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au where jimin and yoongi are childhood friends. jimin is a dance major, yoongi is an up-and-coming photographer. and they’re both in this skinny love cliche. 28/?



Everyone’s already gone about writing their analyses between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, that much I noticed.  But something else was nagging me about the whole thing until I just got it while doing some homework.

Not only does Dark and Anti contrast the actual versions of themselves (Mark and Jack), but when speaking purely in terms of visual and auditory representation, they more accurately contrast each other.

Let’s go with timing first and talk about Anti.

Holy shit, I didn’t realize that I actually got a screenshot without glitches until I put it up o.o

This man is the embodiment of chaos.  He’s clearly shown in frame, and there’s no way that you’d miss him if you’re watching.  He moves so much that it’s almost impossible to get him to blend into the background.  Even so, just because he wants the attention doesn’t mean he’s putting it all out there.  The fucker speaks in Zalgo text and jump cuts, with about fifty billion filters on his voice just so no one can really catch what the heck he’s talking about.  Heck, you have to paste together the jump cuts in this section alone to get a coherent conversation from this video.  So in a way, he’s constantly moving and yet he’s almost impossible to focus on.  He’s talking to us, but his attention can just go ANYWHERE.

He thrives on the buildup than the payoff.  He spent an entire month just dropping clues to his appearance, which garnered more attention than this clip would ever do.  Anti thrives not on the full appearance but on the clues that are left behind.  He prefers to be on the back of your mind, not the full center of attention, because he lasts oh so much longer there.  If he was a type of music, he’d be dubstep: nothing but buildup to a loud payoff.  And that analogy is totally not because he wears gauges in his ears.

With that known, let’s look at Dark.

He speaks bluntly, straight from start to finish, with maybe one or two filters on him.  Visually, he practically blends into the background, with only the grayscale keeping him in focus.  Actually, that’s another thing.  Dark keeps to his name by staying mostly in gray colors and backdrops.  Only his afterimages have some form of color on him.  He stays still and collected during his conversations right until he starts to lose his cool.  Then the filter effects go nuts, the camera straight out flips, and THEN we get the jump cuts to a calmer figure.  He has coherency to his character, so no need to paste together jump cuts to find out his full conversation.

Judging from his dialogue, he prefers to be front and center in your mind rather than linger in the back of it.  He wants to shower you in attention, almost to a violent degree, yet never actually does much to PHYSICALLY harm us (unless we just accept that we’re the dog).  This is especially true when you look back and realize that whenever we’re alone with him, he never fully turns away from us.  Mark does…a lot, actually…but never Dark.  No, he’s constantly facing us.  He wants us to remember him.  He’s Jumin Han, a few minutes into the second bad ending is that even relevant anymore?.

Visually speaking, these two characters are utterly fascinating, especially since they came from fanart that doesn’t seem to have a full coherent personality on them.

Sorry I’ve been gone lately. Here’s a little imagine 💕

“Tom smile! Smile!” The photographer’s shouted.

“I’m doing my best you guys!” He chuckled, facing multiple directions and smiling.

“Give us a smoulder!” One shouted. Tom smiled and looked down, looking up and giving a serious face.

“Alright you guys. It’s Zendaya’s turn now. I need a breather.” He laughed, waving. I smiled at him as he came over to me, opening his arms.

I went into them and he kissed my forehead.

“I wish you were out there with me.” He said, slinging an arm around my waist.


“So he can show you off.” Harrison said, handing Tom a water.

“Really?” I said, raising an eyebrow. He nodded, the water bottle on his lips.

“Gross why?” I said. Harrison chuckled and Tom nearly choked on his water.

“Because. I get asked all these questions about you and when we go out they get photos of you. And they don’t see the you I see.” Tom said.

“Ugh! I think my heart is trying to get me to throw it up.” Harrison said, gagging. I laughed and Tom kicked his leg up softly, Harrison blocking it with his hands.

“Maybe someday.” I said as we moved on to another setting.

“Hey, I have a surprise for Tom.” Harrison told me as Tom went out for more photos.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Us.” A pair of voices said. I turned and saw Harry and Sam, alongside with Tessa.

“Tess!” I said, going up to her. She ran up to me, as far as her leash would let her, and licked my face.

