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What is your favorite non-Austen period novel? Movie?

Okay I’m gonna do a rundown of all my favourites because making me pick one is just mean. (Also at one point in my notes on the following books and films I just wrote “Bagels” and I can’t for the life of me think what I might have meant or autocorrected that from. Maybe a shopping list started to take form. I don’t know.)

(If the film Miss Austen Regrets and book Longbourn by Jo Baker count as non-Austen then include them.)


Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India - 2001 (Sports! High stakes! Sticking it to the Colonial Man!)

Mozart’s Sister - 2010 (Beautiful music! Gorgeous androgyny! GIRLS CAST TO PLAY THEIR ACTUAL AGE AND NOT SOME 20-SOMETHING PRETENDING TO BE FOURTEEN!)

Possession - 2002 (I’ve tried the novel, and A.S. Byatt has some beautiful prose but her structures sometimes do my head in, so never finished it. Ignore Paltrow as best you can and enjoy lush Victorian Gothic mystery and the ending is one of the most poignant things I’ve ever been pleasantly surprised with on film, and it leaves you wondering about many, many things…)

Jodhaa Akbar - 2008 (You could put Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the worst commercial ever made and I would watch it. Costumes, scenery, and, as a friend once put it “I’m not sure how they did it, but they just had a sex scene without any sex.” Bravo.)

Water - 2005 (Deepa Mehta is such a fantastic filmmaker and I loved this whole trilogy but Water is my favourite.)

Elizabeth - 1998 & Elizabeth: The Golden Age - 2007 (The costumes! The caMERA ANGLES!!! The compli-fucking-cated mess that is Elizabeth I.)

[Okay Tumblr won’t let me embed any more trailers, but those ones are easy to find, they’re out there.]

Vatel - 2000 (Any foodie who is also a fan of The Sun King and his era will dig this one. A great score, baddie Tim Roth.)

Alternatively, in the same era: A Little Chaos - 2015. Storyline is a little weak, but it’s so beautiful and the cast is great and the M U S I C. Kate Winslet. Alan Rickman. Helen McCrory. STANLEY TUCCI.)

Also: they’re not films, but TV shows - honourable mentions to the Spanish series Gran Hotel. It’s like a good version of Downton Abbey, only sorta on crack and with a tonne more murder mysteries; and while I have some Issues with its so-called hero and some comparatively weirdo plot-points in S3, overall, it’s fantastic and I’m obssessed. Please don’t mix it up with the Italian re-make which looks horrible in every way. Like, main actors dressed in a poorly-sewn-table-cloth-bad.

And shout-out to the new CBC/Netflix series Anne. I will defend this show to the DEATH, alright? They’ve gone bolder and fresher and have managed to involve period realism in a moving way while retaining the sunshine-and-pinafores element that so many people love about L.M. Montgomery’s work. There’s heaps of women with production credits, and I think it shows. Geraldine James is already my favourite Marilla after one episode, and I feel like R.H. Thompson (HEY JASPER DALE HEEEEY!) and Amybeth McNulty are likely going to become my favourite Matthew and Anne, too. People have complained about this series going off-book and in particular some have condemned it sight-unseen because the writers/directors are putting a feminist spin on it and OH GOD THEY SAID FEMINIST QUICK WE GOTTA SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE BECAUSE CHILDHOOD IS RUINED, but honestly it’s just perky and gorgeous and scrappy and nobody can tell me to my face that Kevin Sullivan didn’t go all the fucking way off-book from the very beginning so I am not gonna sit here and insist that the Megan Fallows Anne of Green Gables was perfection which could never be improved upon because that’s just a plain lie. It was nice and it has its place but it’s time for some new blood. (And NOT the telefilms they’ve also come out with recently with Martin Sheen, bless his heart, but they took a brunette child actor and dumped an atrociously stark box of red hair-dye on her before drawing on her freckles and then telling her to please play everything theatrically to the back of the house even though there is a camera ten inches from her face.) I am HERE FOR ANNE. RIDE OR DIE.


