeded, giving her a peck on the nose as the second flash went off, except as he moved away.

Well she sneezed.

‘I thought you were allergic to me’ he’d told her shyly at the end of his story. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

That’s why the valentine’s gift made her want to cry. Four years later and he’d got her a half fake, half chocolate rose. Who would want that? She wouldn’t have minded previously but they’d been together for a year now. He was her boyfriend.

They were grown up.

They progressed in their relationship.

Oh yes, they were past nose kisses - although they were still ongoing.

They’d moved onto eye contact.

So a chocolate rose? Well Katniss wasn’t a romantic or anything, and personally she thought that valentine’s day was pointless, but surely he could have put a bit more effort into choosing her a gift. I mean she’d prepared his surprise gift for a week and all their pets came round to watch as they painted their favourite designs on each other, or at least he did as she gave him the supplies and made up stories for each image.

Not to mention he had to live up to her parents standards who viewed love as sacrificing anything for a small smile.

It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Cause Katniss cared for him, however unintentional. Sometimes it seemed she was the only one.

She picked it up as the door behind her creaked open. He’s slow, heavy footsteps showed he was hesitant. Damn well should be. She sniffed.

“Did, did you like it?” he stuttered as she turned to look at him. His hair hung over his glasses obscuring his vision just like it had years before. The dark green frames where her favourite colour and likewise the reading glasses she wore were his - a gentle orange.

“Yeah” she whispered watching as he bit his lip and tugged the sleeves of his T-shirt over his hands. “It’s” she searched for a word that he’d take as a compliment “sweet”.

“Well it is chocolate”.

She hummed and swayed slightly as they stood opposite each other, neither moving. From a look he could sense that she wasn’t pleased with his gift.

“But I… you like food” he says scratching his head as a blush spreads on his cheeks. “I mean that’s what you said”.

“I did” she murmured trying to dismiss the feeling of sadness that his gift caused. “But it’s not cheese buns” she replies, grateful that she found an excuse.

Peeta clears throat and uses his sleeve covered hand to wipe at his glasses, a nervous tic she’s noticed. “I can make you some if you like. Its past eight but I’ll stay up past my bedtime and run to the bakery if you-”.

“No” she interrupts pausing as she remembers the curfew his mother made him follow since he was born. If he ran home and got caught then he’d probably end up with a beating from the woman, though for some reason she doubts he wouldn’t do it for her. He was odd like that. “It’s okay”.

He gestures to the gift as his voice cracks during his attempt at a romantic speech, “You rose above all other girls and stole my well you know…” he blushes and evades my eyes “my heart and my… I shouldn’t finish that sentence. I’m not old enough to. So um could you be my valentine?”.

She replied with her a small smile and a pun of her own. “Rye wouldn’t I?”.

Katniss lifts up the rose with a smile. “I guess I’ll go um, eat this. Thanks”.

He huffs, the breath blowing his curls up before they lazily drift back down. “Can I just. Do you mind if I…”.

“What?” he shuffles over at the sight of her furrowed eyebrows and pecks her cheek, his thumb brushing against it as she blushes as though trying to wipe it away. Ease her discomfort. She blushed harder.

•~• •~• •~• •~•

She stumbles down the stairs as she recalls what happened prior to the nap Peeta took with her. She remembered crying after she’d ate the rose and was left with a plastic stem. She’d wasted his gift and was too embarrassed to admit that she’d have preferred a real flower even if it would’ve died a day later. It seemed only she would make the sacrifices in their relationship.

Yet soon as he saw her bloodshot eyes peeta dragged her into the kitchen and melted down some chocolate so that he could make her some more roses in an attempt to cheer her up. Katniss argued that valentine’s day was over at 12:01 but Peeta explained that the time zones were different in every district so technically they had at least four hours left of valentine’s day. That made her smile. She still didn’t think he deserved her. But he’d do anything for a small smile. He was odd like that. So very odd.

Whilst it was melting on the stove he showed her how to pipe flowers and imprint a design into ingredients like flour which consequently ended with her giggling and Peeta standing in the room blushing despite being covered in flour.

As they settled into the last hour, they had drawn their name and the date into the chocolate before placing it in the freezer to act like a little fossil that they could eat in the morning.

They had then sat on the floor and he wrapped his arms around her with a promise to spend their next valentine’s day at the beach. How she got to her room she doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean she regrets it.

Katniss strolled over to the fridge and pulled out some of the chocolate before she sat down and began to read the book logs of their savings. Her nose crinkled at the taste. The chocolate seemed different than the rose, which she resigned to the idea that however useless a gift it was it made her happy if only for a moment. The chocolate was still flavourful and would melt within seconds if she didn’t chew but it didn’t seem as rich. The rose must have been dark chocolate? But that must be artificial. No-one can afford real dark chocolate. Well unless they were from the Capitol which her and Peeta weren’t.

She flips open the log and scans through the records. Income from bakery, coins spent on trade. A violet coughing racked her body and she clung to the table, squeezing her eyes shut as she heard his footsteps thumping down the stairs. Forcing herself up she ran to the sink to get a drink of water, trying not to choke herself in the process.

A deduction. They were missing at least ¾ of their college funds, or at least Peeta’s. She knew he’d been saving. They both had. That money would have taken almost his whole life to earn. Did he give it away? Damn his mannerisms. “Peeta” she screamed slamming the empty cup down, her eyes darting around rapidly. Sixteen times two meant thirty years. He couldn’t wait thirty years to go to learn. “What the hell? Where’s the money? You son of-”. She jerks to a stop.

A labeled tag lays among their rubbish. Crumpled and torn she catches a glimpse of the words written.