“Hi you guys!” I said, hugging the twins.

“He’s going to freak.” Harry said.

“It’s going to be hilarious.” Sam said. I nodded and turned to Haz.

“When are we going to show him?” I asked.

“Now.” Haz smiled, signaling for the boys to let Tessa go.

Tessa bolted off and we watched as Tom’s face lit up.

“Tessa!?! Oh my god. Come here princess!” He said, calling to her as she frantically ran around. Everyone was laughing and he tried posing with her, but I guess the lights freaked her out because she ran off.

“Thanks so much you guys but I gotta go catch her.” He said, exiting. We went after him and saw him cuddling Tessa on the floor.

“Get off the floor. It’s dirty.” Sam laughed.

“You little shits.” Tom said, getting up and nearly tackling the boys in a hug. Tessa went to Harrison, where she sat next to him.

“Good girl.” He said, patting her head.

“That was a great surprise.” Tom said, laughing and heading over to Tess.

“We figured you needed a smile.” Sam said.

“Well.. you were right.” Tom said, petting Tessa and smiling up at me. I smiled back.
It was his last shoot and it was with Zendaya. The twins went to take Tessa to the car while me and Harrison stayed back.

“Zendaya is so pretty.” I said in Harrison’s ear.

“She is.” He answered. I chuckled and kept noticing Tom looking at me. Zendaya noticed and whispered something in his ear, causing him to make a face and making her laugh.

They continued whispering until Zendaya made an announcement.

“Thank you guys so much. I know you wanted more photos of us but as of right now, I’m a little hungry and the smell of food is not helping at all.” She chuckled. The photographer’s laughed and she left, shooting Tom a look.

“I guess we need someone to fill her space.” He said, slowly walking towards me and Haz.

“No. Tom.” I said as he took ahold of my hands.

“Come on Love. Just a few?” He asked. I looked at Haz and he shrugged. I sighed.

“Alright fine.”

He smiled and brought me out, his hand on my waist as we posed.

“Y/N! Show us your pearly whites!” Someone shouted.

I smiled and Tom kissed my cheek. The cameras went nuts. I could feel myself blushing and went to hide my face with my hands, but Tom stopped me, turning it into a waltz and spinning me out.

“Don’t be nervous Love.” He said in my ear, intertwining our hands together as he posed. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there and smiled, throwing a smile over my shoulders now and then.

“Give us something cute!” Someone yelled.

Tom looked at me and I just blinked. He smirked and took me in his arms, dipping me and then planting a kiss on myps. I was shocked and my hands cupped his face, slowly finding their way around his neck.

“Was that cute?” He asked, looking me in the eyes, his eyes crinkled into a smile.

“I’m guessing they liked it.” I said. He pecked my lips one last time and helped me up, waving at the cameras a goodbye as he led me away.

“You guys are so cute yet gross at the same time.” Haz said. Tom punched his arm softly and I stuck my tongue out.

“Did you have fun?” Haz asked me as we walked to say bye to Zendaya and everyone.

“A little. I’m not used to the posing and what to do with my face but it was a good experience.” I said. Haz chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it. Have you seen those photos of me and Tom? They always get me doing a weird face.” He said. I laughed.

“Yeah I know. Maybe we can be ugly together.” I teased.

“You’re stupid but okay.” He said, shaking my hand.

“You’re both stupid and not ugly.” Tom said as we approached Zendaya.

“I don’t know. Haz can be ugly at some times.” Zendaya said.

“Rude.” Haz said.

“You know I’m joking.” She said, hugging me.

“Yeah yeah.” He smiled, waving her off.

Tom came and kissed my cheek.

“I love you. And I’m happy you got out with me.” He said, hugging me.

“I love you too. And if you ever do something like that again, I’m choking you in your sleep.” I said hugging him back. He laughed and kissed me, earning Zendaya and Haz to cheer us on.

I looked away and Tom went chasing them, only to give up halfway when they split up.

