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cefmua56  asked:

In part 5 of the truce, what did Error mean by his AU was spoiler? Also. I remember him saying that he was stuck there on that island for the entire time that Ink was in his AU. Is that true?

Error said the things that happen in their world are spoiler because is a little cameo.

Both Ink and Error were sent to their own worlds, that are not actually AUs, canonicaly are their own stories that the amazing CrayonQueen and Myebi/Comyet created for them. In this case, Error was sent to Lucidia and Ink was sent to Dreamers. Future projects that the creators are working in (and that I’m really hyped crazy holy moly the stories the characters asdalksdjasd…a little try to promote heh)

Error realized he could use their portals thingy after a while, so he tried to go to the Doodle Sphere and destroy all the AUs because Ink didn’t appear , but he was sent to the island again by force. He decided to stay on Lucidia and checking when Ink came back. 
The same happened to Ink, he wanted to go to the Doodle Sphere because he wanted to visit the AUs again and help to create again those worlds that were destroyed by their own creators. Both are conscious that they have work to do in their own worlds, but also they want to know what will happen to the AUs, if they can still there or what, if the weird island is waiting for anything else to stop the war, for the moment…

But actually I think the title of the comic says everything about what will happen next lmao.