“Peeta… what?” her voice trails off as she goes silent, stunned.

{Authentic Gourmet Chocolate, Hand Crafted.

Distribution - Capital.}

The familiar price lays scrawled at the bottom as she gapes at it with a small phrase.

{Love is sacrificing all for the smile of someone who sees you as no-one.}

She doesn’t deserve him. Oh no. Oh no. Her gaze collides with his as she blinks back tears.

He flattens his hair down. Straightens his glasses and with a shy smile, he shrugs. “Happy valentine’s katniss”.

anonymous asked:

Hey!!! I was wondering if you knew if there was someone/who was (or is) filming Chris??? Whenever he does Dodger vids or like, takes pics where his hands are obviously otherwise occupied??? Has he ever said??? Or is he a camera timer magician or he just props his phone up somehow

I don’t know him personally so I can only speculate but he’s never said it himself and it depends on the photo/video. He’s inept when it comes to technology but he’s trying his best okay.

These photos were taken by him for sure:

This was taken by someone else:

He can try to play this off as someone catching him sleeping but there’s a shadow of his laptop and his hand is extended just so and his eyelashes are too perfect for him not to be faking it and I’m on to you, Evans: 

The videos of Dodger with the bird and playing with his food were taken by him, but his reunion video sounds like it was either taken by his sister Carly or she was standing very close to whoever filmed it!


Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: unedited and not grammar checked; also a little short

Summary: Y/n, John, Alex, and Eliza go on a camping trip, and things get fluffy when you forget your sleeping bag.

Bam: This fic is in honor of the camping trip I just went on! I do hope it’s at least okay. Send requests if you want to see something! Remember, love always.


Even though it wasn’t the most glamorous of activities to be enjoying with your friends, you agreed to go camping with them. John, Alex, and Eliza had invited you, and you figured you could keep John company if Alex and Eliza needed alone time. You packed the night before, and you couldn’t help but feel like you forgot something when you woke up. Nonetheless, you threw all your stuff into the trunk when they picked you up. You got into the back seat of Eliza’s little Toyota and sat right next to John.

“John, why is your sleeping bag so big?” His sleeping bag took up as much space as Alex and Eliza’s, but they were using a dual sleeping bag.

“It’s a couple’s sleeping bag,” he nonchalantly responded.


“I like to have room when I sleep!” He goofily smiled at you.

“Whatever you say.”


The drive was four hours long with one stop, since Alex insisted on getting there before three. The campsite was very rocky with a flat spot for the tent. It had trees surrounding it, and you could hear a river raging near by. You did, in fact, get there by three, but it was still very windy. You struggled to set up the tent, and when you finished, you were all ready to collapse by the fire. Alex set his glove on fire, Eliza panicked, and you and John tried not to die of laughter.

The night came out before you had time to take in the sunset, and one by one, little fireflies came out of hiding. One landed on John’s nose, perfectly illuminating his freckles and his lovely green eyes. You snapped a picture just in time. Secretly, you set it as your lock screen. After the fire went out and the cold had set in, you all got your sleeping bags from the car. Except, you didn’t bring a sleeping bag. That’s what you had forgotten this morning.

“Y/n? Where’s your sleeping bag?” John rolled out his onto the tent floor. Alex and Eliza were already fast asleep.

“Uhh….. funny you should ask…. I packed my bag last night and accidentally forgot it? So, that’s a thing,” you mumbled. John stared for a moment, then stood up.

“Well you have to sleep in my sleeping bag then.”

“What? No! You’ll freeze.” You crossed your arms.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna sleep in there. It’s a COUPLES sleeping bag. Now come on, I’m tired.” He pulled you down and zipped you two up. Your entire face was red; you weren’t used to being this close to John. Soon soft snores came from his side, so you figured you might as well try to get some sleep.


Sleep came surprisingly easy, but when you woke up, your face was buried in John’s chest. You slowly lifted your eyes to find John staring at you with something in his eyes that made you feel warm and fuzzy.

“Hey sleeping beauty. Comfy?” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Very. You’re nice and warm.” You nuzzled your face further into his chest. The low rumbling of laughter shook his shoulders, and he shifted to get up.

“Come on. Al and Liza are already up.” You really didn’t want to move, but he was insistent.


It was already 12 in the afternoon, and you could sense that Alexander and Eliza we’re getting antsy. Your observation was confirmed when Eliza pulled you aside while the boys were talking.

“Y/n?” She grabbed your shoulder.


“Could you and John go explore for a few hours?” She gave you a pleading glance.

“If you want alone time that desperately, you could have just asked.” You gave her a wink and she sat down beside Alexander.

“Hey, John, come explore with me!” You tugged his arm and he quickly followed. You followed the sound of the river, and cane upon a log to cross. John took your hand and helped you over. On the other side, there was a huge boulder with many faults in it. John started scaling it, and you tried your best to get up. After a long struggle, you were finally looking at a beautiful skyline of the trees against the mountains and the baby blue sky.

“Hey, let’s take a picture!” He pulled out his phone and scooted closer to you.

“Smile!” You took a nice picture with both of you smiling and holding each other.

“Okay, now time for the mandatory silly face photo!” You said.

He set the camera on timer mode for 3 seconds. You weren’t quite sure why, but you kissed his cheek when he stuck his tongue out for the picture. Right after the picture was done, he went beet red and turned to you.

“What was that for?” His face got closer to yours.

“I felt like it.” Your noses were touching now.

“Well, I feel like this.” His lips brushed against yours before softly pressing down. You grabbed his hand and rubbed small circles onto it, and pulled away from him.

Camping, Man.