After that you might assume my L.M. Montgomery recommendation would be Anne of Green Gables and sure I won’t say DON’T read them, but for my money the Emily of New Moon trilogy is more my jam and I wish to God and Netflix in all my prayers that there might someday be a decent adaptation of them.

I was really into Cassandra Clark’s Abbess of Meaux mystery series for a time, but then things went a bit pear-shaped in what I think was the fourth(?) book and everything was OOC and honestly I haven’t caught up on the later books after that and they seem to be self-published now but I am a sucker for nuns and mysteries so I’ll probably get back into it when I have time.

The Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight and The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth von Arnim. Vacation-reads! Beautiful prose, some wry wit, and fun hijinks. If you’ve ever wanted to run away and live in an isolated cottage in the wilderness for a little while, these are for you. [ETA: I recently got my hands on a copy of The Jasmine Farm so THANK YOU to one of you who recommended it I am loving it so far only I don’t see the appeal in Andrew so wtf Terry you can do better.]

Edward Rutherfurd’s geographical history novels–Sarum is the classic to start with, but the others I’ve read are very good, too. (London, New York, and I’m now working my way through a first-edition of Russka.)

Amy Levy. A M Y   L E V Y. Criminally under-recognized Jewish Victorian novelist and poet. Novellas Ruben Sachs and The Romance of a Shop. (RS a beautiful and bittersweet story about the conflicts between love, identity, and expectations, and some would say a response to George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda. TRoaS reading a bit like a less treacle-sweet variation on Little Women, where four sisters try to make their way in the world by setting up their own photography studio in late 19th century London.)

The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgkin Burnett. Colonialist racism appears in this one, so be warned. Still the book is a THOUSAND times better than the utterly dreadful adaptation known as The Making of a Lady. Jane is better, Emily is better, Walderhurst is better, pretty much EVERYONE IS BETTER. The pacing is better. The plotting and suspense make actual sense.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. A classic, and the grand-daddy of every secret-identity superhero.

The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. Like, it makes me MAD how good these books are.

And last but not least, a non-fiction selection in Vere Hodgson’s WWII diaries: Few Eggs and No Oranges. Nothing else has ever brought the experience of living (or trying to) under the shadow of the bombs and the threat of invasion quite like these diaries. Fascinating details, engagingly written, and at times a stark reminder that the Allied victory we take for granted in our history could by no means be counted on by the millions who dwelt in daily uncertainty.


Aliens don’t like being flipped off pt 5

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #119 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Originally posted by westwingwolf

Spoilers Below

Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

Did I Like It Then: Yes.

Do I Remember It: Yes.

Did I See It In Theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) Starting this comedy/noir film off with what appears to be an animated cartoon from the 40s is a good way of establishing tone for a few reasons. First of all it tells us what kind of toons Roger and company are. The kind that star in short after short after short like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, as opposed to say the Care Bears (it was the 80s, so I’m going with that example) who had a TV Show and a movie. It also introduces us to Roger, Baby Herman, the idea of ACME in cartoons, and Maroon studios. Also the film’s excellence in slapstick is there from the get go.

Originally posted by jpoxxed

2) But as soon as the cartoon is over, we’re in the “real” world. This film has a slight bit of edge to it that I wildly appreciate. Not like Martin Scorsese edge, but come on. This is a film starring animated characters that has swearing, murder, sexual innuendo galore, and an alcoholic main character. For example in the original version of the film (now edited out): after Baby Herman walks under the skirt of a female employee on set, his finger is extended upward and has some liquid on it. That is VERY adult but will go over the heads of children.

3) According to IMDb:

Joel Silver’s cameo as the director of the Baby Herman cartoon was a prank on Disney chief Michael Eisner by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. Eisner and Silver hated each other from their days at Paramount Pictures in the early ‘80s, particularly after the difficulties involved in making 48 Hrs. (1982). Silver shaved off his beard, paid his own expenses, and kept his name out of all initial cast sheets. When Eisner was told, after the movie was complete, who was playing the director - Silver was nearly unrecognizable - he reportedly shrugged and said, “He was pretty good.”

4) Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant.

Eddie is a wildly interesting character. He’s a former goofball who has kept his sharp tongue for wiseass remarks and being a pain in the ass, which is always appreciated by me. His conflict is incredibly interesting (more on that later) and he’s just a great character to follow around in this world.

Bob Hoskins is perfect for this role. I’ll go into detail on this later but his interactions with the cartoon characters look easy when they’re not, and Hoskins is able to balance the sourpuss aspect of Eddie’s personality with the wiseass, heartache, alcoholism, and former goofball in a complete package.

According to IMDb:

On the Special Edition DVD, Robert Zemeckis recounts that he had stated in a newspaper interview that Bill Murray was his and producer Steven Spielberg’s original choice for the role of Eddie Valiant, but neither could get in contact with him in time. Bill Murray, in turn, has stated that when he read the interview he was in a public place, but he still screamed his lungs out, because he would have definitely accepted the role.

I think Hoskins can’t be replaced though.

5) This film is more of a noir film than an animated fantasy. You have your archetypes like RK Maroon begin the big money slime, Judge Doom is the shady government official, and Jessica Rabbit it the femme fatale. This is felt in every aspect of the film, from the cinematography right down to Alan Silvestri’s wonderful music.

6) Remember how I said Eddie had a great conflict?

Angelo [bar patron who Eddie flipped out on]: “What’s his problem?”

Dolores [Eddie’s sort-of-girlfriend and bar owner]: “Toon killed his brother.”

Like that is such a strange idea, a murderous toon, and it provides such great conflict for Eddie. A conflict which we see laid out before us when the camera takes the time to look at all the stuff on his and Teddy’s desk. You SEE that Eddie is in pain, and without a flashback you see the guy he used to be when his brother was around. The fun goofball who liked working Toontown and helpings toons out. To go from that to where he is now takes a lot of heartbreak.

7) I love that the password to get into the Ink & Paint Club is, “Walt sent me.”

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

8) Daffy and Donald Duck.

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

This is the first (and to date only) time cartoon characters owned by Warner Brothers and Disney have appeared in a film together. Since the film was being made by Disney, WB only allowed to have their characters show up if the major characters had the same amount of screen time as the Disney characters. That’s why Donald/Daffy and later Mickey/Bugs always share the screen together.

As a kid THIS was my favorite part of the film! The crossover aspect. Getting to see characters interact who normally don’t. AND they got the official actors at the time to voice them. Mel Blanc voices all his Looney Tunes characters, Tony Anselmo is Donald, and Wayne Allwine is Mickey Mouse. These aren’t cheap cameos, these are the genuine articles and that’s amazing!

9) There are also some appearances by non-Disney/non-WB characters, such as Betty Boop.

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

I think the inclusion of Betty is a nice way to pay respect to the early days of studio animation, and her original voice actress was still alive at the time so she got a chance to reprise the character.

10) Jessica Rabbit.

Originally posted by adrixu

Before anything else, I would just like to point out that Jessica’s proportions are PURPOSEFULLY impossible. I think that this is done to play into the idea of her being a femme fatale, but more so even to critique some of the ridiculous bodies animated female characters have (but that last part may just be wishful thinking on my part). Kathleen Turner unfortunately does not get credit for her voiceover work as Jessica, which is a shame because she gives the character so much of her heart and intrigue. When she’s just the femme fatale Jessica’s a bit of a stereotype but by the end of the film she becomes truly interesting to me because she doesn’t just fill that role. There’s also a fan theory about Jessica I’m totally onboard with, but more on that later.

11) Robert Zemeckis’ films are marked for their incredible special effects, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is no exception. Ask yourself: every time an animated character opens a door, or moves a desk, or splashes water, or bumps into a lamp, or (in the case of Jessica) pulls Eddie close to them by his tie and then lets him go, how did they do that on set? Because they had to! CGI is not a factor in this film. The animation is done by drawing over the film that was shot in the traditional fashion, but everything else had to be done practically on set. It’s so subtle and so natural that I marvel at it every time.