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We're reaching this novel sort of information overload where too many ridiculous things happening artificially slows the year down and makes time irrelevant as we're bombarded with a new stupid and more dumb every day.

this has been true for a while

it’s why bodyslamming a reporter didn’t effect that montana guy’s election chances, or why DSP is still around despite nutting on camera

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If I may ask how do you draw feet straight forward pointed at the camera? It's driving me nuts and I'm tryna practice

I don’t really have good advice for that since I don’t draw feet enough or very well XD
I think best bet is to google image some feet and start using it as reference :3
Sorry, I know that’s not much help ^^;;;

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two words: kiss cam. you can decide if its andreil or kandreil <3 love your posts

oh my goddddd. ok I’m gonna give u both options here because i can’t resist. kandreil is first and then andreil! putting a read more cuz its a bit long. this…. is fluff.

  • andrew, in a rare somewhat-romantic gesture, surprised kevin with tickets to a trojans game for his birthday. (aka he walked into the bedroom that morning and wordlessly threw the tickets onto kevin’s sleeping face)
  • this is obviously the best birthday present ever and kevin is visibly happier than he’s looked in ages (bc of his whole resting bitch face thing, u know)
  • the three boys sit in a row with neil in the middle (bc andrew hates being boxed in) and kevin and neil cheer so enthusiastically for the trojans that a tiny smile ALMOST makes its way onto andrew’s face

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I assume you can speak dragonese or at the very least, you have a pet dragon you don't tell us a about.

Assumption meme

Ahahaha. XD Nope. Nope. You’re totally wrong. There are no dragons in any way, shape, or form in my house. Certainly no pet dragons. No dragon communication. No Dragonese. No nothing. Dragonless house, this one. 

See that face?

This is someone who doesn’t know ANYTHING about dragons.

It’s a huge mystery why I have this blog about dragons because no Dragonese or pet dragons here!

One Little Suggestion

Request- Could I possibly get an imagine of like the Ghost Facers episode in season 3 but with the reader added into it and she’s dating Dean and some of the Ghost Facers crew start to like her and try to hit on her and stuff and Dean gets angry and jealous so he keeps her close to him the whole time ? Thanks ! Sorry if this is long & weird !

A/N- Sooo sorry if this didn’t come out as good as you hoped. Let me know! So this one occurs during ‘Ghost Facers’ episode in season 3 episode 13. I watched it a million times while writing this (not that I minded) which is why it took a bit longer. Any who tell me what you think x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count-1704

“Hey you guys hear that?” you whisper while you and the boys wander around the Morton house. You all turn towards the sound and see a flashlight pointing your direction.

“Freeze! Police officers! Don’t Move!” Dean yelled, the two men that were there were freaking out.

Sam asked for their ID when the one with glasses remembered them, “I know both of you guys, yeah.”

“Holy shit!” Sam said realizing who the guy was.

“What?” Dean asked wanting to know too.

“West Texas… the tulpa we had to take out. Those two goof balls that almost got us killed.” Sam responded.

“Oh!” you shout “You told me about these guys… The um- hell something or the uh… Oh the hellhounds.” you say.

“Well we’re not hell hounds anymore… it didn’t test out well.” he said while telling his friend that you weren’t cops.

“Ed! Ed, you had a partner didn’t you have a different guy? Where is he?” Dean asked.

“He’s uh running around… chasing ghost” Ed responded.

“Well you and Rambo need to get your girlfriends and get out of here.” Dean demanded.

Ed had continued arguing, “I’ll look for them” you volunteered. As you walked out, you heard Ed call Dean ‘chiseled chest’, you smiled and continued on. You roamed through the house and stopped when you heard a voice.

“Guys… Guys! Guys!” You followed the voice to find some guy with a camera and a couple? The guy with the camera was videotaping a death echo. After it was over they noticed you. The camera man turned the camera towards you, “Who are you?” he asked.

Before you could answer, “We have to go show Ed!” The girl interrupted, still a bit freaked out with what just happened. Everyone ran screaming, heading downstairs. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at their excitement.

They were screaming excitedly telling Ed and Corbett what they had seen. Then Harry stopped, “Hey! Aren’t those the assholes from Texas?”

“Yes” Ed responded.

“Guys let’s have this reunion somewhere else… Come on let’s go” Dean demanded, but they ignore him and continued showing Ed and Corbett the video they just took.

Dean and Sam walked over to you, “Think we were wrong on this?” he asked.

