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No, they don’t. But if Marinette and Adrien are really busy (?), They will do it. ( It’s very very rare. Because save the world is not their mission any more lol )


(Chlonath Day 4 - Rescue/Transformation)

Nathanael was used to akuma attacks, it was something most Parisians had come accustomed to as of late, but what he wasn’t quite used to was falling off the edge of a building. 

This is a oneshot for Chlonathweek2k17 - Day 4: Rescue/Transformation!

This is based off the greatest AU headcanon from @twindoodle​ and based on her cute af art for today’s prompt

Here’s some more links to her AU’s art: (link 1) (link 2) 

(ao3 link)

He was falling.

Nathanael felt the air rush past him. He reached to push back his hair as it wildly flew across his face but found his limbs frozen against the free fall he found himself in. His mouth opened to scream, but no sound seemed able to escape him.

He looked up at the bright blue sky. There was barely a cloud in the sky and the sun shone beautifully. It was a lovely day.

And yet, that didn’t seem to stop Hawk Moth from planning another attack.

The school was in absolute chaos, a whole side of the building had been smashed open, and unfortunately for Nathanael, he found himself teetering dangerously over the edge of the now extremely open concept classroom.

He had looked up just before he lost his balance. His eyes met Chloe, who was staring straight at him, standing at her desk. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open in shock.

And then he was falling—

—Until suddenly, he wasn’t falling anymore.

Strong arms held onto him, one wrapped around his back, while the other tucked under his knees, holding him bridal style as his hero flew upwards to meet him.

He gasped at the change in momentum, having gone from falling to his death, to now flying freely in the arms of his saviour.

Now when he looked up he caught the same colour of the sky in her eyes. She looked down at him and her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

Uh oh.

“You really should bee more careful.”

He had no words to reply with. Perhaps he was still numb from the shock, merely surprised by her rescue—but was that a pun? His mouth stayed open, wide and agape, as he continued to stare up at her.

Her black and yellow mask only seemed to make her eyes pop more even as she glared at him, and unconsciously a blush bloomed across Nathanael’s face.


“Hey!” she interrupted, jostling him lightly in her arms as she pulled him closer until their foreheads almost touched, “aren’t you the one that said secret identities are supposed to remain a secret!”

He gulped, nodding as she flew higher and higher.

And then he made the mistake of looking down.

“Ahhh!” he shouted, seeming to find his voice as he stared down at the city below them. They were so high in the air that the Eiffel Tower looked like a miniature replica of itself. Instinctively, he looped his arms around Chlo—erm, Queen Bee’s neck and held on for his dear life.

Bee didn’t seem to mind, giggling—most likely at his expense as she slowly started to descend back towards the school.

“If you’re scared of heights, then you probably shouldn’t be looking down,” she muttered, bringing Nathanael’s attention back to her. He watched as her ponytail flew upwards waving in the wind behind her, long blonde strands weaving together, tangled as they were on their drop. His arms around her neck didn’t show any signs of loosening.

“Nath,” she sighed impatiently, “it’s fine! I’ve got you!” She emphasized this point by tightening her grip on him. “Seriously,” she continued, looking immensely proud and haughty, “I don’t think I’ve ever flown that fast before!! You’re lucky am so good at this!”

“Well, t-thanks,” Nathanael replied, internally cringing at his continued stutter. Idly, he wondered if in her haste to save him, she had tired herself out; the redness on her cheeks seemed much deeper then her usual makeup.

He glanced down at his arms—which were still wrapped around her, then back up at Queen Bee. Suddenly, he realized how close they were. His arms immediately loosened around her, and with his hands he pushed himself away from her against her shoulders, throwing them slightly off balance. He flailed for a moment, while Bee held on, her mask moving along with her scowl.

“Hey! Stop moving you scaredy-cat!” she said as she held him close to her, she scanned the spaces below them, looking for signs of the akuma and for a safe place for refuge, “You’re fine! I got you!”

Nathanael looked up at her, the superhero, who he knew under the mask was Chloe Bourgeois—the Chloe Bourgeois—the girl that was the cause for more than half the city’s akumas (Nathanael included); the girl that constantly demeaned and bullied him on a daily basis; and the girl who, when he walked into an empty classroom one day looking for his sketchbook, was covered in golden glitter and what he could only describe as magic, transforming her into the latest hero of Paris, Queen Bee.

Chloe Bourgeois was Queen Bee.

Queen Bee was Chloe Bourgeois.

“O-okay,” Nathanael eventually replied shakily, filled with nerves. The Chloe he knew would drop him in a second. He wrapped his arms around her once more.

This time he held on tighter.

They continued their descent, Bee choosing the school as an appropriate spot. The akuma seemed to have left the school in its wake on its rampage. And soon they were landing on the school’s roof.

