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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.


(Chlonath Day 4 - Rescue/Transformation)

Nathanael was used to akuma attacks, it was something most Parisians had come accustomed to as of late, but what he wasn’t quite used to was falling off the edge of a building. 

This is a oneshot for Chlonathweek2k17 - Day 4: Rescue/Transformation!

This is based off the greatest AU headcanon from @twindoodle​ and based on her cute af art for today’s prompt

Here’s some more links to her AU’s art: (link 1) (link 2) 

(ao3 link)

He was falling.

Nathanael felt the air rush past him. He reached to push back his hair as it wildly flew across his face but found his limbs frozen against the free fall he found himself in. His mouth opened to scream, but no sound seemed able to escape him.

He looked up at the bright blue sky. There was barely a cloud in the sky and the sun shone beautifully. It was a lovely day.

And yet, that didn’t seem to stop Hawk Moth from planning another attack.

The school was in absolute chaos, a whole side of the building had been smashed open, and unfortunately for Nathanael, he found himself teetering dangerously over the edge of the now extremely open concept classroom.

He had looked up just before he lost his balance. His eyes met Chloe, who was staring straight at him, standing at her desk. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open in shock.

And then he was falling—

—Until suddenly, he wasn’t falling anymore.

Strong arms held onto him, one wrapped around his back, while the other tucked under his knees, holding him bridal style as his hero flew upwards to meet him.

He gasped at the change in momentum, having gone from falling to his death, to now flying freely in the arms of his saviour.

Now when he looked up he caught the same colour of the sky in her eyes. She looked down at him and her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

Uh oh.

“You really should bee more careful.”

He had no words to reply with. Perhaps he was still numb from the shock, merely surprised by her rescue—but was that a pun? His mouth stayed open, wide and agape, as he continued to stare up at her.

Her black and yellow mask only seemed to make her eyes pop more even as she glared at him, and unconsciously a blush bloomed across Nathanael’s face.


“Hey!” she interrupted, jostling him lightly in her arms as she pulled him closer until their foreheads almost touched, “aren’t you the one that said secret identities are supposed to remain a secret!”

He gulped, nodding as she flew higher and higher.

And then he made the mistake of looking down.

“Ahhh!” he shouted, seeming to find his voice as he stared down at the city below them. They were so high in the air that the Eiffel Tower looked like a miniature replica of itself. Instinctively, he looped his arms around Chlo—erm, Queen Bee’s neck and held on for his dear life.

Bee didn’t seem to mind, giggling—most likely at his expense as she slowly started to descend back towards the school.

“If you’re scared of heights, then you probably shouldn’t be looking down,” she muttered, bringing Nathanael’s attention back to her. He watched as her ponytail flew upwards waving in the wind behind her, long blonde strands weaving together, tangled as they were on their drop. His arms around her neck didn’t show any signs of loosening.

“Nath,” she sighed impatiently, “it’s fine! I’ve got you!” She emphasized this point by tightening her grip on him. “Seriously,” she continued, looking immensely proud and haughty, “I don’t think I’ve ever flown that fast before!! You’re lucky am so good at this!”

“Well, t-thanks,” Nathanael replied, internally cringing at his continued stutter. Idly, he wondered if in her haste to save him, she had tired herself out; the redness on her cheeks seemed much deeper then her usual makeup.

He glanced down at his arms—which were still wrapped around her, then back up at Queen Bee. Suddenly, he realized how close they were. His arms immediately loosened around her, and with his hands he pushed himself away from her against her shoulders, throwing them slightly off balance. He flailed for a moment, while Bee held on, her mask moving along with her scowl.

“Hey! Stop moving you scaredy-cat!” she said as she held him close to her, she scanned the spaces below them, looking for signs of the akuma and for a safe place for refuge, “You’re fine! I got you!”

Nathanael looked up at her, the superhero, who he knew under the mask was Chloe Bourgeois—the Chloe Bourgeois—the girl that was the cause for more than half the city’s akumas (Nathanael included); the girl that constantly demeaned and bullied him on a daily basis; and the girl who, when he walked into an empty classroom one day looking for his sketchbook, was covered in golden glitter and what he could only describe as magic, transforming her into the latest hero of Paris, Queen Bee.

Chloe Bourgeois was Queen Bee.

Queen Bee was Chloe Bourgeois.

“O-okay,” Nathanael eventually replied shakily, filled with nerves. The Chloe he knew would drop him in a second. He wrapped his arms around her once more.

This time he held on tighter.

They continued their descent, Bee choosing the school as an appropriate spot. The akuma seemed to have left the school in its wake on its rampage. And soon they were landing on the school’s roof.

Queen Bee didn’t seem quite so ready to put him down yet; instead she gave him that same annoyed look before pursing her lips. And then she smiled.

“You’re like, really light,” she laughed, bouncing him up and down in her arms, “I’m not even tired!”

Now to this Nathanael took some offense, he knew he was small, but Chloe’s condescending tone didn’t help the matter. He was so sure that whatever magic gave her her powers of flight and agility, surely also lent themselves to added strength.

