camera obsessions

also I died when the a reporter asked which member did MMM especially wanna get close with from gfriend and Moonbyul was like UMJI YOOO SHE’S SO CUTE, ETC. ETC. 

and then the reporter was like oh Umji what about you? and the girl tactfully goes oh i wanna get close with all of MMM.. but um WHEEIN IS JUST SO FUNNY OH MY GOD


my favourite musical is that one where Jessica Harper plays a young woman who is seduced by an evil camera-obsessed business tycoon (who incidentally shares a voice with her imprisoned love interest) intending to turn her into a drug-addled popstar and marry her on live tv for ratings

obsessed with the camera

I have grown so obsessed with a particular camera that I have exhausted all material available on it. I’ve absorbed it all. so much so that I have started watching videos of people talking about this camera in languages that I don’t even understand. 

I should just buy the camera.

EDIT: I bought the camera.