Queen Bee didn’t seem quite so ready to put him down yet; instead she gave him that same annoyed look before pursing her lips. And then she smiled.

“You’re like, really light,” she laughed, bouncing him up and down in her arms, “I’m not even tired!”

Now to this Nathanael took some offense, he knew he was small, but Chloe’s condescending tone didn’t help the matter. He was so sure that whatever magic gave her her powers of flight and agility, surely also lent themselves to added strength.

And so he leaned back in her arms, crossing his own arms over his chest to meet her glare with one of his own.

“It’s probably your superpowers, Cl—Bee, I doubt you could lift me untransformed.” Nathanael said dryly.

“Oh really?” she challenged.

Nathanael nodded, “Yeah!”

Queen Bee squinted her eyes at him, tilting her head to the side, surely about to let lose a torrent of insults and rude remarks, when a sudden loud noise from across the street caused them to both jump—well for Queen Bee to jump bringing Nathanael closer towards her and for Nathanael to wrap his arms around her again.

The two shared a quick glance at each other before simultaneously moving away from each other. The arm Bee had tucked under Nathanael’s knees promptly dropped, and Nathanael stood up, releasing Bee from his hold. Each stepped back a few small steps to increase the distance between them.

“Well…” Queen Bee began, her voice uncharacteristically soft and quiet. She stared across the street at the crumbling rubble, expression becoming quite serious, “I got a city to save…so we’ll have to test that theory later.

Nathanael cleared his throat. “R-right,” he said, “well, um, thank you for the save back there. I—“

“Hey Bee!” came a shout, “A little help!?” Ladybug swung past them on her yo-yo, kicking herself forward in a rush, her words interrupting the pair on the roof.

“Yeah!” Chat Noir shouted, following closely behind his partner. Using his baton, he vaulted through the street, turning to glance at Nathanael and Bee, “I’m sure you can be away from your boyfriend long enough to help defeat this akuma!”

Nathanael didn’t think it was possible for anyone to blush anymore than him in that moment…that was until he turned and saw the look on Queen Bee’s face.

Luck of My Life

So I finally had the time to make it… Here’s chapter 1 of the childhood friends AU idea I had before- just in time for day 12 of adrinette month! <3 These kiddos are 9 in this chapter. 

Chapter 1

Adrien couldn’t stop crying as he stared at the remains of his toy in his shaking hands. This was the third time this week. He so badly wanted to scream, but he was worried that it would attract more attention. He may be allowed to cry, but he drew the line at wailing. He was an Agreste, he could stay strong. No one needed to know what he could do.

His sniffling sounds brought over his mother though.

“Oh kitty,” she said soothingly. “Don’t cry. I’ll buy you a new one. You can control it next time.”

He gave her a sad look that displayed all the longing he had to be normal. “But mama, I can’t! I’ll just destroy it again. I’m a monster.”

His mother gently shook him from his despair. “You’re not a monster, sunshine. Life may have given you this power, but it doesn’t make you a monster. You have a kind heart, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”

She cupped her hands over his, and took away the toy’s remains. “Now, let me take this. I’ll go buy you a new one. Thankfully no one saw you destroy that- they might not understand.”

She kissed his forehead and guided him to the playground swings. “I’ll be back. I love you.”

“I love you too, mama.” Adrien gave her a small lopsided smile while wiping away his tears. “Thank you.”

He sighed as he watched his mother leave. He was alone again. It wasn’t crowded in the park today- only 3 other children were there. None seem to be paying him much attention. One kid was off at the sand box building some sort of castle as he hummed under his breath. Another kid was hiding behind a tree, writing something down on a notepad she carried along while watching the boy in the sand box.

The last child was holding a cat stuff toy on one hand as she swung across the monkey bars. Adrien flinched when he realized that her gaze was on him.

Did she see him destroy the toy?

Fear suddenly gripped his heart. This was what his parents warned him about, people will finally look at him differently. He was going to be Paris’ monster. The child that destroys everything he touches. The child that brings bad luck.

He braced himself for the inevitable scream from the girl, but instead she gave him a toothy grin. He stared at her for a few seconds before giving her a small, confused yet questioning smile.

It must have looked weird because she giggled and dropped herself off from the monkey bars with a graceful flourish.

She approached him enthusiastically, not showing any signs of fear. Adrien relaxed, she couldn’t have seen him destroy the toy. But as she came closer, she had a glint of excitement in her eyes that showed that she knew something.

“I saw you.” She said simply.

Adrien’s heart dropped. He gripped the chains on the swing and readied himself to run away. The young girl realized what he was about to do and consoled him.

“Oh no, no, no. Don’t go! I won’t tell anyone.” She said frantically. “I-I just wanted to say that- that, you have a gift!”

