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doodlebonez replied to your post “oh yeah and i kind figured out how to punch my tablet into…”

*whispers* d r a w A k u… all the Aku, shapeshift them in swirls and in hard angles and with all the distorted faces and teeth! >:o

oh, ,

,i got you fam


sooo,, i was tagged by @wonhosflower for the bias selfie + bias baby pic tag!! (thank u asdfk///)
this was fun but also like– aaaah, i’m lacking selfies lately haha this one’s old af but look at us matching wow this wasn’t on purpose :)

anyway lmao i’m tagging: @imchangki @ukihyunnie @limkkukkung @mxrays @butterchangkyun @juheonn @peach-wonho @eatchae

you probably already did this like one hundred times by now lol, i’ve been seeing so many pretty faces on my dash haha so,,,, if you don’t feel like it don’t do it, but if you want to go for it!!! 🌻

Tyler Down General Headcanons

Request: Can you do like, general Tyler Down Headcanons? I definitely think this fandom needs more tyler down fans.


A/N: It definitely does, or at least Devin fans. I hope you like this :) And I’m sorry for the wait.


Warnings: None.


Tyler Down General Headcanons…

  • He obsesses over camera lenses, and they’re all perfectly ordered in a draw in his room

  • He’s very particular about the positioning of every photo in the house
  • He cannot stand when things are dusty

  • He’s slightly sassy
  • But sometimes sarcastic comments fly right over his head

  • He truly doesn’t realise how good looking he is
  • He rolls his eyes when his grandma calls him handsome, but he blushes because at least that’s one person, right?

  • His hair is always a mess
  • Probably because he hates having it cut

  • But he actually does often wash it
  • He makes scrapbooks with his pictures

  • He can also draw
  • Unlike most teenagers, he actually just fantasises about cuddles

  • He’s a teddy bear
  • He actually loves to be given flowers

  • He’s full in to social media even though he doesn’t have many followers
  • Okay but Tyler in long plaid pyjama pants

  • He doesn’t like coffee
  • He sucks at running but is good at any sport he can calculate

  • His music taste is all over the place

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Pairing: Nicoeli
Words: 1k+

“Hey Nico, have you thought about what it is like to be frozen in time?” She blurts out casually one day, on a morning too fine for talks like these. “Maybe? Something in between existing and not?”

The other girl on the bed gives her girlfriend a small slap on the shoulder, evoking a laugh from Eli herself. “Eli?” Nico wraps her arms around Eli and pulls her closer, “You think too much sometimes.”

“And you don’t think at all.”

“I have you to do all the thinking for me.” A quick retort, banters that she has missed for a couple of centuries.

“Hey Nico,” Eli sinks into the embrace, another memory to be immortalized forever. “I don’t say it enough but,” Another kiss to remember. “I love you.”

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i drew millie from my “what id do if i made su” au-ish thing

she’d have new bandages each ep because shes an outdoorsy run around kid  (ex: dirty shoes) and she probably gets a lot of scrapes

basically she read about the history of gems on earth and how elusive they are to meet face to face and tons of blurry photos of green women running from the camera and subsequently became obsessed with space, rocks, and space rocks

the gem family keeps arguing over whether or not shes ready to use a sword yet. shes so small. she can barely lift it, blue quartz, hows she gonna use it in battle?