camera moves

id like to just sit here for a minute and imagine what the world would be like if blender wasnt the death of me

  • Update tomorrow i know I've been MIA but i finally finished the story board for the opening of bound secrets now I'm working on the animatic i just need to figure out how to move the camera and in another week I'll be working on animation. I feel a month or so and I'll have the opening ready....maybe but yeah comic update tomorrow.

Airglow waves. Do you you think our night sky is pitch black ? Have a look at this timelapse video. I captured it at Carnegie Las Campamas observatory. Those red waves are not clouds (!) - this is pretty intense airglow, which takes place in upper atmosphere. It’s very interesting to see how the waves move. While camera pans you will notice on the foreground both 6.5-m Magellan telescopes, as well as nicely setting Milky Way. I hope you’ll enjoy the view ! :) Music: “Airglow” by © Club 220


“hey check out this pic of yoshi“

“check out this panel from a german mario comic“

“if you move the camera backwards on rainbow road and look under the track you can see god“

“check out this pic of wario“

Imagine Jack running into Beyoncé at the airport, prolly in the VIP waiting area and at first he doesn’t realise she’s there because he’s very into his book, but when he does he’s torn because obviously he understands she might not want to be bothered but on the other hand Bitty might marry him just so that he can divorce him for wasting this opportunity.

Then he has an idea. The best idea.

Fast forward to a year later.

“Hey Bits, you need to see something.”

“What is it hon?”

“Just sit here and press play.”

Bitty does.

Video starts playing. Beyoncé is talking.

“Hey Bitty, Jack has been telling me a lot about you in the past ten minutes and I have to say, I think you got a keeper! He mentioned this song was part of a very special moment for you both, so let’s keep the tradition going!”

*Beyoncé starts signing Halo*

Camera moves to a nervously grinning Jack.

“Hey Bits, I hope you forgive me for not telling you who I met at the airport straight away…”

*signing in the background is interrupted by Beyoncé laughing but quickly resumes*

“I know we have only been dating for a few months, but from the moment we kissed I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and I hope you feel the same. So…”

Jack shows a napkin to the camera that’s says, “Yo Marry Me Eric Bittle” on it.

“Say Yes Bitty!” Beyoncé whispers in the background.

Video ends.

And that’s how Bitty gets the best proposal of all times and receives a napkin signed by Beyoncé instead of a ring.

(For the record he does get a ring, but we all know which one he went for when Jack got on one knee to ask the question in person.)

(Jack will always jokingly say that he knew Bitty would never go against Beyoncé, so he was making absolutely sure his proposal was be bullet proof.)

In Super Mario Galaxy, touching the Dark Matter in Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant causes Mario to disintegrate. For this effect, the game obscures Mario’s model with particles. Moving the camera around the obstruction, we can see that to counteract the increased strain on the graphical processing caused by the particle effect, Mario’s model is simplified during the cutscene by having its hands and face removed.


in the first picture they just ‘hugged’ and pulled back a few inches, then they smiled at each other in second picture, and really hugged in the third… but… but what if they kissed? Victor pulled back a few inches, and was pulling back when the camera angle moved to show them where the first picture has them at, what if those few inches was how far he had to move to kiss Yuuri?
We already had one, maybe this is the second?