cameo hair


Us off colors stick together!!! 💕✨
Some doods just to show I’m not dead, and trying to take a break from finals haha I’ll upload more personal stuff soon!!!


DΞΔN on Unpretty Rapstar [Season 3, Episode 6]

His presence feels something like a god!” -Giant Pink (contestant)


I just noticed it was supposed to be a dress with the cat stocking but yknow ? Shorts are great too

Also don’t worry about it !! I don’t believe in gendered clothing ; then again, i’m not exactly japanese, so i can’t tell if that’s disrespectful or not (i don’t believe so ?? i mean i wouldn’t be surprised if my drawing of the kimono was wrong in the first place…)

What i can do however is draw Izuru in a french cancan dress next time, or a flamenco one, your pick