camellia brown

“Well, Izanagi?” Percy called out, but mindful of his volume.

“Rrrrgh…” the dragon called irritably as he kept himself aloft in place with flaps of his large wings, “… Our runaway and her friends have been spotted… They’re headed towards the mountains,” reported the fiery dragon as he lowered himself back down, wings folded back as he lurched forward a little. “Urgh…”

“Ngh, hah, back still hurts, da?” The tall penguin snickered, but in an empathetic sense, as she could still feel the deep wound in her own body, “Fox girl did small number on us… surprisingkly stronk AND quick…” Naida acknowledged with some slight disdain. Before long, she and Izanagi’s heads lifted as they felt a tender, refreshing essence course over their backs, shuddering a little as they felt the skin gradually mend back together.

“Ah got ye two, don'tcha worry over nuthin’,” Camellia chuckled as she applied her magical know-how to restore the two tall starters back to their prime.

“Ooh! Naida feel like new voman!” Laughed the Empoleon, strutting herself. “Much thanks, yes!”

“Mmmngh…” Izanagi closed his eyes and turned his head, huffing out smoke, “… agreed. Now we can fight in the most optimal condition…”

“Your healing spell is quite a marvel in and of itself, non?” Percy stated as he approached the female fennec. “The wound on your neck looked as though it should have been fatal… yet your power, it…”

“Hah! Us Delphox dae know uir way aroond aw sorts o’ spells an’ whit hae ye, but healin’ an’ some stealthy magic is aw Ah need! Whit more coods a hunter ask fur? How dae ye think Ah biddin in mah prime, laddie?” Camellia responded with confident, hands on her hips and chest slightly jutted. “Always be prepared fur whatever comes next, a golden rule fur aw adventurers an’ hunters!”

“I couldn’t agree more, Camellia. And to run into you during a dire time that us three are facing could be a boon to us…” Perceval explained as he handed the wanted flyer to Camellia. The bark-brown fox looked it as she gave out a ‘Tsk tsk tsk.’

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[LIST] 170819 Park Concert - NU’EST Fansites / 170821 ver.

A list of all NU’EST photo fansites present at Park Concert. The names listed here could include video sites that are active on Twitter, so fans can follow their twitter handle whenever they post things on their YouTube. A separate list for Park Concert fancams will be uploaded soon. Feel free to let us know if we missed any names!