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*received a plastic ball, an opened bottle of water and a trash can as birthday presents from the members*

YJH: “Wow, without the members, how could I live in this world?”

Taylor, The Latte Boy

I’d spent all day thinking about who I was going to shift into as soon as I got home from work. I could go with one of my “Favorites,” sure. Maybe Kevin, The Leather Bear. It did feel good to unwind and smoke a few cigars in his body at the end of the day. Or maybe Joshua, The Muscle Stud. I could take his body down to the gym and get out some tension there. But I was in the mood for someone new.

And then it hit me. The cute boy from the coffee shop earlier. What did he say his name was? Taylor. Yeah, he was exactly what I was in the mood for. I opened my Camera app and quickly scrolled through my pictures from the day. I found the one I had taken of Taylor. It wasn’t a great picture – I’d had to kind of sneak one in as he handed me my coffee – but I hoped it would work. I opened the photo in the Shiftr app, zoomed in on his face, and then pushed “Shift” button. 

I felt myself shrinking and my clothes reshaping themselves around my new body to become the barista uniform Taylor was wearing when I snapped the picture of him. It was complete with a green apron and a handwritten name tag. I could smell his cologne and his hair product on me. I could also smell the stale scent of the coffee that had seeped into his clothing after working all day. The “Shift Complete” notification popped up on my phone, and I rushed into the bathroom to take a look at myself. Sure enough, I had been shifted into an exact copy of the cute young guy I had seen earlier.

“Uh, grande non-fat latte for Craig?” I said in his voice. It came out just like he had said it to me when he was handing me my coffee that morning. 

I didn’t waste any more time getting myself out of his uniform after that. The green apron came off first, and then the black polo, and the coffee-stained khakis. Now I had him in just his cute little underwear, and fuck, was he hot! As a complete surprise to me, Taylor had been hiding a totally sexy body underneath that barista uniform, complete with a furry six-pack, some nice, thick pecs and arms, and a pair of hairy, muscular legs.

I took a few quick pictures of my new self and saved them to a new profile in my Shiftr app as “Taylor, The Latte Boy.” While I was at it, I added him to my Favorites. This was a body I planned on using many, many more times.

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Aomine, Kagami, Takao, Himuro, Izuki, Nijimura,  Kasamatsu, and Mayuzumi's reaction to them coming home from work and finding their s/o and 5 yr old son sleeping inside the pillow fort they built while waiting for them to return.

Kagami: Standing in the doorway to the living room for a few seconds, he only stares at the sight in front of him. Everything feels completely innocent and sweet in that moment for him as he takes a mental image of his lover and his son napping peacefully together.

Izuki: His heart practically skips a beat when he sees the two of you sleeping underneath the homemade fort. Taking out his phone, he snaps a few pictures to keep for himself. He would’ve gone undetected too, if not for the flash and shutter sound of his phone’s camera app.

Aomine: There would be no way he would pass up the opportunity for a quiet afternoon with the two of you so, despite there being no cushions on it anymore, he lays back on the couch. It isn’t long enough before he can hear his son stirring awake, the fort tumbling to the ground as he kicks at the cushions.

Kasamatsu: There’s the faintest of smirks on his face as he sees the both of you sleeping soundly underneath a fort made of pillows and blankets. He still has some work around the house to do, but before he goes he turns on a fan and faces it in your direction so you both don’t overheat.

Takao: Half of him wants to jump straight into the pillow pile with the two of you, but the other half of him wants to keep the peace and cherish this moment for the rest of his life. Eventually he decides on the former, taking a running start to leap into an empty spot next you the both of you.

Himuro: A little sad that he’d kept the two of you waiting for so long, he strides over to your side and wakes you up my pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. Neither of you want to wake up your son though, instead opting to watch him rest as the two of you relaxed in this rare moment of silence.

Mayuzumi: He almost doesn’t notice when he walks into his home for the first time. He’s able to walk almost completely through his entire house before he realizes he hadn’t been greeted yet. When he finds the two of you, the thought of a nap is so inviting that he quietly lays on the couch beside the fort.

Nijimura: This couldn’t be good for either of your backs, right? As gentle as he’s ever been, he picks up his son and carries him carefully back to his room and places him in his bed. By the time he returns to the fort, you’re already awake and groggily rubbing at tired eyes, a smile on your face.