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The pleasant fucking bop is now my new favorite thing because you can just see how it starts to escalate into something even weirder in the last few miliseconds and you can see the camera moving, so it's clear that someone, probably phil is standing there watching him and I just imagine phil watching dan do an entire weird dance routine with a mixture of incredulity, love and just realising that this situation is not unusual for them

the pleasant fucking bop saved my week, i always think that dan must love dancing around the house like a giant uncoordinated ‘baby giraffe’ so i’m always pleased when i get to see it and also pretty much get visual confirmation of phil watching him fondly n laughing (a la that scene in the tatinof docu?? was it the tatinof docu??? when dan is doing a strange interpretive dance in their dressing room after their show and phil just films him and giggles about how he is baffled at how dan has so much energy) wow i love them and they love each other it’s too much

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WOAH dude how did you pull off that perfect grid "intersecting universes" effect in the ocean realm animation

It was done in After Effects, which I use for all my compositing. The base pic is just an animated strip like this

but multiplied and turned into 3d objects (bless AE for that functionality).

Then all that’s left to do is to animate a camera speeding away from it.

#38 - I redesigned the Colonist outfit from Alien Covenant, man to think a simple headset and filter mask would’ve avoided such a catastrophe. Miss when Alien was ‘hard’ scifi. 

  • Recording cameras moved to a place that the back of the head doesn’t obscure the shot
  • Rebreather to filter foreign particles
  • Headset for better situational awareness, and harmful noise reduction.
  • Original gun prop (instead of dressed up existing gun)
  • Eye protection 

Yoon Shiyoon and Hong Kyungmin performing “Say it” as members of J2, the fake 90’s idol duo from upcoming KBS drama “The Best Hit”.

I’m not sure what I love more : the cheesy lyrics, the intense gaze, the herratic camera moves or just the fact that it brings me back to a time when similar groups actually existed and I was dancing to their songs… *sigh* those were the days ha!

Anyway, if I wasn’t already so excited for the show, that MV alone would have got me hook, line and sinker! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go brush up on my Spice Girls dance routine~


Airglow waves. Do you you think our night sky is pitch black ? Have a look at this timelapse video. I captured it at Carnegie Las Campamas observatory. Those red waves are not clouds (!) - this is pretty intense airglow, which takes place in upper atmosphere. It’s very interesting to see how the waves move. While camera pans you will notice on the foreground both 6.5-m Magellan telescopes, as well as nicely setting Milky Way. I hope you’ll enjoy the view ! :) Music: “Airglow” by © Club 220