12) Okay, I love the theory that Jessica Rabbit is asexual. If you want to read the full post click the link above but here are the basic points of argument:

  • She’s in love with a rabbit because he makes her laugh.
  • She uses her body to get things she wants from people, but outside of that doesn’t she interest in anybody.
  • Her line, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
  • Her line, “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”

The only thing that really contradicts the theory is that later in the movie Eddie says to Jessica that Roger is a better lover than a driver, to which she replies, “You better believe it buster.” But I can easily see that as her defending his loving husband side instead of any sexual prowess.

Originally posted by tvneon

13) Another thing that supports the asexual Jessica theme is that instead of her doing anything sexual with Marvin Acme, she plays Patty Cake with him. Like literally, patty cake.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

That is a joke I did not understand as a child.

14) I haven’t talked too much about Roger’s voice actor yet, Charles Fleischer.

During filming, Charles Fleischer delivered Roger Rabbit’s lines off camera in full Roger costume including rabbit ears, yellow gloves and orange cover-alls. During breaks when he was in costume, other staff at the studios would see him and make comments about the poor caliber of the effects in the “rabbit movie”.

Fleischer’s voice IS Roger in so many ways. All he can do to deliver Roger’s heart is speak, and Fleischer’s performance in this film is not to be underwritten because it is amazing. It is full with such life, such heart, and a surprising amount of honesty. It works brilliantly.

15) You have to keep your eyes open for the little innuendos in this film. For example, when Eddie meets Jessica at the crime scene he quickly peeks down at her boobs. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed that and I’ve seen this film a lot.

16) Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom.

Originally posted by neganomics

Director Robert Zemeckis had worked with Lloyd on their most iconic film Back to the Future (where Lloyd played Doc Brown), and now Lloyd gets to show off his villainous side. He is wonderfully and gleefully evil, showing no remorse and has a cartoon like quality which makes the bad guy work wonderfully in the role. He’s just threatening enough but also just funny enough. And Lloyd never phones it in once. It’s a fantastic performance through and through.

16.5) Can we talk about how this judge just murdered a cartoon shoe for no other reason than to show that he could and no one stopped him. Like, is the shoe technically a prop and so it doesn’t count as murder? Because that thing seems more alive than a prop!

Originally posted by horrorsoflife

17) So I talked about Roger’s voice actor but not much about Roger as a character yet.

Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

Roger is a pure cartoon character, and I mean that in a sort of literal sense. He’s not tainted by greed or hatred, he is pure joy and humor. A bit of a dunce but he trusts people and WANTS to see the best in them. His entire purpose in life is to make people life and that feeds every decision he makes. It’s a wonderful cartoon counterpart to Hoskins as Eddie.

18) Hoskins’ interactions with Roger is where he shines. Because remember, Hoskins was not on set with Rogers. He was looking at an empty space which would be drawn in latter. But when you watch the film he’s never looking through the space. He’s miming it excellently, he is looking AT an animated character who isn’t even there yet. It’s amazing and the key reason he excels in the role.

19) I never caught this line before.

Roger [asking Eddie for help]: “You know there’s no justice for toons anymore.”

So toons are sort of a disenfranchised minority. That’s an interesting concept. If there’s a sequel maybe they’ll play with it.

20) According to IMDb:

When Eddie takes Roger Rabbit into the back room at the bar where Dolores works to cut apart the hand-cuffs, the lamp from ceiling is bumped and swinging. Lots of extra work was needed to make the shadows match between the actual room shots and the animation. Today, “Bump the Lamp” is a term used by many Disney employees to refer to going that extra mile on an effect just to make it a little more special, even though most audience members will never notice it.

21) @theforceisstronginthegirl, this is for you:

Originally posted by i-am-the-wallflower

(GIF originally posted by @i-am-the-wallflower)

Nothing sums up Roger more than the fact that he can only get out of those handcuffs when it’s funny. It feeds into how Roger entertains all the guys at the tavern because they’re down on their luck, even though they could turn him over to Doom for a ton of cash (but they don’t). He believes in the power of laughter.


