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Stephen King is a titan of pop culture. He makes up about 60 percent of your local Barnes & Noble, and has covered so many horror topics that most films are legally required to carry the message “Based On A Whatever By Stephen King.” As a kid who grew up gawky and un-talked-to, King novels were both a source of respite and joy for me. And with the new trailers for IT and The Dark Tower, it’s nice to see people come together to say “DAMMMNNNNN, STEPHEN KING. DUDE. IS. KILLING. IT.” Or something like that.

However, we should approach these adaptations with at least a little bit of wariness, because with Stephen King movies come the threat of Stephen King cameos. As tremendous as King’s writing career has been, his onscreen ventures are usually confusing, frequently terrible, and always unnecessary. And because of that, I feel that it’s time to document all the times that movie producers decided to remind you that Stephen King is a flesh person and not a being of pure energy that drops a book about haunted objects from the sky twice a year.

The Cocaine-Fueled Acting Cameos Of Stephen King

King’s Cage Heat pt. 3

Mare: Where’s Farley? She said she wanted to come to training today.

Cal: I don’t know?

Ella: Maybe she’s running?

Cameron: When I came across her room, she said it’s too hot for Clara outside.

Mare: What? She gave Clara to my mom this morning. There they are. Hi Mom!

Ruth: Hello Mare! Such a nice day for a walk, isn’t it?

Mare: *raises eyebrows* The baby likes it.

Cal: *shrugs* She’ll arrive sooner or later.


Farley: *running circles in the gym* Praise the Piedmont royals for climatized rooms …

part 1   part 2

Marlene King:  "Originally my mind was going to Wren as A.D., but we had to be realistic and there have been times when we really needed a character who wasn’t a series regular and we couldn’t get them on the show.“ 

evil twin more realistic than paying an actor more money

anonymous asked:

How many Aus are present in Broken Promises? Or Aus Sans/Papyrus?

Flowerfell  (brief cameo)
????  (Keeping the last Sans a surprise)

With cameo appearances of  King!Papyrus Ending, Haventale, Oceantale, Birdtale, Beasttale,and Reapertale.

Sooo, cameos aside, there’s pretty much thirteen.  

Watch Godzilland

冒険!ゴジランド (Adventure! Godzilland) - 1993

A trivia show from 1993, meant to promote the release of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2. It ran from October to December of that year. 13 episodes total. Runtime: 15 minutes. The chibi designs for the monsters (updated from the 1984 merchandise) would be latter used in the ovas. Only one episode is available so far.

すすめ!ゴジランド (Recommended! Godzilland)  - 1994

Two educational ovas, each half an hour long. One is about learning hiragana (よめるよ かけるよ ひらがな) while the other is about learnign how to count (~かず1・2・3). The characters are Godzilla, Mothra (adult and larvae), Rodan, Anguirus, Baragon and King Ghidorah.

The Hiragana episode was originally uploaded to Nicovideo by ガルドブラッカー (Garde Blacker). The counting episode was also on Nicovideo before AstoundingBeyondBelief reuploaded them to youtube.

すすめ!ゴジランド (Recommended! Godzilland)  - 1996

Two more educational ovas, also half an hour long each. One is about learning addition and the other is about learning subtraction. The characters are  Godzilla, Gojirin, Mothra (adult and larvae), Anguirus, Showa Mechagodzilla, Rodan and Baragon, with cameos by King Ghidorah, Gigan and Moguera.

The addition episode was originally uploaded to Nicovideo by ニューロブラッカー (Neuro Blacker). The subtraction episode was reuploaded to youtube by  AstoundingBeyondBelief.

As of now Wakalan Translations has uploaded the addition and subtraction episodes with English Subtitles, althought with the aspect ratio trimmed down a bit.