“I don’t know that was just a death echo of someone who got shot but I don’t think anyone was shot here.” You say.

“No one was shot here… At least none that I can find.” Sam said.

“Wait the pretty lady is with you guys?” asked Spruce.

“Pretty lady” Dean repeated looking towards you, you shrugged, “Look buddy, it would be best if your eyes don’t linger on my girlfriend.” Dean told him, taking a protective step in front of you, shielding you from the camera.

“Oh what’s a death echo?” he asked looking at you over Dean’s shoulder, completely ignoring his warning.

“Look we have a problem here and that ghost aint it.” Sam answered.

He ignored Sam and looked back at you, “What’s a death echo hot stuff?”

Dean was getting increasingly more annoyed and you tried so hard not to laugh, “Echoes are trapped in a loop. Okay, they keep replaying how they died over and over and over again usually in the place they got gank’d. It’s about as dangerous as a scary movie.”

“Well maybe the echo is not dangerous but something else is.” Sam said, Dean agreed, “We need to go.”

You all tried to push them out the door. It being too dangerous for a bunch of amateurs. When Ed realized Corbett was missing. A few seconds after, you could hear his screams. The Ghost Facers’ crew scrambled after him.

“Shit!” Sam shouted.

“We should probably go after them.” you said.

Dean nodded as he grabbed your hand, “But you’re sticking with me, I don’t want those creeps making any moves on you.” You nod, you would have usually teased him about his jealousy but this was no time for that.

You all run after the Ghost Facers, when the screams stopped and Corbett was nowhere to be found. Dean, Sam, and you start shouting to go back down stairs. Ed had not only taken you with him but he did so while having a fair grip on your arm.

“Oh my god… He’s gone, he just disappeared.” Ed said looking into your eyes. Dean was none too happy.

He came over, pushed Ed off you, and walked over to Sam while holding your hand. “Well it’s 12:04 Dean. You good, you happy.”

“Yeah I am happy-” he responded.

They bickered about whether this was a good idea or not. “You got two months left Dean. Instead we’re going to die tonight.”

“Guys calm down,” you say. You hated it when the counted how much time Dean had.

Sam grabbed a chair and smashed it against the door. Alarming the Ghost Facers, who then came over to check what the commotion was about. Spruce notified everyone about the camera spritzing again, and another death echo appear. Dean tried to shock the echo out of its loop. Unfortunately he didn’t succeed and the ghost proceeded to repeat its’ moment of death.

You all decided to continue your run through the house, in hopes of maybe finding Corbett. “Stay close” Sam said. You were in front of them, Ed and Spruce slowed their speed to be ‘close’ to you.

“No! NO not you two. You keep walking.”  He yelled, grabbing your hand pulling you behind him, guarding you from them. He continued explaining what death echoes are and where they appear. Maggie then asked what the echoes ‘were doing here’. “Hey! Give the lady a cigar. Alright seriously does looking at this nightmare through that camera make you feel better or something?” he asked, earning him a nudge from you.

“Um… Uh… Yeah I think so.” she responded.

You all enter a room and look through the things. Ed was frustrated and wanted to look for Corbett as soon as possible. Dean had found a box full of the things of the last owner of the house, Freeman Daggett.

“Eww” Dean said “Got three toe tags here. One death by a gunshot, train accident, suicide.”

“Eww” Sam responded.

“Ugh that’s just wrong” you add.

Ed and Harry didn’t seem to figure out what that meant, so Sam explained, “…because their bodies are here… somewhere in the house.”

“He brought the remains from the morgue… to play” Dean added when they still didn’t understand. After their brains figured it out and they were grossed out, Dean noticed that Maggie was missing, and found her shortly after. Told her to stay close. All of a sudden the emf was going nuts, the camera was spritzing again, and Sam disappeared.

Dean yelled for Sam the ghost facer crew called for Corbett. You all split up looking for them, you and Dean then heard yelling. Following it you found Ed and Harry attempting to fight. Dean broke it off. Ed turns and looks at you, “I. I won that right? I’m pretty strong huh?”

“Oh yeah… Super strong.” you answer, nodding sarcastically.