And so he leaned back in her arms, crossing his own arms over his chest to meet her glare with one of his own.

“It’s probably your superpowers, Cl—Bee, I doubt you could lift me untransformed.” Nathanael said dryly.

“Oh really?” she challenged.

Nathanael nodded, “Yeah!”

Queen Bee squinted her eyes at him, tilting her head to the side, surely about to let lose a torrent of insults and rude remarks, when a sudden loud noise from across the street caused them to both jump—well for Queen Bee to jump bringing Nathanael closer towards her and for Nathanael to wrap his arms around her again.

The two shared a quick glance at each other before simultaneously moving away from each other. The arm Bee had tucked under Nathanael’s knees promptly dropped, and Nathanael stood up, releasing Bee from his hold. Each stepped back a few small steps to increase the distance between them.

“Well…” Queen Bee began, her voice uncharacteristically soft and quiet. She stared across the street at the crumbling rubble, expression becoming quite serious, “I got a city to save…so we’ll have to test that theory later.

Nathanael cleared his throat. “R-right,” he said, “well, um, thank you for the save back there. I—“

“Hey Bee!” came a shout, “A little help!?” Ladybug swung past them on her yo-yo, kicking herself forward in a rush, her words interrupting the pair on the roof.

“Yeah!” Chat Noir shouted, following closely behind his partner. Using his baton, he vaulted through the street, turning to glance at Nathanael and Bee, “I’m sure you can be away from your boyfriend long enough to help defeat this akuma!”

Nathanael didn’t think it was possible for anyone to blush anymore than him in that moment…that was until he turned and saw the look on Queen Bee’s face.

My favorite things about the pll finale

1. This new Addison character, how fun and relevant! 👍🏻
2. How the liars all ended up with their high school boyfriends (very realistic!!!❤️) (also to just be able to move on from cheating?? Very brave)
3. That very necessary cameo from my QUEEN Marlene which obviously shows that she was so proud of this finale she wanted to make sure her face was in it!! 💞💘
4. All of the answers!! To every question!! I’ve ever had!!!!👌🏻
5. The way Troian pulled off that very subtle British accent that sounded for sure like it should belong to a young woman and not an aggressive old man 🤗
6. Getting to see all of those romance and sex scenes again! I just couldn’t get enough of how every other episode this season was full of them I just didn’t think it was quite enough so thank goodness they put it in the finale some more!! 🙉🙈
7. How in depth that back story for Alex was. I totally get the motivation. Makes complete sense that she wanted to torture all of those girls because a half sister that she barely knew about was not killed by any of them!! 👯
8. Horse detectives! Based on all of the horse stuff we have seen throughout the series I really should have guessed that the horse would be endgame. 🐴🐴🕵🏽
9. The Melissa mask! Super relevant and I’m so happy that it really had an effect on the episode. Thank gosh they didn’t actually tie Melissa in to the actual AD team! That would have been not very interesting.
10.My favorite thing OF ALL: all of the girls look like they’re going to be staying in rosewood forever! That is so awesome. They can forever live out all of the wonderful memories that they had there and never try to broaden their horizons. I’m excited that they are all going to be moms and raise their children there in that town! Obviously it’s where they should want their daughters to go to school. Maybe that new fun character Addison can babysit??? ❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💞💞🎉🎉🎉

Headcanons for Queen Rita

Originally posted by sitdrinksmile

Rita Calhoun:

-is a morning person

-does pilates and swims when she has the time

-used to do horse riding

-had a secret, but passing, crush on Rafael Barba at Harvard. She never acted on it because he set off her gaydar. But damn, he was fine. By the time Rafael came out as bisexual, she had well and truly gotten over her crush and they had become friends.

-plays the cello

-stolen from @me-ladie: has a twin sister called Emily who’s a doctor. They’re very close and lifelong competitors. Since they were young, they competed in every arena including grades, clothes, boys and sports. Emily still thinks she “won” by getting into medical school. Rita objects and points to her pay check.

They hung out in the same friendship group and their friends could always tell them apart even though they’re identical. Emily is generally quieter and smiles a bit more than Rita.

They have no other siblings.

-got into verbal fights at school a lot, which earned her detention more than a few times. She didn’t care, she just treated them as study periods.

-is close to her mom but fights with her often, her relationship with her dad is more stable but slightly distant.

-has a group of gal pals from college (not law school) who meet up every month and have dinner - everyone brings a dish and they get wine drunk, talking about work and old times. Her friendship group includes one happily married middle school teacher, one happily divorced financial advisor, one unhappily single mechanical engineer and one unhappily married history professor.

-will occasionally text Rafael on a whim to indirectly remind him that they’re still friends. These include:

RC: Rafael. Don’t wear the orange tie today. It gives me a migraine.

RB: Orange tie it is.

RC: It’s like you want me to beat you out of pure spite.

RB: Bring it on, Rita.

(In fact, the orange tie doesn’t give her a migraine, ugly as it is. There’s a high probability it will give one to several members of the jury, though…)

RC: Good luck today, Rafael

RB: Why are you being so nice to me?