Judge Doom [upon observing the record on the record player]: “‘The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down’. Quite a looney selection for a bunch of drunken reprobates.”

“The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” is the theme to the Looney Tunes shorts.

Originally posted by cashmanny

23) The rest of the bar scene is filled with so many great cartoon gags. The fact that Judge Doom is able to lure Roger out by having him respond to, “Shave and a haircut,” is great. But a subtler reference is how Eddie gets Roger to drink the alcohol and loose control (thereby freeing himself from Doom). They go back and forth where Eddie wants Roger to drink the drink but Roger doesn’t want it, but when Eddie says Roger DOESN’T want the drink Roger says he wants it just to continue the conflict. Sound familiar?

Originally posted by americana-plus

24) Benny the cab is another fun original character added to the film, and he’s the same voice over actor as Roger!

Originally posted by gifsfrommydvds

25) I find this hysterical.

Benny [right before they’re going to hit a car]: “Pull the lever!”

Eddie: “Which one?”

Roger: “Which one?”

Benny: “‘WHICH ONE?’!?”

26) I am so ashamed of myself that I never caught the Back to the Future reference this film makes! Benny is driving down an alleyway and the evil weasels are driving straight towards him, and one of the weasels declares, “I’m gonna ram him!” Well in Back to the Future (also directed by Robert Zemeckis) Biff Tannen is about do the same thing to Marty McFly and says the EXACT same line as we get the EXACT same shot of his car!

Originally posted by egp10990

I love that.

27) Me too Roger, me too.

Roger [expecting another cartoon to play in the movie theater but it’s a news reel]: “I hate the news.”

28) When we were introduced to Roger in the opening cartoon, I was trying to dissect what made him a unique cartoon character. Like Donald has his temper tantrums, Bugs Bunny is a wise guy, and Roger I’ve discovered likes to go on tangents. Like someone will tell him to do something and he’ll talk for five minutes about how well he’ll do it even when no one is around to listen. I like that.

29) The animated bullets Eddie uses in the gun given to him by Yosemite Sam are very much in the style of Chuck Jones and I can appreciate that.

30) It’s pretty fun watching for all the animated characters the filmmakers inserted into Toontown.

31) Droopy Dog is another cartoon character who shows up despite not being owned by Disney or WB. This meant he got to show up again later in an animated Roger Rabbit cartoon.

32) When Eddie is in a Toontown bathroom there’s writing on the wall that says, “For a Good Time Call Alyson ‘Wonderland’,” but then there’s no phone number. The theatrical release DID have a phone number but it was Michael Eisner’s home phone (I think) so it was edited out for the home video release.

33) What could possibly top Donald Duck & Daffy Duck dueling pianos?

Originally posted by samuelljackson

I love everything about this. But it also gets to another agreement between WB & Disney: Disney did not want any of their characters doing anything to harm Eddie, so that’s why when he gets the “spare” from Mickey & Bugs (it’s a spare tire but he thought it was a parachute) it is BUGS who gives it to him!

Honestly it’d be awesome if Disney and WB could make more crossover cartoons. That would be pretty awesome.

34) File this one under jokes I didn’t get as a kid:

35) So Judge Doom’s end goal, his whole villainous plan, is to construct…a freeway? God, if it weren’t for the twist coming up that would’ve been so stupid.

36) Eddie’s comedy routine is great. It shows Bob Hoskins’ skill at slapstick and goofball and is just a joy to watch. Also we get this fun line:

Eddie: I’m through with taking falls / And bouncing off the walls / Without that gun, I’d have some fun / I’d kick you in the…

[bottle falls on his head]

Roger: Nose!

Head Weasel: Nose? That don’t rhyme with “walls.”

Eddie: No, but this does. [kicks Head Weasel in the balls, propelling him into a vat of Dip]

37) Doom is a toon!