He stared at her smiling face sadly, and almost regretfully, he told her. “It’s not a gift.”

“But it is!” the girl insisted fervently. “That’s what my parents tell me.”

“You don’t understand!” he said bitterly, new tears now streaming down his face. He embarrassedly hid his face in hands.  

“But I do!” she said patiently. “I have a gift too.”

He raised his head and looked into her eyes- her bright bluebell eyes. “You do?”

She sat down on the ground in front of him and smiled. “I do.”

Adrien gaped at her. “I’m not alone?”

“You’re not alone.” She repeated.

Adrien just stared at the girl in front of him, taking in her midnight dark hair, her gorgeous eyes, and her pretty freckles. This girl was just like him. And for a moment, everything was okay.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?” Adrien questioned after long moments of silence. “Aren’t you worried you’ll get dirty?”

“Well, there is not other seats around, and I didn’t want to leave you alone when you are sad.” She said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Almost at once, Adrien shot up from the swing and said, “Then sit here! You shouldn’t get your pretty dress dirty.”

“No, no, it’s alright!” she waved away his offer. “You were there first, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“N-no, I insist.” Adrien gave her a solemn look. “My daddy said that that’s what a gentleman would do.”

The girl contemplated it, “No, it’s alright. I’m fine on the ground.” She said firmly.

Adrien hesitated, but upon seeing her steely eyes, he gave in. “Alright, if you won’t take it, I’ll just sit down here with you.”

Adrien plopped down on the ground and gave her a friendly bump on the shoulder. “I’m Adrien. Ca-can we be friends?”

“Mari.” She responded, returning the bump with a wide beam. “And of course!”

They stayed there for a while, just talking about anything. Before today, Adrien didn’t allow himself to believe that he could ever make a friend. His first real friend.

It would be about half an hour before Mari’s parents would come by, and Adrien tried to make the most of it by joining her in the playground.

“I have to go,” Mari said as she saw her parents approaching. “But before I do, I want to give you something.”

She pulled him into the playground castle. It was a closed place, hiding them away from the rest of the slowly gathering crowd.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” she said nervously as she stared at him through her bangs.

He gave her the sincerest look he could possibly muster. “I promise.”

“Okay.” She said softly.

She stared at her hands, slowly opening and closing it as she shook ever so slightly.

“Uh, Mari?” Adrien asked questioningly.

“Shhh.” She said, giggling quietly. “I’m trying to focus.”

A bright red glow covered her hands. “Now, what’s your favorite color?”

“Black and green.”

She grinned and the red glow grew. All of the sudden, a stuff toy dropped out of nowhere onto her awaiting hands.

Adrien stared at it.  It was a medium sized black cat stuff toy. The ears were long and pointy and the electric green eyes were a little too comical to be realistic. A mischievous quality was almost visible and familiar to him, grinning at him in a liberating way.

“It’s for you.” Mari said shyly.

Adrien withdrew the hands that he didn’t even notice was reaching out to touch it. “I couldn’t.”

Mari’s face fell. “Oh, I understand. It’s alright.”

“No!” Adrien said anxiously. “It’s- it’s just that I’m worried it will get destroyed.”

“It won’t.” Mari said surely. “It’s my gift.”

Adrien tentatively stretched out to touch it. The moment his fingers hit the soft furry toy, he instinctively pulled back his hands as if he was afraid the toy would burn. When it didn’t, he let out a gasp and he took it slowly from Mari, cuddling it close to him.

“Your power is beautiful.” Adrien said gently.

“You’re beautiful.” Mari murmured.

Adrien felt a warm feeling spread itself across his chest. This girl didn’t see him as a monster. The most beautiful girl in the world thought he was beautiful.  Adrien felt lighter than he’s ever been.

“Thank you.” Adrien tried to put a much emotion as he could in those two words.

She only smiled tenderly in response.

When Mari’s parents arrived, Adrien almost couldn’t bear to say goodbye. But after assuring him that she would be there the next day, he beamed and shyly gave her a gentlemanly kiss on her hand.

“Goodbye, my lady.” He said to her retreating back. “See you tomorrow.”


Only, he didn’t. The next day, his family boarded themselves on a flight to China to find a healer- someone who can cure him of his gift. He came back 2 years later, without a cure, and without his mother.

He wouldn’t see his lady for another 10 years. By then, he didn’t even remember her face or her name.

He only remembered her eyes, her smile, her power and her kindness.

He remembered so little, but without a doubt in his mind, he knew he found her that fateful day he decided to use his powers for good.

He found her- his lady.

Ladybug, whoever you are behind that mask, I love you. 

