camera de filme





Here are some storyboards from the first Monster High I worked on, “Frights, Cameras, Action!” ( so please forgive the crappy drawings…)  

some things to take note of: 

– the scene where Lord Stoker is being distracted by Draculaura picking out clothes.. (a deleted scene) the end transition goes from Stoker sitting in the chair to the next scene - a coffin shaped window, with vertical ‘jail-like’ bars in the window. I decided to create this transition to illustrate Lord Stoker’s feeling of being trapped and imprisoned by Draculaura’s shopping… he’s in a coffin! and imprisoned!  In film history, there are many precedents for jail bar imagery to represent someone’s emotional trap - in the films, ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘Psycho’, and ‘in Cold Blood’

– the scene in Lord Stoker’s study, the goal was to find a clue left behind by Elizabat. I wanted to engage the characters in this scene, so i decided that Hoodude would be the one to clumsily trigger an the event that reveals the ckue behind the painting. The extra bit of the girls catching the painting, doing the ‘heavy-lifting’ holding the painting, i felt empowered the girls with strength, while Hoodude pooping up after, lent a comedic beat to the whole situation… 

Hope you enjoy :)