Originally posted by dinosaurrodeo

This is a nice twist in the film that you can totally see was setup if you’re looking for it. Christopher Lloyd is able to play Doom with an even bigger sense of cartoony evil, and it means his end goal of a freeway isn’t so stupid after all.

38) The train that hits the dip machine at the end has a bunch of window. If you go through it frame by frame, each window depicts someone being murdered. Fun fun fun.

39) According to IMDb:

The opening track on the Sting album “…Nothing Like the Sun”, the song “The Lazarus Heart” was originally written as the movie’s musical finale, at an early stage of the movie’s production when the book’s tragic ending, where Roger is killed in the crossfire during the final duel, was still in the script. When the studio ordered its default ending to be used at the film’s end, in which Roger is alive at the end of the duel, however, the song was deleted from the script and ended up on Sting’s album instead.

40) I like that the film ends not only with the classic, “That’s All Folks,” but also Tinkerbell to let us know this was special.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is awesome. It’s fun, funny, gives us interesting characters, has effects which stand the test of time even 29 years later, and is just a wonderful ride. Hoskins’ performance and the animation are the true standouts here, but that is not to discredit any of the other amazing aspects of the film. A true joy to watch all the way through.

Photographer! Bryana

Words: 2.2K

Warning: So this is girlxgirl action, SMUT WHOA TURNED MY STRAIGHT FRIEND ON. I got requested this a load of times!! VIBRATOR, EATING OUT AND SCISSORING.

Summary: You’re a photographer for a agency in which Bryana Holly is modelling lingerie for and you’ve had a crush on her for a while so you tell her and she acts all shy and cute as she’s never been with a girl.

You’ve been waiting for this day to come for a while, the day that you finally got to take some photos of Bryana Holly. You were a famous model photographer to say the least, you’d always admired how beautiful Bryana was and the way she acted so calm and natural in different living spaces. Her body was effortlessly flawless and it was a dream to take photo’s of her. 

The setting for today’s shoot was morning, which meant I had to get up early to take photo’s under the sunrise. I had gotten up and had a shower, using my herbal essence shampoo. I dried myself off getting changed into jeans and a grey sweatshirt, it was a bit baggy but it made me look good so I didn’t really care. I grabbed a hold of my camera and making my way to my front room. Since the shoot was going to be set in my house. My house might I say was pretty big, being a first class photographer and not an annoying paparazzi. I had a pool, I had a small cinema with a popcorn maker. Three bedrooms, four bathrooms and kitchen and a large living area.

But I was lonely. Apart from the occasional hook-up or the maid who comes three times a week, it was a lonely place. Sometimes I even preferred going back to my hometown and not LA, in my small cosy apartment. I walked into the front room seeing my maid Emma looking at some boxes. 

“Whats in them?” I asked placing my camera down

“Costumes for Byrana Holly, oh look at you Y/N”

“I know, I can’t wait” I smiled, Emma grinned wiggling her eyebrows at me. Ok so I may or may not have the biggest crush on Bryana and since Emma was the only person I want to socialise with she knows. She walked out the room, grabbing the bin bag as she walked into the kitchen. The company for the pictures had mailed me a bunch of outfits for Bryana to show off and so I opened the box. There were 5 sets of lingerie in the box. Blue, white, black, red and orange.

I heard my doorbell ring and my belly erupted in butterflies which is weird because no other model can do that to me. I walked over to the door and opened it, Bryana was stood there with a black bag and a pair of black loose dungaree’s and a striped shirt.

“Wow Y/N this place is beautiful” she grinned, I stepped aside letting her walk in and maybe checked her out whilst she was looking around. God she was beautiful too.

“Thank you, right shall we get right too it, do you want a water? coffee? tea? Have you had breakfast?”

“I actually had pancakes before I came, I would love a tea though, milk and one sugar” 

“Ok” I smiled, I walked into the kitchen and told Emma what I wanted. I walked back into the front room and Bryana was looking at the lingerie set’s. She pulled out the white one smiling.