Dean came back, once again taking a hold of your hand, “Don’t- don’t encourage him.” he told you. Then continued your search for Sam. Spruce followed you and Dean down a set of stairs leading into the basement. Suddenly the door slammed behind you, leaving Maggie, Ed, and Harry alone. Dean instructed them to make a salt circle as you continue on down to the basement.

“Hey can I ask something. Earlier… You, Sam, and Y/N talked about how you had two months left?” Spruce questioned.

“Yeah… it’s complicated.” Dean said absentmindedly.

“L-let’s not talk about that and focus on finding Sam and Corbett.” you say as Spruce had the camera on you. You pause, straining your ears, “You hear that?”

“Is that music?” Spruce asked.

“It’s coming from behind this wall.” Dean answered while he moved the metal cabinets and busted open the door behind it. Finding Sam tied to a chair, Dean shot the ghost making it disappear. You and Dean proceeded to untie Sam as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there was no helping Corbett.

Sam explained what the ghost of Freeman Daggett was doing. How he would bring the dead corpses home to celebrate his birthday. While on the stairs to go back to the first floor Spruce’s camera began to malfunction. He turned around, the Daggett’s ghost was right behind him and threw him back into the room. Sam came down and shot it. It disappeared and reappeared behind Dean who came back into the room. Then Daggett’s ghost sent him flying and Sam right after. All of a sudden Corbett’s ghost appeared and talked him and they both disappeared in a big flash.

“Babe! You okay?” you asked holding your hand out to help him up.

“Yeah, I’m fine…”he answered taking your hand and getting back on his feet.

You all walked out of that house. It then cut to a black screen ‘In Memory of Alan J. Corbett 1985-2008 King of the Impossible”

The ghost Facer crew looked at the three of you expectantly. “So what’d you guys think?” Ed finally asked.

Dean turned to look at you and Sam, “I think it was half awesome…” he stood and faced Ed, got in real close. “Just uh one little suggestion” he paused waiting for Ed to answer, he was a bit intimidated and simply nodded “If I were you I wouldn’t have added all those scenes where the camera stays a little too long on my girlfriend.” Ed’s eyes widened slightly and nodded once more.

The three of you headed outside towards the impala, “We clean?” Sam asked. Screams of the Ghost Facers could be heard and the three of you smiled and hopped into baby.

“Electro magnet wiped out every tape and hard drive they have” Dean said.

“World isn’t ready for the Ghost Facers” Sam added.

“That’s too bad… I kinda liked the show.” stated Dean.

Sam smirked, “it had its moments”

“I don’t like being the center of attention.” you declared.

You all laughed as Dean pulled out of the drive way and back on the road.

Hope you like it! x)

SOOOOO Godzilla vs Mothra, and my thoughts on it

-lots of looks™ in this one

- The plot wasn’t broken and all over the place in some movies but it wasn’t great either

- The Godzilla suit in this movie, he had a really floppy mouth tho I thought that was funny

- Mothra is love, Mothra is life

- The fight choregraphy w/ Godzilla and Mothra was…bad, it was just alot of flailing around and the camera was going nuts, although I will admit some part where funny as hell to watch

- That guy that was just eating an egg in pretty much every scene he was in killed me

I know it sounds like I have more negative things to say than good but I don’t think this was a bad movie.  It wasn’t amazing but I definitely wasn’t bored


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Kazer: Fake dating AU

“Come on, Jonny,” Kaner whines, shoulder-checking him. “Segs says it’s the best massage in Dallas.”

“We have Prylinski,” Jonny says matter-of-factly. “And he’s free.”

Kaner gives him a sour look. “This would be free, too. And something different.” 

“Okay, Kaner, look,” Jonny says, grabbing both of Patrick’s shoulders and turning him so he can stare him right in the eyes. “I’m not going to pretend to be your boyfriend for a free couples’ massage. That’s not something I’m going to do. Get it?”

Kaner pouts.

“Fine,” Jonny acquiesces. Kaner brightens so quickly that Jonny is almost blinded by it. He frowns in the face of it. “But I’m not going to hold your hand.”


Kaner’s fingers are twined with his when they walk into Massage Envy, and Tazer does his best to look happy about it. Patrick slaps the coupon down on the counter and gets a tight smile from the receptionist.

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