Chapter 2 here


Some sketches for a bunch of new pages. Also a special cameo of Lady Noir and her good friend, Viola Pizzicato! Viola belongs to @sweetappletea :D

also on my Twitter!
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Jackets [Nathnoir]

I’m so sorry about the shitty title lol.

I was having Nathnoir feels and wrote this in about 45 minutes or so. It’s cute and fluffy and I’m quite proud of it.

Feedback is always much appreciated as it helps me improve!

Nathaniel was resting in a lounge chair on his house’s patio, going through some old drawings in his sketchbooks. He felt a tug in his chest as he went through dozens of drawings and comics involving Marinette. He also had a couple Chloe drawings, but he just shrugged those off. After he went through that sketchbook, he lied it down on a small table next to him with a few others. He took a sip of his lemonade and bent down to the end of the lounge chair and grabbed the next sketchbook from the pile. He sat his glass back down on the table and opened up the book to be greeted by a drawing of Chat Noir. Nathaniel’s breath hitched. He hadn’t looked through this book since he had first began questioning his bisexuality. Nathaniel swallowed the lump in his throat and flipped through the book some more. Nathaniel heard his heart pound louder and louder as he turned each page, nothing but Chat Noir. Page after page.

Nathaniel felt himself get lost in these emotions. So lost he didn’t hear footsteps walking in right front of him. So lost he didn’t see someone lean their head down to look at the pages upside down. “Woah, who’s that hot cat?” a familiar voice chirped. Nathaniel jumped up and yelped, his elbow knocking his glass of lemonade all over himself. Luckily, he quickly raised the book up to his head before the beverage could spill on it and ruin the pages. Nathaniel looked up angrily at the person who startled him, then immediately softened when he realized who it was. Chat Noir put his hands in front of himself. “Sorry, Nathy. I was just patrolling the neighborhood and saw you relaxing and I got a little curious.” Nathaniel grabbed a wash cloth and started scrubbing the soaked splotches on his jacket gently. “It’s alright, Chat. Just stop sneaking up on me like that.” Chat nodded and chuckled a few seconds later. He looked at the wet spots on Nathaniel’s jacket and smirked.

Without Nathaniel noticing as he was still busy scrubbing the damp areas, Chat sprinted off the patio and hid on the side of Nathaniel’s house and detransformed then removed his jacket from his civilian form. Plagg, who was nibbling on his Camembert, looked up at his holder with a confused look, but didn’t get to say anything before getting sucked back into the ring, causing Adrien to transform back. When Chat sprinted back onto Nathaniel’s patio, the redhead had just finished scrubbing his jacket. Chat look at him fondly. “Hey, Nathy, why don’t you wear mine for now? You know, until yours dries?” he asked, reaching his hand out.

Nathaniel froze and shakily removed his jacket, sitting it down next to him. Chat shook his head as he got behind the lounge chair and wrapped the white jacket around the smaller boy’s body. He then wrapped his arms around Nathaniel’s neck and rested his head on his shoulder. Nathaniel’s face was as red as his hair as he leaned his head back against the superhero, the smell of cologne from Chat and the smell of vanilla from the oddly familiar jacket taking him to a place where he would never question his sexuality again.


Dead Head (BBC, 1986)

“Anything for England.”

So over the past few nights I’ve binged Howard Brenton’s 4 part mini series from 1986, Dead Head. A strange mashup of genres, its part neo noir, part conspiracy thriller and part satire on class and status in Thatcher’s Britain.

Denis Lawson is Eddy Cass, small time thug, who gets paid £500 to deliver a hat box to an address in Regent Street. Finding nobody home, he opens the box and finds a woman’s head inside. What follows is a dark and complex fever dream of paranoia and intimidation, as mysterious figures hound Eddy across the UK - he in turn tries to find out who they’re protecting.

Very dark, very caustic and quite angry TV. It’s unmistakably 80’s; filthy streets, class struggles, racial tension. Brenton - one time enfant terrible of the theatre scene - throws mud at everything and everyone, and most of it sticks. As an experiment in making ‘Thatcher noir’ its mostly successful - the script could maybe be tightened in a few places but its stylish as hell and everybody is brilliant (especially Norman Beaton and Lindsay Duncan).

If I have one complaint, its that I bought this DVD because Don Henderson was in the cast list. He has about one minute of screen time, near the start, and never reappears. Considering his name is quite high in the credits (and his character is named in them too), I figure his role might have ended up mostly on the cutting room floor.


So since I’m a super nerd and I’m starting to get slightly addicted to Miraculous, I spent some time checking out the robots our main characters are able to choose in the latest episode game : “Ultimate Mega Strike III”, and I couldn’t help to notice a few cameos. Here they are for you, Miraculers and nerds alike :

EDIT : Just added a chart to be clearer, there you go :

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