“Can we do this one first?” she questioned, how could I ever deny that face.

“Yeah of course” Emma brought in the two teas placing one on the table near Bryana and giving mine to me as I sat on the sofa. Emma said goodbye to me and Bryana as she left work for the day.

“Is it ok if I just get changed here”

“Yeah I can go if you like” I said going to stand up

“No, no I’ll need help putting them on” she beamed, undoing the buttons on her dungarees and pulling it off. She pulled off her striped shirt and was left in a skimpy pink lace set. I bit my lip looking down at my tea, please don’t get fucking horny was the only thing running through my mind, I tried thinking of other things but when I looked up next Bryana was closer to me with her boobs out and fiddling with the bra. I could feel myself getting wet and she looked at me smiling.

“Could you help?” she asked, I pounced to my feet, placing the tea down on the table and gently grabbing the bra, accidenlty touching my hand with hers. I placed the bra under her boobs and she turned around so I could strap it up. 

“Thank you” she blushed. I grabbed the camera and we got started. With each lingerie set we moved from the kitchen to the bedroom, all over my house. If I don’t say so myself Bryana looked good bent over my kitchen counter and leaning against my windows. In total I took around 250 shots and that is a hell a lot more then I do for other models. I also tried to make her laugh seeing as when she laughed she still looked incredibly beautiful.

We were now sat in my bedroom with Bryana in a white see through dressing gown and she was wearing my favourite lingerie, the orange one with white frilly lace around the edge. Her hair was slanted to one side as I scrolled through the pictures of her.

“Do I look ok in them?” she said hiding away her face

“You look stunning Bryana, aren’t you used to taking photos like this?”

“Really you think I’m stunning? and yeah I am well…not for my favourite photographer ever” she said, tilting her head at me

“Favourite photographer ever huh?” I smirked, biting my lip.

“Uh duh, you take the best photos of me”

“Anyone can take good photo’s of you, you’re breathtaking, its like taking a photo of a masterpiece” 

“You think that?”

“Yeah, I er..kinda have a crush on you so I would know that you look amazing” I said slightly blushing, I looked at Bryana and she was smiling her white teeth on show. She let out a laugh the crinkles around her eyes appeared and she place a hand on my knee. I raised an eyebrow at her and she stopped laughing. 

“Wait really? You have a crush on me?” 

“Yeah, I mean you’re beautiful, hot and I just love everything about you” I said turning off my camera and placing it on the side table. I looked at her and she was all flustered her hands were twirling with the end of her dressing gown. I sat up pulling away the dressing gown and lifting up her chin, making sure her eyes were focused on me. 

“You ok?” I asked, she nodded her head and leant forward kissing me. I was taken back but managed to pull myself together closing my eyes and kissing her back. 

“Y/N, I’ve never been with a girl but I want you, I want you so bad” she whispered lifting her head up and giving me a slight eskimo kiss. I pushed my lips to her and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I ran my fingers over her cheeks feeling the smoothness of her skin. Her lips were so chapped and she tasted of oranges, due to the lip balm she had chosen to wear. 

“You sure?” I mumbled against her lips, she sighed whilst smirking taking off her white dressing gown and piling it on the floor. She was left in her orange lingerie which was such a beautiful colour against her slightly tanned skin.  I stroked down her sides and pulled her onto my lap, where I continued to kiss her pretty pink lips. I felt her hips slightly grind into mine as she licked over my lips. I let out a moan, stroking over her ass and lacing my fingers under her panties, not taking them off but pulling at them.

I felt Bryana’s hands come underneath my shirt and pull it over my head. She let out a small giggle as she chucked it on the floor and got back to kissing me. I ran my fingers through her hair and resting my hands at the back of her head, pulling her head back away from me. I sucked under her chin and down her neck, I let go of her hair moving my hands to her waist as I sucked gently onto her neck. I felt her pulse hammer in her sweet spot and I licked over it hearing a small moan come from her. She rutted her hips against mine and I felt small waves of pleasure shoot down to my core. 

