cameo frame

Beach City Updates

1. The Arcade appears to be the congregation zone for most people at Beach City. I’m guessing aside from the Beach and the Carnival (which aren’t too ideal when it’s really hot out) the Arcade is the place to go. Good for you, Mr. Smiley.

2. And speaking of Mr. Smiley, he doesn’t look as exhausted as he did in Too Short to Ride and Future Boy Zoltron. That could mean post-holidays, the tourists are back in town and he’s not living like a one-man staff anymore. 

Noting that cameo too! And they come back alter in the wash.

3. Lars and Sadie are trying being “together.” And it doesn’t seem as destructive as they were when they started out and denied their own identities. Sadie is still tough as nails and she’s not conforming to what she thinks the girl should be like in a relationship. And Lars isn’t pushing her on that or comparing her to other girls.

Sly hand-holding, guys. 

4. But Ronaldo is spying on Lars and Sadie? 
It’s completely in the norm for him to be observing things in general, but the way Connie’s binoculars pan imply his are trained right at them. That’s new. Or he could’ve been on them just at that moment because 

He probably looks around the area in general.


It’s done! I decided against the gold mesh trimming and veil, so I just had to attach the fancy jewel.

It’s actually a glass montee which I colored with alcohol inks. Then I glued a beaded  border around it and attached it to a brass cameo frame. 

I’m super happy with how this turned out! It isn’t perfectly symmetrical but it’s so different from the headpieces i’ve made before and as a whole I really love it. Especially the way all the materials work together, I think it’s quite striking.

I’ll try to get a worn photo of it tomorrow - but I have to finish the dress that goes with it before taking fancy photos, and that might take a week or two.