camera cards

get lost. take that train. read for hours so time passes faster. talk with strangers. say hello to dogs. walk down streets you’ve never been to before. look up to the sky. go to coffee shops. tell that barista that you think her shirt is cute. take pictures with your polaroid camera. buy post cards. ask random people what their mantra is. go into that hipster looking vinyl shop and support the owner by buying a record by his favorite band. laugh with people you’ve just met. exchange numbers. ask for book recommendations. buy that book in the book store right around the corner. take the bus to a park. watch the sunset. remember that you are loved. take the train back home. hang the polaroids up your wall. continue exploring and learning. learn to love life.

What’s in my bag - Jack Zimmermann edition (as of his senior year)

(Bitty) (Lardo) (Chowder)


Trees seem to dance between them.
Everything in motion, nothing static.
A fraction of time, digitally captured.


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“2017 Eclipse”

8 photos from a timelapse of the 2017 eclipse.
I thought I was prepared with 2 cameras, charged batteries and empty camera cards, but about half way through the eclipse both of my sd cards were full, and I didn’t have extras. Still I’m more than happy I caught as much as I did.
Another problem was that it was quite windy, which shook the camera quite a bit. (that will make the timelapse video tricky to fix)
And the last problem was that my camera settings on the other camera were not good. The sun was over exposed, and you can’t see the eclipse at all.