“Trousers need to be off” she whined. I pushed her lightly of me, giving her a small peck and standing at the end of the bed. She laid down underneath me as I undid my zipper, pulling my trousers down my legs. I knelt down on the floor and dragged Bryana’s body closer to my face, inhaling her scent. I stroked my hands up her thighs and I pulled down her panties down to her knees and dove straight to licking her pussy. Her legs quivered as I pulled them down the rest of the length of her smooth tanned legs aimlessly throwing them. 

I licked up her pussy tasting her juices on my tongue, I wiggled it in between her folds and she squirmed beneath me lacing her fingers through my hair. I curved my hands around her ass, throwing her legs over my shoulders. I sucked onto her clit and flicked over it. She tugged on my hair, turning me on even more as I lightly grinded into the bed. 

“Y/N I-i want your fingers” She moaned, I circled my tongue around her entrance and reached one of my arms back around resting next to my face. I detached my lips from her pussy and I thrusted one of my fingers into her. She cried out, pushing my face further into her pussy. I licked over where my finger was sliding in and out of her pussy and nuzzled my head. I heard Bryana let out small gasps as she grinded into my face. I added another finger, feeling her pussy flutter around my fingers. I bit my lip watching her hands clutch the bed sheets and her legs tense, squeezing around my face. 

“You going to cum princess” I asked, she let out a whine covering her face with her hands as I licked my lips, curling my fingers in her. 

“I’m cumming” she whimpered, I pumped my fingers into her at a faster pace and watch her high take over her. Her legs quaked and she let out a squeal of my name. I pulled my fingers out of her the remains of her high glistening over my fingers. I stuck them in my mouth and close my yes, she tasted amazing. I climbed onto the bed over her, she still had her eyes shut. I kissed over her eyes and pecked her lips, watching her lips turn into a smile. I reached under her unclasping her bra and her brown eyes peered up at me. I threw the bra and licked over he nipples, tugging at them. Bryana had nice light brown nipples, that were soft and I tugged at them.

“Y/N let me make you feel good” 

“You make me feel good” I moaned, licking up her body and over her jawline. I sat up unclipping my bra and Bryana’s hands came to my boobs rolling my nipples as I grinded on her pussy. I felt her open her legs as I threw my bra away, I reached down sliding off my pants and placing my pussy directly onto Bryana’s. She let out a whimper as I thrusted my hip onto hers. I felt my juices mix with hers as our wet pussy’s rubbed against each other’s. I reached down pinching Bryana’s nipples as she grabbed a hold of my hips.

She roughly grinded me into her as I leant down and licked over her lips. I reached over into my bedside table and grabbed my vibrator. Bryana quirked an eyebrow as I switched it on. It vibrated in my hand as I dragged it down her body. I licked over the vibrator and put it in my mouth as I swivelled my hips on Bryana’s pussy. I coated the vibrator in my saliva and took it out my mouth. I leant down, pressing the vibrator in-between our pussy’s. My legs trembled and Bryana bit her lip. 

“Fuck” she whined, grasping harshly of my thigh and digging her nails in. I leant down, leaving the vibrator in between our folds as it sent my pussy throbbing and I tucked my head in the crook of her neck. I licked the shell of her ear and bit down on it. Feeling the vibrations pulse in my inner walls and over my sensitive bud making it swell up, along with my puffy lips from kissing and sucking on Bryana’s pussy. 

“God you’re so beautiful” I groaned, sucking on the spot behind her ear and nibbling onto her neck. I lifted my head up moaning as Bryana sucked on my nipple. I felt my high approaching and Bryana’s faces was struck in pure pleasure. My legs trembled and I pushed harder against the toy making Bryana shiver. My high washed over me and Bryana wrapped her legs tightly around me cumming all over the toy. I climbed off her and switching off the toy placing it on the floor and looking at Bryana.

“So how was that?” I asked stroking up her body, her brown eyes looking into mine.

“Fucking amazing”


GUYS!!! It’s a brief clip of the costume camera test