RC: Can’t friends wish each other good luck in court?

RB: Not when friends are on opposing counsel?

RC: How about when friends will clearly need it?

RB: Good luck today, Rita :)

Things I need from YOI season 2:
  • The second half of “History Maker” used in the OP
  • Yuri and Victor EXPLICITLY defining the relationship with one another
  • Yuuri moving into Victor’s apartment (to Yurio’s disgust)
  • More Victuri fluff and dates including Victor taking Yuuri sightseeing
  • literally ANYTHING about Victor’s past aside from skating
  • Victor and Yuuri being annoyingly adorable and sweet to each other during practice
  • Yakov/Yuri/Georgi/Mila/the entire Russian skating club being fed up with how cute those two are
  • Yakov having to forcibly separate Yuuri and Victor during practice
  • Otabek surprise visiting Yuri in Russia
  • Domestic Victuuri including (healthy) spats about household chores and duties
  • Victor and Yuuri making wagers on said chores during competitions
  • Yurio going through puberty (growth spurt, voice breaking, uncontrollable eating, being even more grumpy than usual)
  • Another pair skate
  • Maccachin in general, being adorable and just receiving all the love
  • “the podium family” dominating on the ice
  • Phichit on ice
  • Victuuri cuddles and sleeping together (macca squeezes in between them)
  • A beautiful wedding after Yuuri wins gold (which he will ofc)
  • Yuuri gaining a stronger sense of self
  • Yuuri’s hair progressively getting longer each episode (until it’s past his shoulders at least??)
  • Yuuri learning many Russian words and phrases(especially ones in the bedroom ;))
  • More ~beautiful costumes~ and ~beautiful choreography~
  • A cameo from our queen, Evgenia Medvedeva
  • The other version of “You Only Live Once” as the ED


  • Yuri and Beka getting super close (as friends first before anything else)
  • JJ still getting married even though he didn’t win a grand slam
  • Victor and Yuuri just whole-heartedly, uncontrollably laughing together
  • Yuuri calling Victor his fiance in casual conversation


This Isn’t The Last Time

This was supposed to be an Outlaw Queen wedding but it just turned into a somewhat angsty, Snow Queen thing. I might plan a part two of the actual wedding if anyone wants a part two (looking at you, my two likes) The original idea for this formed when I thought of Roland in a suit and at the urges of @its-a-story-of-love and @madjeknotts they said to write it so even though it didn’t turn out the way I originally planned, I’m still proud of this little ball of kinda-angst I’ve created. So yeah, have fun :) Read it here or

She feels sick.

That’s the only thing she can feel.

There’s no excitement, no glow radiating off her, no happiness. Nope. Just this nausea, a twirling stomach every time she thinks of this day, looks at that dress. It just sends her stomach into somersaults, wishing that there were still a few days left, a few more days to process everything.

And she’d been so happy. So, so happy when that question had came. In the quietness of their living room, tucked away from the world, in the safe comfort of each other, half asleep when the questioned had been asked. Indirectly, of course. What started off sounding like nothing more than a curious question- a, What would you do if I asked you to marry me? her overworked and tired brain mumbling, Probably say yes, not a lot of thought really put into the answer. Only when the true intention of the seemingly curious question had turned not so curious after all did it really sink in.

So you would then?

Would what?

Marry me?

She’d opened her eyes then, blinking a few times as it sunk in. What he was really asking her. It was only made more real by the ring that was facing her on his knee. The box open and inside holding a silver ring with three blue sapphire stones either side. And all she did was stare.

She’d been here twice before, both on the same day. Stared at Daniel’s ring with freedom and Leopold’s with fear. One she kept, the other she lost. And now a third sits in front of her.

She brought her eyes up to meet Robin’s, saw the blue pools filled with hope, a desperation that she’d say yes, just like she told him she would. In a haze, she’d nodded her head, not really feeling all there but Robin’s worried look turned into a wide smile as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

It had been the happiest she’d ever felt. A real happy ending in sight.

Now that happiness had been replaced with this. This nasty, horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She has no reason to be feeling like this. She wants this. Has wanted it since that day, maybe even before if she thought hard about it, but now…she wishes it was anything but this day.

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King’s Cage Heat pt. 3

Mare: Where’s Farley? She said she wanted to come to training today.

Cal: I don’t know?

Ella: Maybe she’s running?

Cameron: When I came across her room, she said it’s too hot for Clara outside.

Mare: What? She gave Clara to my mom this morning. There they are. Hi Mom!

Ruth: Hello Mare! Such a nice day for a walk, isn’t it?

Mare: *raises eyebrows* The baby likes it.

Cal: *shrugs* She’ll arrive sooner or later.


Farley: *running circles in the gym* Praise the Piedmont royals for climatized rooms …

part 1   part 2


The cameos I got to do in “Sock Burglar.” I can’t believe I got to do Snow White and now the Evil Queen!? So insane. I was extremely happy to do these.