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What not to do

Some of you may remember that my poor camera died in October, after four years of excellent service.  That was sad, but I was happy when my new camera (a Canon EOS Rebel SL1) arrived a few days later.  That part’s still happy; the new camera is great!

Yesterday I got home from my first trip with the new camera.  I dumped all the photos, went to format my memory card… and accidentally formatted the drive where all my recent photos live. 

This particular dumbness aside, I do back things up.  Not nearly as often as I should, naturally.  A recovery program was not especially successful.  So, there go a few weeks worth of photos, and I freely admit that there was some significant cursing when I realized what I’d done. 

On the bright side, I never actually formatted the card.  So I still have the photos from the trip, including some family pictures I would have been sorry to lose.

Anyway, I’ll be back in a few more days.  In the meantime, back up allllllll your shit, so you won’t be like a certain sad character of your acquaintance.

Hey, @animeboston! Better prepare the band, because Asami Sato is here and ready to swing dance. ❤ 

So who else is super pumped that there’s going to be a swing dance this year? Proper swing!Asami attire was immediately necessary when I found out. I hope there’s live music!!