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hey lovely people! so i did some acting things last month and i decided to vlog about them again for my Talking Action series! i’d love it if you checked it out and maybe give it a thumbs up and subscribe to support this budding lil actress? :)

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Ghostbusters Appreciation Week - Day 3 - Favourite 1984 Reference 

So there are a quite a few references to the original movie throughout the reboot. While this isn’t exactly a reference to the movie itself but to Harold Ramis, it’s still one of my favourites. Considering the other actors who cameo’d in the movie and all had very funny scenes. This was a wonderfully sweet acknowledgement of Harold Ramis and the significant role that he played in bringing the original to life.


The League of Gentlemen cameos in Birthday Girl (2001)

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The Skinny (2012) Movie

Director Patrik-Ian Polk provides exciting character developments, brilliant cinematography and life lessons for all, particularly for black LGBT members. Cameo appearances of key actors of the Noah Arc series are visual delights.

Director: Patrik-Ian Polk
Writer: Patrik-Ian Polk
Stars: Jussie Smollett (EMPIRE), Anthony Burrell, Blake Young-Fountain

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Hello! First off, LOVE the blog. Secondly, since I know you love Hamlet, what's the best version to watch? I'm terrible at reading Shakespeare but LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing it performed. Thanks!

as much as i hate to say it, branagh’s version is one of the best versions out there.

don’t get me wrong, i love my boy kenneth and all of his work in making shakespeare accessible for contemporary audiences via motion picture. but i am of the camp of “hamlet is definitely a teenager/early-twenty-something and shakespeare changed his age to accomodate for richard burbage being thirty”, and while branagh was superb as hamlet, he was also thirty five. i just don’t find older hamlets as believable as younger ones.

but that’s just me. and that’s truly my only major complaint besides not liking horatio and getting somewhat distracted by all the cameos of famous actors that appear periodically throughout the film. everything else about the film is really, really good.

anyone want to recommend a different version?? feel free to shoot me an ask!!